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  1. Omar Feliciano says:

    Gotta love Stevie. 😊

  2. MatthewBruh13 says:

    Lmao Paris, Texas is a real place, but the only thing there are old white people and abandoned mechanic shops. There is an eiffel tower, but it's very tiny.

    Source: Have family there.

  3. Beth K says:

    I knew the second one was India because of Rollarcoaster Tycoon. There was a game where they had those water ways for the Taj Mahal.

  4. PinguThePenguin says:

    initially I know the first one, its las vegas where I live!!

  5. Batrisyia Norhami says:

    That's not arabic

  6. James Mcwane says:

    So um…… im here in Goldsboro NC….. r u still coming?

  7. OptimusKevin says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Link is really guessing things so incorrectly on purpose for the entertainment or is he really this…..like….unknowledgeable

  8. Andy Trapp says:

    There is an Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas but there isn’t an arch and the tower has a red cowboy hat on it

  9. Joanie Whittemore says:

    More of this please!!

  10. Brightlad says:

    The outside of the taj mahal looks so much like a spot on skate 3

  11. bananabuttersomethin says:

    This game is boring when you're not actually playing it.

  12. moon batchelder says:

    I thought Stonehenge was in Scotland and not England? if i'm right, you probably angered some Scotsmen as they do not like being called English.

  13. Raccoon XD says:

    Me: WHERE IN THE WORLD DO THESE international google street images COME FROM?

  14. rubeml007 says:

    I was in Goldsboro NC yesterday. Wow.

  15. Nojuzz Kietazz says:

    Man Americans are so uneducated compared to Europeans.

  16. Chris Moon says:

    Rhett always has a "wild hair" hahaha! I didn't guess ANY of them!! lol

  17. Yung Tarzan says:

    I live in Paris Texas and we actually don’t have an arc

  18. valentin jianu says:

    Im deffinaly lino

  19. keeponrockin says:

    Love Link's hiodie!

  20. vegan penguin says:

    "It's the western wall!" "Oh I'm sorry…" "*hahahahahaHA!!!*

  21. Leo says:

    I get every one in one or two goes. Americans are so dumb.

  22. Lowek says:

    lol me and friend used to say" what the what the"

  23. Sheradon Aiken says:

    okay but why is Link wearing my sweatshirt?

  24. Daniel Lundvall says:

    Guy I made something ungodly is Coca Cola and orange juice

  25. TheKristamary says:

    Link omg Arabic 🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Tiss Tass says:

    Link is so stupid😂

  27. Cringy content says:


  28. xydoit says:

    I knew it was India. And i recognized Las Vegas also.

  29. block guy44 says:

    I'm in canada

  30. Arianah Truesdale says:


  31. fromtheshadows says:

    I'm in Gaston county nc

  32. m h says:

    ThAtS ArAbIc
    Ok sis

  33. Cold Cali- says:

    That girls jaw line is straighter than Logan Paul’s one month of gay

  34. Maha says:

    Hebrew and Arabic are very close tbh

  35. Pardy says:

    Thats Arabic.

  36. Rhea Shetty says:

    Can we please get a part 2 of this challenge!!!!

  37. Sally Otley says:

    "This was where the dirt was"- Rhett 2018 😂😂

  38. Meme Bot says:

    That is not arabic

  39. dclaiche says:

    "This…was where……the dirt was."
    Technically correct. Give him the point.

  40. Aspen Franckum says:

    You said Nevada wrong

  41. Ant Dav says:

    First 2 were so easy link 🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. Sadie debow says:

    Our teacher showed us this game and we're aloud to play it in class

  43. Maczeta Maczeta says:

    Lacking a basic geography knowledge is really painful to watch, for me. I'm not talking about you, Rhett.

  44. Toxicity says:

    O. Shit

  45. Jose Garcia says:

    Rett bias

  46. Cara Miles says:

    Ah, GMM during their “sickly pale lighting” phase!

  47. planetrob555 says:

    I know this is a year old, but this should have been a lot longer. This was cool and fun to watch. Maybe do it again??

