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you need a website want to do it
yourself with wix.com you can create your own stunning website tell us who
you are and what you do then Wix artificial design intelligence learns
what you need and creates a stunning website for you complete with beautiful images videos
and text and you can add even more as you grow like your own online booking
system so customers can book appointments right on your website want
to change your look try a different design theme there are
hundreds to choose from easily change your images and videos play with any
layout your content will automatically adjust to fit perfectly with Wix
artificial design intelligence everything just falls into place go to
wix.com to create your stunning website today

20 Replies to “Wix ADI | Get a Stunning Website Created for You”

  1. Xism says:

    Did the other guy get fired

  2. E L I T E O N T H E B E A T says:

    Wix is truly amazing! Everyone feel free to check out my website and give some constructive criticism.

  3. Joshua Griffin says:

    looks nice but still waiting. been waiting for months. but you guys still advertise like this is available today, when it's not.

  4. Raymond Frake says:

    I have Wix and don't see this feature available to me. Anyone know how to access it.

  5. ਰਾਜਨ ਢਿਲੋ says:


    You guys should really stop changing the voice of the narrator though.

  6. Melanie says:

    Omg 1st

  7. Phantom Green says:


  8. Luke Carrier says:

    Deafeningly loud… urgh

  9. Dairelds ML says:

    hi may you add paypal?

  10. DeXes says:

    can anyone have an idea on how to animate like this like the clicks

  11. RES says:


  12. Santoslolzy says:


  13. LogoGuy2013 - Official says:

    This ad keeps saying, "You need a website", which in reality, I don't need a website!
    (Strongly enough this is my opinion)

  14. Toyotarou says:


  15. TBM tech says:

    Can I add HTML and code to one of these ADI websites?

  16. Mohamamd Mahfuz Al-Mamun says:

    Then why developer make 50 dollars an hour?

  17. Ieuan Alli says:

    @Wix.com … Hi, I used wix a long time ago and I still have this website which I am still going to keep as it was my first back in like 2015/14 but I want to make a website for my channel. Techsource used this in ease yet when I click business or any option of the create new website, I do not have this feature. Do you have to pay for this feature? Because it automatically puts me to the website template page.

  18. TheWiseNoodle says:

    wix sucks

  19. ecogreen 123 says:

    hey doing it with wix is not on my own, although a lot easer

  20. Tracy Mcfayden says:

    I cant get a sub page on for my collections i thought wix was supposed to be easy WELL IT IS NOT

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