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tips to promote your Wix website Hi guys it’s Sam Dey here from deytips.com and in this video I’m sharing a few tips to help you to promote your Wix
website. Now I’ve done a few wix.com website tutorials in the past so I know some of
my subscribers have Wix websites so this video is specifically for you or if
you have a Wix website and maybe you’re offering a service or promoting a product
on your Wix website but you’re wondering ‘how do I attract more visitors and gain
more sales back to the website that you’ve just created’. So my first tip is
to focus on a building an authority wix website so what I mean by this is most
people start a website with a very selfish mindset so for example you might be a
fitness instructor and you go on to Wix and you create yourself a website and
your website just tells people about what you have on offer and about your
company and your experience and don’t get me wrong all of that information is
great but what you want to do is build a wix website that is a hub of information
that your potential customers would love to go and consume. So you might give away
free fitness advice, you might have a fitness blog, you might have links to
your social media account where you teach people about how to stay healthy
and what kinds of foods to eat. So when someone stumbles across your website
they’re actually there and find a lot of useful resources rather than just
learning about your company. This is also called content marketing and I have a
few videos on content marketing and I’ll leave them in the description down below
so make sure you go and check those out as well.
My second tip is when doing paid advertisements online so you might be
sending traffic to your website via Google or Facebook never send traffic to
your homepage but always create a page dedicated to your advertisement. Whenever
you’re spending money to drive people back to your website you want to make
sure that they are taken the desired action that you paid for them to take so
that’s even leaving their name and email address as a lead for your business or
making the direct purchase. But if you send people straight to your homepage then
there’s so many tabs and things that they can get busy doing that they might
not end up becoming a customer of yours and you will
lose a lot more ad revenue if you do it that way. My third tip is to make sure
you are generating a repeat business the best way to do this is via email so when
someone comes to your website there should be an option for them to
subscribe to your newsletter so even if they don’t become a sale then they might
actually become a lead for you which you can remarket to later down the line and
convert them into a customer and when someone that does buy from you, make sure
you’re trying to cross-sell or upsell them and I will be having future videos
on how to do that so make sure you’re subscribed to this channel if you’re not
already. But if you want some in-depth tips about how you can generate more
leads and sales to your website, make sure you download the formula which is
behind me I’ll leave a link to it in the description down below. But if this video
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comments then leave them for me in the comment section but until next time
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more awesome business related content have a great day, and I will see you soon

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  1. Siddhant Jain says:

    Lots of good content on your channel. Not sure why you are not getting more traffic… Keep working hard! ❤️
    You do need more visuals on your videos though. Try to add snippets of the key take-aways from your sentences floating on from sides.
    Keep up the good work!
    p.s. Also, maybe it's just me, but you speak a bit too fast.

  2. Haris Elahi says:

    u help me alot thanks

  3. dany dan says:

    How to use builderall for affiliate offer?

  4. The Afrikan Superstar says:

    Thanks #Afrikansuperstar ✊🏿

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