YouTubers React To Top 10 Google Searches 2019 (Google Year In Search 2019)


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– See, these guys are actually
good at Rewind. – This is so emotional.
– It’s really cool. Wow, Game of Thrones! – This is outrageous!
This is so dumb. I should run the internet. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (anchor) New reports
on Capitol Hill… – Throughout history,
in times of uncertainty… – The world looks for heroes. – Oh, this is like
Google’s most searched? – I love this. – Oh, is this another Rewind?
Is this Google’s Rewind or something? – Yep, okay, great, some Endgame.
Great. I am really curious where
we’re going with this. – It’s gonna get me emotional. – Why, oh no.
– ‘Cause it’s Iron Man, dude. – (anchor) Coast Guard heroes arriving
in the Abaco Islands. – (anchor) Five young boys
create a rescue trampoline. – Ah, yes! – Whoa, no way! – See, these guys
are actually good at Rewind. (laughs) – This is a heartfelt video. – (anchor) Nicholas Mahut lost
in the French Open, but then… – Is this a Try Not To Cry challenge? – (anchor) But then his
seven year old son ran onto the court. – Oh, kids are the best!
Ah, darn it, oh shoot, I’m gonna cry, oh, I’m there,
I’m there! – This is so emotional!
– It’s really cool. Wow, Game of Thrones! – Dang. (laughs)
Rest in peace Game of Thrones. – Alright, don’t show me
Game of Thrones. I’m gonna be crying for other reasons. (both laugh)
(baby babbles) – This is one of my
favorite videos from this year. – Oh my gosh, as a dad, this is
hitting home for me really hard. – Oh, I love that clip.
– Lizzo! – (announcer) He is
the Sully Sullenberger of pizza. – Saved, oh my gosh.
– I forgot about that video. – I never saw that one.
– That’s cool. – (speaker) My family
is making a grant to eliminate their students loans. – Hmm.
– Hmm, what makes a person a hero? – (woman) What’s right,
and what’s needed. – (Alex) I’m gonna fight this. – Who says I can’t?
– (Alex) I’m gonna fight this. – Oh Alex. – Yes!
– Yes! – (man) Nobody!
– Mmm. – Goosebumps.
– Yeah, I have goosies for sure. – Ooh dude, I got goosies.
– I got goosies. (laughs) – Yes!
– Billy Porter! – Oh, BTS!
– Oh, your boys. – Yes, Nipsey!
– Nipsey. – This is so heartwarming.
– I know bro, dude. I feel so inspired now. – It’s awesome, aw. – (narrator) Is a hero’s journey. – Aw! – (laughs) They have to end it…
– Was that Billy Ray Cyrus at the end? – They have to end it
with Old Town Road. – To everyone using their powers
to empower others. – Search on.
– Aw, that’s amazing. Good job, Google, nice. – When Google puts their mind
to an ad, they do really good. It’s like the shot of like,
hope and humanity that you need at the end of the year. – (FBE) So that was Google’s
Year End Review video that they put out every year, featuring some of the world’s
biggest events from the year. – It was better than Rewind. It’s very cut and paste,
corporate inspiration porn kinda stuff, you know,
but yeah, it’s cool. I still think it’s fun
for people to see, I think that this is
an overwhelmingly good thing. – (FBE) So along with the review,
Google also released their most searched terms
of 2019 in the U.S. – Oh gosh. – (FBE) And we’re gonna see
if you can place the top 10 most searched terms
of 2019 in the correct order? – Oh snap.
– Oh, this will be easy. – Let me tell you something
other YouTubers. – Oh man.
– You listen close. Punch in right here.
(Michael laughs) You’re goners. – iPhone 11! – iPhone 11, ugh. – Okay.
– Dude, we should know this. Absolutely. – Wow, this was one
of the most searched? – That one’s pretty high
on the list. – I think it’s pretty low
on the list. – Holy cow…
– I think that’s low on the list. I’m gonna put it at number eight. – I’m like surprised
it’s most searched. – Why?
Apple rules the world. – I mean, a new iPhone comes out
like very year. – Number four.
– I think number four. – That has to be number one.
– It’s gotta be number one. – Yeah, we’re putting that number,
it has to be, it’s Apple, that has to be
number one, for sure. – We’ll see. – (Luke) Welcome to paradise, man. – Aw, Luke Perry. – (Luke) Welcome to
your dream come true. – Did I miss something?
Did he die? No way, Luke Perry died this year? – Oh, I forgot Luke Perry died. – Hmm.
– Aw. – He was on Riverdale,
so that show’s widely popular. Put him at six. – Seven?
– Seven, okay. – Let’s go with seven.
– Seven, I would put it nine. – All the way at the bottom?
Sure. – (anchor) This is what nearly
48 hours of catastrophe looks like. – Oh, the hurricane.
– Oh. – I mean, this makes sense. – Dude, yeah, why are people searching
so much sad things? – (anchor) …Bahamas crawled its way
through the islands. – Oh yeah, the Bahamas.
– This was bad. – (anchor) Wind speeds of 180
miles per hour. – Mmm.
