Year in Search 2011: Year In Review


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The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda. Let’s not measure our sorrow by their worth, for then it will have no end. One, zero and lift off! The final lift off of Atlantis. [screams of joy] This is the beginning of a new country. [cheering] We don’t want their regime. We want either a constitutional amendment or the next president of Egypt to be chosen by the people. [yelling, horns, loud sounds] I like to think of this as the beginning of the revolution. So this is a bunch of people coming together to create a new cultural impulse. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thank you all very much. [clapping] So now technically your device is on. [laughing] Can you tell? Team Japan had inspired a country still reeling from disaster. Ohhh! Djokovic is the champion in Rome! Dad I’m gay. Do you still love me? DAD FROM PHONE: I still love you son.

100 Replies to “Year in Search 2011: Year In Review”

  1. Ricky & Rodrigo - Minecraft Machinimas says:

    love this video, excellent

  2. MARVELous Smol Pidgeot says:

    2:19 at the bottom of the screen

    …did…did google just predict TikTok 7 years before it even existed?

  3. o iMarkus v says:

    Please stop the world I want to get off or someone please create a time machine I want to go back to simpler times when we were not perfect but we were still happy with what little we had…
    Political correctness has gone to far 😭

  4. AnneGeddesFan says:

    The best. I come back to revisit this one each year after watching the most recent one.

  5. Suresh Kumar says:

    Really u put that Fraud and cheat Satya Sai baba in ur review video?

  6. Jesus Herrera says:

    This better than youtube rewind

  7. както так says:

    Google 100% 5+

  8. alanteldream says:

    That is the best Google Zeitgeist ever. Incredible song and high quality editing of the clip. Other clips are totally weak in comparison with that one.

  9. GOAT ! says:

    2010/11 was ok in my opinion. After 2012 things just changed for the worse. But things were really going downhill in 2006/7.

  10. Rashul Mittal says:

    bestest even after 7 yrs

  11. Remmuel Borillo says:

    Happy New Year 2019. But this!

  12. Agung Hermawan says:

    2019 bro

  13. Sara Daniela Cane' says:

    So powerful and touchy. It really makes you feel like fighting to achieve your hardest dreams.

  14. Ageu Betameshy says:

    I see in 2019 – THE BEST

  15. Faris Troy says:

    2019 and I'm still coming back here to watch this masterpiece. love the song, the video and everything about 2011

  16. Carvey Suen says:


  17. Sergio Sun says:

    2011is always the best till now 2019!

  18. beepst says:

    2011 was the year where the trends of the entire decade were set.

  19. Aeden Worku says:

    It’s 2019 and this still is great!!

  20. ふなたろ says:


  21. bruh lol says:

    Daaaaaamn nostalgia

  22. Funny King Guyz says:

    sub to sub

  23. skiegiek says:

    2010-2012 was the best time of my life and especially 2011 was the best year of my life.

  24. KramChay Dig says:

    what's happening to them in 2019:
    South Sudan: not doing great with independence
    Arab Spring: So many Failed Revolutions
    Apple is declining after Steve Jobs died

    Things are changing and I hope they will reverberate.

  25. Jasgui says:

    Y donde aparecen los Wachiturros que es la 2da mas buscada del 2011

  26. Вячеслав Русяев says:


  27. VanGogh34 says:

    Why is Djokovic blacked out at 2:26?

  28. Marylou Wengert says:

    This is by far the best Google Zeitgeist along with 2012 and 2013.

  29. 14 ntk says:

    Stay hungry,stay foolish

  30. Threelly AI says:

    Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  31. Saurabh Singh says:

    After watching this i realised how fast time is flying

  32. Agung Hermawan says:

    Best version from indonesia

  33. José Luis Mardones Navarro says:

    this is one of the better ones

  34. Leonell Cawayan says:

    It's 2019 and yes, this is still the best Zeitgeist out there. ❤

  35. Kent Rail says:

    I remember this when it came out. One of my favourite videos.

  36. MoJa says:

    2011…it was a good year

  37. silver surfer says:

    2019 Google+ DEAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. VanGogh34 says:

    Best one, by far.

  39. Daniel Allen says:

    October 2019

  40. Random Random says:

    wtf how its 2019

  41. cipheradam1 says:

    Still my favorite one 2019

  42. Yowie says:

    2019 – 8 freaking years have passed
    YouTube has changed so much since then

  43. niranjan moses says:

    Is it 2011 or this song🎶
    They both complete each other.❤

  44. Grobar Jug says:

    Still the best one.

