World’s Fastest Internet at NASA 91Gb/s | The Reality Explained!!!


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  1. Ravi Gayadhane says:

    Sir it was very use full video thanks sir. I received such images on FB,instagram. That nasa has 91GB/S SPEED FOR INTERNET after seen this video I shared the link to all those who send me such images

  2. Md Asheke Rabbi says:

    thanks for addong bangla caption 😘

  3. Arvin Rongpi says:

    My phone speed is 5.9mb/s

  4. Tips and tricks says:

    my wifi is 9mb/s

  5. Júñâyēd Åhmêd says:

    Vai tumto technical mahan ho

  6. Vimal Singh says:


  7. Trending Clasher says:

    Plzz I am going to reach 1k

  8. Clank says:

    Why English title???

  9. Drift Exo says:

    Tangina mo bobo kba Mag English ka mukha kang Hito

  10. Sadiqul Islam says:

    No it is not true

  11. MKR says:

    Alien porn dekhtey hongey NASA waley

  12. Amarjeet Kumar Sharma says:

    My mobile speed is 10 to 5mb

  13. kalidous says:

    The title is in English and he’s speaking another language 😂😂😂

  14. all rounder youtuber says:


  15. Nishanta Das says:


  16. Sajahan Ahmed says:

    Love u guruji love from Assam😓😓

  17. BADBOY rall says:

    The truth

  18. TobbyPvP says:

    what language is this?

  19. Chetan Mali says:

    Chaliye shuru karte hain …..awesome sir
    Matter ek taraf aur yeh line ek taraf😀😁😁😁😁

  20. Gajender Rajpurohit says:

    My speed is 1.3mb PS

  21. T serious ringtone and movie link says:

    My network speed is 12mbps only

  22. Ritik Purniya says:

    Nice video

  23. Bimal Kumar says:

    500gb/s in nasa. Test is completed . Serch for that

  24. Devesh vishwakarma says:

    Thanks for clear my confusion

  25. Technology and knowledge says:

    Ap bengali janto ho


    My phone speed is 3.0mb/s

  27. ALİYEV MUSİC HD says:

    Nasa internet 91Gb/s.
    Gta 5 66gb-5 second download vaoooo


    World fastest internet

  29. Raj Singh says:

    5mb/s is highest speed in my phone

  30. Harsh Wardhan says:

    Sir, picchhe monitor ka wallpaper dekhke lag Raha hai ki aap bhi Dragon Ball dekhte ho.😁😁😁

    Like if u agree

  31. omprakash says:

    Video is best

  32. tech with me says:

    Mera 65kbps h 😁😁😝

  33. Mr. Robbin says:

    Thank you Bhaiya

  34. Deepak Prasad says:

    My highest internet speed is 4mb/s in jio sim

  35. Born to Dance says:

    Highest speed of my Jio Sim 7mbps

  36. RIVC says:

    rose are blue
    violet are red
    you clicked because the tile is english
    but the video WASNT

  37. Andrey Vasilyev says:

    next time put the title in ur language pls…

  38. dнeerαj ѕιɴɢн rαjpυт says:

    Mast h gurudev..👌

  39. Ishwar singh Baral says:

    Namaskar dosto MERA name hai LORD mai dekh raha hun TECHNICAL guru g chaliye suru karte hai

  40. sourav purkait says:

    you are righht guru

  41. payal rawat says:

    Wow! What is this I can't even believe

  42. Raman Rattan says:

    We already know

  43. Ganesh chaurasiya says:

    NASA spesstetion deta send

  44. GROZA OP says:

    My internet speed is between 2 to 3 Mbps

  45. Samin The Gamer says:

    mine is 8mb/s

  46. Amit Kaloliya says:


  47. NK THE GREAT says:

    make a video on dark web and deep web please

  48. Faisal khan says:

    My phone 6mps

  49. Janhavi ;P says:


  50. Hollow Devil says:

    i hate it when the title is in english and im looking for someone who speaks english, then comes indian dude…. all the love and respect to the indian people. <3

  51. Kittu Saini says:

    My internet 94 Kbps

  52. Maverick PlayS says:

    and here i play PUBG MOBILE on 968ms😭

  53. Manakh Jyoti Phukon says:

    I used Airtel network to download a game of 10 GB with a 4g connection yet at a speed of 200kb and waited 10 hours.