– That’s so scary! – (FBE) Hurricane Dorian is regarded
as the worst natural disaster in the Bahamas’ history,
so we urge our viewers to check the links in the description
to find out how they can help deliver aid to hurricane survivors. – Absolutely, absolutely.
– Yes. – Click the link in the description
down below, help others in need. – This kind of stuff,
unfortunately dies down really fast. – That’s true.
– Um, I’d say it’s… – Are you feeling lower or higher?
– I’d say nine. – Okay. – Dorian at number three. – We’re early in the list, yeah.
– I know, this is tough. – This is a hard game.
– It’s a hard game, gosh dang it. Let’s go number three. – Oh no, get it off, get it off! – Game of Thrones!
– Ah yes, Game of Thrones! – I’ve never seen it.
– I’ve tried, I can’t get into it, I don’t know.
– This is gonna be high on the list. – This is high, yeah.
– Yeah. – (man) They’re coming. – Winter is coming! – People will not
shut the hell up about it. I assume that this is
probably top three, but I just put Hurricane Dorian
top three. – That last season didn’t do
anybody justice. – I’d say like right around here.
– I would say… – Just in case, save that one,
you know? – I’m saying this is like four. – So many people
were upset about it though. – I was very upset about it. – I wanna say it’s
like number two or three. – I know, I feel like
that was really high. That had a very strong impact.
– That was very contentious. – Let’s put it at three.
– Okay. – (anchor) From alleged victim
to suspected criminal. – Oh geez, this whole thing. – Oh, I remember this, yeah! He was claiming that he was assaulted. – What did he do? – He like staged himself
getting attacked. – (anchor) Comes three weeks
after Smollett told investigators… – I always wanna say
Dave Chappelle’s Juicy Smoolieyay. – (anchor) Homophobic hate crime.
– This was big. Dang it, this is gonna be hard. – Dang y’all getting controversial
in here. (laughs) – Um.
– Yeah, I think it’s more around here. – Yeah, I agree.
– Personally. – It was an ongoing case
that people were invested in. So I’m gonna put it at four. – Gun violance has taken the life
of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle. – Aw.
– Wow. – Oh, this is up there. – This was big. – (caller) He was 33 years old,
but he’d actually just released his full debut album,
and it got nominated… – Mmm.
– Hmm, so sad. – (caller) At the Grammys
just this year. He had started this center
where he said he wanted to bridge the gap between…
– Dang. – (caller) Silicon Valley
and the inner city. It was a co-working space.
– Wow. – (caller) He wanted people
to come there and get ideas generated. – See, that sucks.
We need more artists like Nipsey that are trying to really
use their platform for good. – At number seven maybe?
– Eight? – Yeah, I think number eight. – We’ll put it at five. – I think he’s searched more
than Game of Thrones. – (Steve) Some people move on. – Avengers: Endgame, heck yeah!
– Avengers, there we go! – Oh my God, I love this movie.
– (Steve) But not us. – All the lead up to it,
all the follow up afterward. I’m still seeing news stories
about Avengers: Endgame. – (Steve) Not us. – This is gonna be number one. – Yeah, that one’s up there.
– I’d say it’s either one or three. – I would say it’s at one for now. – Avengers.
Number two. – I think that more people were
searching Endgame than Game of Thrones. I’m gonna put it as number two.
– (squeaks) Okay. – Can I do that?
– (squeaks) Yeah. – Hey, I’m Cameron,
and I play Luke. – Aw.
– (director) Cameron to me, is like, yeah, he’s like a director’s actor. – (woman) I think Cameron,
of the four of us… – Oh, he passed away.
Did he pass away too? – Aw,
this is so sad. – He actually had just like, he was
just like the sweetest, you know? – (Cameron) I mean, I think he could,
like this. (group laughs) – Aw. – Aw, that’s a charismatic kid. – Cameron was one of
our first friends when we moved out here to L.A. – We went to school with him. – He was such a good guy,
just very kind. – I’d say six. – I feel kinda wrong
trying to go like… – I know, I hate having to rank this. – But what do you think, five? – (FBE) So some of these searches
on this list include artists, musicians and actors
that have passed away this year. So why do you think
that they end up being some of the most
searched terms on Google? – Oh, ’cause people wanna
revisit all those memories that they have connected
to that person. – Everyone wants to share
their kind of condolences or collective sadness or grief,
over Twitter, places like that. But it also prompts
kind of that nostalgic want to revisit their past work
and celebrate their life. – (announcer) Patriots are releasing
Antonio Brown. – I actually don’t know
what happened to him. I don’t follow professional sports. – (announcer) But we feel
that it is best to move in a different direction at this time.
(both groan) – We’re from Boston.
– From Boston, so this is big news every day.
(laughs) – Clearly, I’m a big sportsballer,
so I know all about this stuff. – This is a guy who thinks
his own poop don’t stink. And I don’t respect those people.
(Michael laughs) – (announcer) Farfetched
at this point. – What’d he do?