  45. Fra says:

    My favorite video

  46. Alexander Zheng says:

    Honestly the Steve Jobs thing always gets me.

  47. adriano daruge says:

    The best one

  48. Jesse Wu says:

    After 2019's, this is still the best 😂

  49. Main Channel says:

    The 2019 one isnt even close to this

  50. mazeed babu says:

    Came after end of 2019

  51. както так says:

    2019 forever 5+

  52. りょうま says:


  53. Mariam Khan says:

    Watched the 2019 video, and the 2011 is still the best one amongst them all

  54. JM Bower says:

    Still the best !

  55. NIcolo savioli says:

    it's December 13 2019, this remains my favorite

  56. Professional clown says:

    It's Dec 13 2019 ill see what the new decade will bring see you old decade

  57. 211Josek says:

    Stills better than youtube rewind 2019

  58. Mario 44 says:

    tks google you are the new world yes you are good

  59. akmal mamal says:

    "Dad I'm gay"

    Omg I just cried 😢❤

  60. JoJoBean says:

    Mat Kearney is lit

  61. Ryan'sLEGOMocs says:

    I was good till 2:30

  62. agent G 021 says:

    Thank you for mentioning Steve Jobs.

  63. Moh Hackz says:

    Almost the end of the decade. If you see this God bless you <3 !

  64. Ayub Hussien says:

    Steve jobs hits different

  65. PenguPoop says:

    Made 8 Years ago and 8x better than rewind 2019

  66. I'm Cre8tive. says:

    Why this randomly appeared on my recommended on December 2019? Oh and by the way was awesome see again the stuff that happened in 2011 and the old Google layout… 🙂

  67. Madelyn Johnson says:

    2012 is gonna be my year

  68. Camp King says:

    Simpler times these were, like this if you’re from 8 years later

  69. Preston Kassman says:

    "We made it." That's what did it, made me cry.

  70. Md Sujon says:

    12 days left for 2020 , I'm watching it right now.

  71. Jonathan Mendez says:

    This always will be my favorite year in review.

  72. BloxyPlayz says:

    This is like youtube rewind but way better

  73. Yuriko Horigoshi says:

    I started watching old Google rewinds and I'm actually crying because I see how people were, are and will strong whatever is going on, and how proud we are <3
    There was bad and betters day, but now is 2019 and thank you all for making our history.

  74. Esteban T says:

    8 years…

  75. Ramit Chattopadhyay says:

    No mention of ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011 😿

  76. Korn Does Stuff says:

    It just got recommended for me wtf

  77. 100 subs with no vids says:

    who else found this in recommended in 2019

  78. Error: Name Not Found says:

    Wow. YouTube just recommend me a Golden video that I missed 8 years ago. I feels great

  79. Sri Hari says:

    This video gives a lot of goosebumps!

  80. pawsryan Tech says:


  81. Kevin Cassidy says:

    Its all downhill from here fellas.

  82. Caleb Large says:

    Monday, December 23, 2019… Why

  83. Jared Isaac Ansaldo says:

    Google should make a decade in review with this song

  84. Basel Tech says:

    Recommended 🙂

  85. Basel Tech says:

    1:48 I can't believe he died 8 years ago

  86. xqplc says:

    YouTube recommendations make us all meet again

  87. Leke joshua says:

    2019 December here ??

  88. Alam Jim says:

    2011 is the best till today

  89. Maddie Tillem says:

    Wow. I love the year in search videos. They always give me hope in humanity.

  90. Talal Shoukat says:

    2020 is here and this is the best year in review till now…

  91. Deepak Maurya says:

    song <3

  92. Dean Dennys says:

    Best zeitgeist….
    How YouTube has gone backwards ever since

  93. lawal faruk says:

    We made it! Who’s here after 2019?

  94. King Dami says:

    I’ve seen all of the reviews and 2011 is absolutely the best. 2014 is a close second

  95. Sfiber says:

    WTF, 8 yrs ago

  96. Christie Lowkey says:

    It’s December 31st 2019

  97. Cesar Mello says:

    Amazing!, its synonmy: Google.

  98. Misun Zahn says:

    Almost 2020 this debt system still runs our lives, nothing has changed but an ever increasing debt!!!

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