WTF is SOPA ? aka The American Government trying to ruin the internet


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  1. Skyrim Player Nick says:

    You idiots! You are violating the constitution and it's amendments and it's true only blame the USER not the website

  2. jess lyoko says:

    Sopa is against free speech and the constitution. Isn't that considered treason?

  3. Manga Toon says:

    We all use Youtube, Facebook and other sites everyday if their block then what would happened to Let Players like Chuggaconroy or Let Plays they became popular because of  viewers watching their let plays, unless they can make a TV series, then there no way you can watch them

    Now the reason why I care is because everyone including me make fanart/music Videos/and Fanfiction plus. I dreamed when I was young I can make my own cartoon show and I'm not gonna let this (excuse my language) Crap stopping me from sharing what I've been working on for years.

    And the part that  because of copyrights, that crap!  its like a classroom, if two kids are being to loud or not listening, The teacher has no right too punish everyone because of two kids not listening.

    And Like I said I'm not the only one, If this happens EVERY Video on Youtube,  EVERY Story on Fanfiction  EVERY picture of Deviant art  and your favorite talking sites like Facebook and Twitter will be block for good

    I may not entirely know what this SOPA is but I can tell this is bad news, and I want to know how to stop it! 

  4. isabella paige says:

    wait is this a fucking joke? us citizens basically live off of the internet do they know how much it will affect society? no matter what if this pulls through it wont end well

  5. AksentNetharia says:

  6. mandya2zm says:

    9212 signatures are still needed sign the petition to get rid of SOPA

  7. Chi Yuri says:

    SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. They plan to take away all of our fanfiction and fan arts. Anything fan related is most likely going to be destroyed. Sites like fanfictionnet, tumblr, youtube, and many more will be affected by this. In other words, this act is a giant 'f*ck you' from the US government. If you are able to, then please, I beg that you sign the petition against this stupid atrocity. Our deadline is March 19 and we still need over 20,000 signatures.

  8. Felix Dinerf says:

    The usa is always trying to police the world and im bloody sick of it!

  9. Dennis Joseph says:

    this is war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Neale69 says:

    If SOPA did all this to the internet, I dont know what the internet would be useful for…

  11. Bill Daigneau says:

    Jeez, I love my country, but holy freaking crap!

  12. yumri4 says:

    Get congress to vote on SOPA wether or not it passes will inform you of your congress men's / congress woman's real intent  for the country

  13. vmvoropaev says:

    I used to pirate all my games, then I duscovered steam, and 2 years later, i own 50 games in my library, i am an open minded person, and i agree that people who pirate games can be converted to buyers with the right service.

  14. Uzi Cooper says:

    Biscuit you are my favorite brit .

  15. Jacob Adams says:

    SOPA is gone, in no small part to the 3.5 million of us who've watched this video, and of course Total Biscuit, whose voice we've all supported.
    Thanks TB and viewers, keep making your voices heard; TB, thank you for giving all of us whose voices can be ignored by our politician someone respectable to stand behind, and boost our opinions.
    I know I'll show support every opinion of yours, as long as I agree with you; which as of right now is the majority of the time.

  16. refrigeraptor says:

    9:00 mh, it's kinda like the italian parlament isn't it?

  17. NaitNait says:


  18. Tomy Tomas says:!

  19. CtisGaming says:

       Can you look into the Net Neutrality debate that's going on in America. (Extra Credits posted a video about it) It's very threatening to all sites, streams, & downloads on the web and may have just as big an effect as SOPA/CISPA would've.
       I don't know much about this, but you're videos on these subjects helped to inform so many people before. PLEASE HELP to prevent this again.

  20. Jeremythellama1 says:



  21. Eddie Esparza says:

    I'm really scared about SOPA because they sent me a message saying I'm getting sued and I didn't try to download anything all I do is go on youtube and I'm only 12 🙁 I'm scared

  22. DEIVIDAS1119 says:


  23. Tucker Cooper says:

    So various anime sites and social media sites will be blocked… Well then America will have a Civil War this is something as sensitive as the slave related issues that started the first.

  24. Thelegend27 says:

    These people are too "intellectually limited" to comprehend how many people make a living off of the Internet.

  25. Abe Hurtic says:

    You people do realize that this issue and this video IS ALMOST THREE YEARS OLD. It's not even REMOTELY TOPICAL ANYMORE.