– What did he do? What did this man do
to get him kicked out? – (FBE) So that was the polarizing
athlete, Antonio Brown, who was once regarded
as the best wide receiver in the NFL. Brown made headlines
when he was released from the Oakland Raiders, then signed to play
for the New England Patriots. And about 10 days after signing,
the team released him over rumored behavior issues,
including sexual misconduct. – The patriots do not tolerate
any funny business. – We’re gonna put it
at 10 for now, I think that one’s low. – Alright, I’m gonna put
Antonio at number four, but he’s gonna get dropped down
after this situation. – (gasps) This is has gotta be high.
– (gasps) Oh. – Disney+ is legendary right now.
– I gave in, I subscribed. – (man) Something extraordinary.
– (Mary) And snap. – Would Disney+ be bigger
than Avengers, because it has Avengers on it?
– No. – No, right, no. – Oh!
– I’m just saying this, two Disney things are on this list. – Disney+, it’s gonna go
number one for right now. – It’s gonna end up as number two. – The fact that they got 10 million
subscribers in the first day, that’s huge! – I’m feeling better
about this list now, honestly. This gives me perspective. – (FBE) Now that you’ve
watched through all these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to rearrange and let us know when you’re locked. Remember you get two points for
every answer you get exactly correct, and then one if you are one off. – We’re definitely failing this one. – Uh three and three is…
– You got this, dude. – I thought I got rid of tests
when I graduated college. This is too hard. – Pretty confident.
– Yeah. – As well.
– Yeah, I’m locked in. – Yeah, we’re locked in.
– Where’s my buzzer? – (FBE) Number 10 is Jussie Smollett.
– (both) Oh! – (both) Aw.
(buzzer rings) – Jussie, you number 10, you. – Woo!
(bell rings) – Look at that,
that’s two points, brother. – Yeah buddy!
– Hope you guys got that one! – (FBE) At number nine
is iPhone 11. (buzzer rings)
– You’re lying. – What, are you serious? – Apple better pick their [bleep] up.
(buzzer rings) – iPhone 11, okay, iPhone 11.
– You put number two, how did that happen?
How did we do that? – (FBE) Number eight
is Game of Thrones. – Whoa.
– Eight? – We were way off on that one. – Yes!
– Woo! – (both) Two points! – Heck yeah.
– We got it perfectly right! – Oh, this is a blood bath,
this is the worst I’ve ever done in one of these games! – (FBE) Number seven is
Avengers: Endgame. – We got it locked down!
– Oh, we got two points, too. – Dude let’s go, let’s go.
– Hell yeah. – Oh, okay, see,
yeah, we spend too much time with our nerd friends. – Dang it, we were so confident
in that top three. – Really bad. – If Disney+ isn’t up there,
I will cry. – This is outrageous!
This is so dumb! I should run the internet. – (FBE) So number six
is Luke Perry. – Luke Perry,
we had him at nine. – So we’re way off on that one.
– Yeah we’re way off on that one. – Still at zero, just,
just keep giving me zeroes. – (FBE) Number five is Antonio Brown.
– We had that at 10. – Okay, I got one point for that. – Number five, Antonio Brown,
I knew he was higher up there. No points for Antonio. – I got one point, numero uno. – (FBE) Number four, Hurricane Dorian.
(buzzer rings) – Ugh, I knew it was top five. – We had that as number one.
– Mmm. – Nailed it, that was two points!
– We got that one for sure. – That was two points.
– Yes! Wow, I can’t believe
we’re getting so hyped about a national tragedy. – (FBE) Number three
is Nipsey Hussle. – No!
– Put it at number five! – He was so up, that was crazy. – Wow.
– We put Nipsey at six. – Oh, at six. – Really upset at myself.
– We worked so hard. We really put our thought into it. – It’s because we put
too much thought into it. – (FBE) Number two is Cameron Boyce. (buzzer rings)
– Wow. – Wow, I actually
should’ve seen that coming. – He really, I mean,
he really made an impact. – Yeah. – Really?
– Oh. – Aw. – (FBE) Meaning number one
is Disney+. (buzzer rings) – Dang we were off there.
– Two off, dang it dude! – Wow! – We had it originally at one!
– Doesn’t that mean we get a point? – No! – Well we didn’t do too hot. – We got three points.
– Three points. – My takeaway from this
is that things you think are the center of the universe are not the center
of the universe for everybody. – It was a very, like,
life changing year for a lot of people, so like naturally,
I think everyone kinda feels that. Especially with like
Hurricane Dorian, and… – Mm-hmm. – Obviously, like a lot of
these people who passed away. Like that’s, I mean,
those were all big people in the communities
that they were a part of. – It feels like
a frontier. I feel like that’s the word that
I would boil this whole year down. There’s something, we’re moving
into new, uncharted territory, and it’s exciting,
and it’s scary, but you have to be a hero
and go to the place that scares you. – Thanks for watching this episode…
– Of YouTubers React. – Subscribe to all the creators
in this episode. – Links are down
in the description below. – What are you excited for
in 2020? – Let us know in the comments. – Later! – Hey y’all, FBE Producer Blythe here. If you wanna check out
all of the creators in this episode, then check out the links
in the description. Bye!

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