  54. Iman_Aiman Gaming says:

    My mobile network speed are 23 Kbps

  55. ARMAN GAME PLUS says:

    Noting is faster than gourav sir's speech

  56. sanjay deshMukh says:

    My phone 15 GB

  57. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    English squad, you there? I don't understand anything what he saying…

  58. other other says:

    Amazing speed

  59. CK showcase says:

    Top videos

  60. Z Tech says:

    Anyone after JioFiber?

  61. Prateek Katiyar says:

    Hey bro i knew about it🤣🤣🤣

  62. Tahmina Parvin says:

    I get 6 mb per second in my phone

  63. GAMING WITH FUN says:

    Sir video ki starting meh apne bola 91Gbps aur title meh likha hai 91GB/s ,sir plz

  64. Sujan Debnath says:


  65. Apex Legends says:

    Linus tech tips has the internet speed of 1.6 terabits per second!!

  66. Abdullah Zk says:

    My internet Speed is 1.2 snvpasvmvosKb/s

  67. Akash Mondal says:

    Nice Sir

  68. SOMA serial shubham kewat says:

    101gb per second

  69. taranjeet singh says:

    i want to use

  70. All in one video. says:

    Ooo pata tha

  71. Madhu Yadav says:

    My speed is 6 mbps

  72. Jeff Tech says:

    One guy who works at NASA said that Internet Speed at NASA is 11,375 GigaBytes(aproximately 91 GBps). He told me that he downloaded the GTA V in less than 6 seconds. And he told that when his boss came in he deleted the game and when his boss left he redownloaded the game.

  73. GameLive says:

    who translated the bangla !

  74. Yogesh Singh says:

    Thanks bhiya
    Jai hind

  75. Biswanath Padhiary says:

    NASA on us

  76. Daimien Taylor says:

    Why do you make a f*cking video title all English but the actual video talking is in another language. Jesus Christ what a fail.

  77. Sajan Shakya says:

    My teacher say in Nasha there is 999 GB

  78. Jiyabul Khan says:


  79. Geming Cobra Geming cobra says:


  80. Luka Gaming says:

    Yaar m Tu yehi Samaj raha tha K Vo dowland speed h

  81. Aji abel Loordhu raj says:


  82. DESI Boyz says:

    Teri ma ka phosara

  83. Arjun Raj says:

    Yeah NASA has the best wifi

  84. Partha Sarkar says:

    Itna speed mil jay na to may free fire khelunga o bhi ultra me

  85. Abdul Aziz Salman says:

    Who wants 1GB/s internet📶📱

  86. Rahul Agrahari says:

    thanks sir for clearity

  87. Praveen Choudhary says:

    10 MB/sec of my Hostel wi-fi

  88. Nooru Saikh says:

    👌👌👌best chenal

  89. TECH RAYYAN says:

    No speed is faster then paad!!!!

  90. SEMPERXTM says:

    How to make server of nasa

  91. Hussain khan says:


  92. ayyaz boy says:

    Ap key gand key ho gye

  93. Wa Wawa says:

    Mistar gaorav bhai meri apse rikvest hai ap hamari blaind ladke aor ladkiyo ki sansthako kuchh madat kijiye me iis sanstha ka mantri manish raval apse rikvesht karta hu mera nambar hai 6354972622 dusra no 9825777979 mebhi blaind hu plis kontek karna

  94. Wa Wawa says:

    Apke vidiyo bahot achhe hote hai pliis hamara kontek karna fon se

  95. Kaushik Kalita says:

    Thanks guruji

  96. RGB Tech Gamer says:

    Password please 😄

  97. Prabhakar Nanaware says:

    Sir my mobile speed was 271.32 Mbps

  98. COC Gamers says:

    Is that Japan really used 7G?
    Guruji, Please make a video on this topic!!😃

  99. iwishihadabird says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The title is in English
    So why aren’t you?

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