  26. Detective Alan says:

    TB just made this video to take punches at the US

  27. Ari Tapper says:

    american government officials are just trying to get re-elected and will do anything and and I mean ANYTHING to push their own agendas despite what they say they will do to get elected.  This includes doing exactly what the politicians said they wouldn't do including repealing rights in sneaky and devious ways.

  28. BeattilaX says:

    Pirates consume more than average consumer.

  29. Laura H. says:

    And they say that no one owns the internet, it's property of the people..
    The US government controls everything, including the media. Internet is the one thing they can't control, and look what they're doing to it.

  30. The Rekt Factory says:

    Listen to arion – internet rebellion, it is such a true story song.

  31. Righteousalein says:

  32. HeatRayz Video says:

    Freedom of Speech…Just watch what you say – Ice-T

  33. HeatRayz Video says:

    I havn't been converted to these corporate sites – Pirates rule!! Black market for life!

  34. Doogle Smoogle says:

    Net neutrality is GONE. Please TB make a video about it and raise the awarness, its 1000x worse than SOPA

  35. gamingradeon says:

    I used to be a free citizen, but it seems I will have to take an arrow to the knee.

  36. matthew rich says:

    free speech
    taking away free speech and human rights

  37. Its7up says:

    Ass cap? Is that even a company?

  38. Teckler9000 says:

    Totalbiscuit, come to the U.S. and give them this video to watch.

  39. TheGamerWithMore says:

    Screw you America!

  40. Fire World says:


  41. jpheitman says:

    For the record, they weren't trying to destroy the internet. They were trying to stop piracy. Destroying the internet was just an unfortunate side-effect. 😛

  42. Erik Römer says:

    Sopa is slang for trash in swedish^^

  43. John Doe says:

    I know I'm late but, EA would also be screwed by this. You know how many Madden vids and other vids of their games are up?

  44. Hayden Bean says:

    SOPA makes it so fanfics are illegal

  45. MisterQ says:

    Stupidest video ever….

  46. Dexter Grif says:

    SOPA would of been good if it only shut down websites that host the Copyright Material, not YouTube, soundcloud or any other streaming sercive, no, any Website that allows you to torrent movies, tv shows such and so on, like The Pirate Bay.

  47. Rise Of The Kumquat says:

    "Most of the people debating this bill don't even know what's in it."

    Yep, that sounds like our government.

  48. Kyle Walters says:

    R.I.P Megaupload.

  49. Chloe R. says:

    SOPA is so freaking stupid

  50. George Hoyle says:

    dear the corporate computer or agent that is working from i believe Comcast that i am paying for this internet service. Please stop slowing my connection down to this video so i cannot watch it for it doesn't pay your pay check standard whatever that means.If you don't i will post this comment to show the inter net that net neutrality is real and is has a legitimate of a threat has SOPA which you tried to pass.

  51. Pythagoras211 says:

    The SOPA legislation actually contradicts itself because it hasn't been worded properly. It says 'An internet site is dedicated to theft of U.S. property if… it enables, or facilitates a violation of…', and then it goes on to list some of the violations. By definition, a website cannot only 'facilitate' copyright theft if it is 'dedicated' to it, this is a contradiction in terms. To facilitate something is to lend a helping hand to process that is already under way, to be dedicated to something is to be wholly given over to particular purpose

  52. TheLucario88725 / Bao Junior says:

    Who would watch a 20+ minute video that has no music?

  53. Crowbars357 says:

    Note to any non-Americans/the clueless/those who dont care: the Federal Government, as of the posting of this comment, only cares about control over its citizens' lives and about their own personal gain at ohers' expense. Not every individual in the Federal Government is like this, but it has been the culture within it since Obama took office; earlier if you count the life-long Senators.

  54. DearHalo lover says:

    Wait a minute … This photo is from reddit meaning they have to take It down

  55. Zey Uaif says:

    If what he says actually happens
    Then in at least a few months

  56. realscapegoat says:

    SOPA is more than a nuclear strike on the internet its more like say 15 Tsar bombas on the internet this could effectively destroy the internet I mean it has the POTENTIAL to destroy the entire internet not saying it will but It could which is very bad and scary and dear god we need to do something about this

  57. Christopher Sheehy says:

    I cant't even believe its getting to this point. Like TB said, why are we letting a ton of 70 year-olds dictate aspects of modern society that they are completely alien to them?! Not just piracy, but all that stupid video game violence nonsense!

