Working on the Google Hardware Team


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Google is really good at creating
magical things that are just like, “How did that … How did you do that?” And so the way we approach
hardware is the same way. We take our unconventional way of doing
software and apply it to hardware. Right now we’re in this really fun phase
of it’s a startup, we have so many ideas, there are so many things we can try. So there’s like a huge amount of creativity, and that’s just so much more fun than just
operating something that already existed. I get to try new technologies, I get to implement them in different ways that
maybe no other company has done them before, and the best part is that, as mechanical
engineers, we get to work with researchers who are working on the AI
and ML side of the Assistant, and so we can really make our products powerful. We have a lot of cross-functional teams
that are working in the same labs, so that gives an opportunity for the
engineers to exchange ideas. If you are stuck on a problem, you can talk to
the other engineers who have been there before. There are so many teams across
Google that have amazing expertise. I mean, I could go to the Android
Hardware team and say, “You guys have done a really great job building
a product that does high-quality voice calls. How can we do that for Google Home?” Right? Anywhere across Google, and I learn so much. Even though it’s such a large company,
there is a lot of transparency, and because they are so transparent, regardless of
where you are in the org and what your role is, you really can speak to the roadmap. People are always encouraging, and they really believe in you to go beyond your
skillset that you think you have at the moment. People can be so exceptional if they are inspired
and very clear as to what they need to do, and you see that happening every day. And because we’re growing so fast,
there is a lot to be created still. Google is definitely serious about hardware,
we have invested in a lot of labs and equipment, so we are going to be around for a long time. So we’re definitely looking for lots
of engineers, and that’s all kinds: it’s supply chain, software, mechanical
engineering, electrical engineering, so, you know, it’s a lot of work, but it’s also
really fun to be able to design from scratch. There is just so much ground to cover. The combination of hardware and software
and machine learning in one product — there are a huge range of directions we can go,
and it’s really fun to be a part of defining that.

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