  58. MMD Scotteh says:

    America isn't free with SOPA. sorry

  59. Jeremias Denton says:

    F*CK AMERICA!!!!!
    100% SELL OUTS

  60. Thu Collist Kid says:

    My dick –> 8========D  o  <– Lamar Smith's mouth
                                              o  <– John Riccitello's mouth
                                              o  <– Patrick Leahy's mouth

  61. 64andy says:

    Scoff Typical EA

  62. Halo6301 says:

    As an american, I can agree with you about the government overusing acronyms

  63. Linas Pavlov says:

    Im thinkin that if they pass sopa or pipa its gonna probably lead to either the destruction of the us internet economy or another american revolution or be othe countries doing similar things or a pretty big war wich would also be quite likely if other countries followed the u.s example.

  64. QUALITY QUEEN says:

    What exactly is S.O.P.A.?

  65. Michael Fur says:

    I thought this was a free country… I guess it wasnt

  66. Lighthaze says:

    when did this happen ?…-nothing.html or this one–finance.html

  67. Eli Sadler says:

    Hey everybody remember how fucking stupid this was?

  68. Sugar Peas says:

    This bill could have ment a dark ages for the internet!
    Thank fuck people are smarter than that.

  69. ContraZombie4 says:

    The sad thing is, I'M American, AND I AGREE WITH THIS MAN'S INSULTS TO AMERICA.

  70. ThatGuyWithHacks says:

    fuck sopa

  71. TheGrayMysterious says:

    I can finally sleep at night knowing this abomination was defeated in Congress.

  72. Karl Slicher says:

    You can not separate corporate interests from the American system, that is all that it has ever been. All IP addresses may originate at the US department of "defence" but the technology to redo the internet again many times over already exists in every country that the US controls now. Those nation's politicians may to be owned be the US but the public is becoming wiser to the system, that is the real issue the US want's censored.

  73. Mr.EDM says:

    Not only do EA make shitty sports games and fuck every FIFA player over with their continuous bullshit but now they support this shit! EA sucks ass!

  74. Fishslap 33 says:

    Good to see you using your platform responsibly to keep people informed about this who might otherwise never know about it. And get better soon!

  75. Mack Williams says:

    So this is basically internet book burning

  76. Thien Nguyen says:

    Unfortunately Diane Fienstein and her buddies are at it again with CISA. 

  77. Matt Davis says:

    Ah Murica' how much more can you possibly screw up?

  78. Obicham Lutenica says:

    EA in support of SOPA….not surprised

  79. Josh Hill says:

    It's slightly strange that no one has said wake up 

  80. James O Reilly says:

    Fuck America always the county starting the dumb shit

  81. Kydaper says:

    We love acronyms

  82. pan am says:

    Holy shit total biscuit knows his airplanes

  83. dire_chinchilla says:

    So what ever happened with sopa and pipa?

  84. Jordi214 says:

    Im glad this didn't pass….Right?

  85. Samuel Winter says:

    So is this still going on? The video was uploaded in 2011…

  86. GnosisZX says:

    The reason the gov wants this to do this for there secrets to remain secrets. internet has allowed exposure of a lot of bad things gov has done shit i would never have known without internet. plus too many old idiots running the govs. and dumb companies who can't adapt to the future

  87. Bob tim says:


  88. Sebastian Tengdahl says:

    thank you for poasting these videoes

  89. Negin Kazemi says:

    Is this still relevant? Just asking 🙁

  90. stanleythedoggy says:

    It's encouraging to me to see how people rallied up against this monstrosity of a bill, and proved how when people stop bickering over insignificant shit, they can make a difference and stop the bullshit that people in power try to pull.

  91. Drugs I Love says:


  92. DeeVeeTee583 says:

    It’s back guys.

  93. Saatana says:

    And now the same thing is happening in EU. Just as ridiculous.

  94. Bob Malone says:

    Thanks Obama

  95. atur chomicz says:

    And now he's dead

  96. Grembo says:

    Goodbye friend

  97. imicca says:

    its 2019 and not US but EU ruined the internet

  98. Carter Rempel says:

    Its like what you were saying with your Toyota ex. Guns dont kill people. People kill people

  99. Ty B says:

    I was not affected by this at all

  100. Demented Duskull says:

    God, if only TotalBiscuit were around to see what was happening now…

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