  48. KrAyZiE JD3 says:

    i thought exactly the same thing with the tajmahal one

  49. Dianna says:

    wow at the Goldsboro shout out!

  50. Kevin O'Brien says:

    what is that noise 6:06

  51. Mizz Nale says:

    I'm in GOLDSBORO NC please come to here my whole family would love to meet y'all!!!

  52. Leo Polo says:

    Link should have gotten a point on the first round

  53. NikxNik says:


  54. Aryaveer Singh says:

    Link – Pfft. You think that's the Stonehenge, ha those are just piles of rocks lying around

  55. Justin Kirschenman says:

    I got Vegas and Stonehenge on the first picture.
    India I needed the first move.
    The last one was a complete mystery to me.

  56. Dick Neathamer says:

    I thought it might be in vr, but I actually got the last one. I've been there so I'm happy about that.

  57. Jaime Mariscal says:

    Nevadians: It's "Neva-da" not Neva-duh"! 2:27

  58. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    Does zooming out a little count as a move?

  59. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    Las Vegas!

  60. Qwe Asdf says:

    7:36 well sorry to say… that's not Arabic 🙂😁😂

  61. zatty says:

    What the Whaaaat?

  62. Luke Tornblad says:

    I guess stone henge from the very first view. But I also visited stone henge last year

  63. zackyboi sharp says:

    Im Scottish where are yous from

  64. MarkReactor ! says:

    Reading, PA here!

  65. Angelia Salah says:

    On the 1st picture, Link should have gotten 1 point because he got the country correct. If I'm not mistaken, they did say that was part of the scoring.
    (I have seen this video before, just rewatching old ones and noticed I had missed that previously).

  66. Smiley Stopmotions says:

    I play this in my social studies class

  67. Jonathan Camut says:

    I was screaming India omg

  68. Kevin Turnage says:

    Goldsboro doesnt have the BBQ like we once did.. Wilbers has closed. But you guys are welcome to come visit anytime.. We all would love to meet you…

  69. Emme Bivens says:

    I’m from Paris Texas and we do have an Eiffel Tower but we don’t have that other thing you said😂

  70. Kyle Jonas says:

    How come I knew all of these within two moves?

  71. debra hobbs says:

    Wait Las Vegas has an Eiffel Tower????? Im so confused..

  72. Edwin Deverill says:

    Why give 2 points for Taj Mahal India and 1 point for Stonehenge England.
    Taj Mahal is as much the name of the structure as Stonehenge is.

    (Snorts decisively and keeps on enjoying the show).

  73. Lil chigon says:

    Hey Rhett mentioned Goldsboro NC😂

  74. Nathan Fisk says:

    6:25 Rhett "Sidgeuation" alert!

  75. punto y coma says:


  76. Ewok 88 says:

    We played a game similar to this but there was more freedom in ELA. Kinda ironic. (Geoguessr) (it is spelt without the er at the end)

  77. Syd volly says:

    We played something like this in my geography class

  78. Cypher says:

    This s a good idea

  79. Ginny Weasley says:

    lol "that's Arabic." and "Kiev is in Russia'

  80. awesome models says:

    7:37 i face palmed lol

  81. Ankit Mulchandani says:

    Who’s here for India’s taj mahal 3:13

  82. Me VS Media says:

    Please do this again!!!

  83. ProneOstrich says:

    Link robbed

  84. Glenn Zanotti says:

    Link, how did you NOT get Las Vegas? Do you live under a rock?

  85. Lormenkal says:

    I guessed Stonehenge on 1 picture without them showing

  86. KaylaTheRaccoon says:

    "This is where the dirt was" 😂

  87. Moh Musaed says:

    I don’t know how I got all of them correct from the first move.

  88. ITsJustPain says:

    You'd have given Rhett the points. Guarantee it. Smh.

  89. jessy beland says:

    Link casually smelling the darts hahaha

  90. PorkyDorky says:

    They should have invited Captain Sparklez to this episode. That would have been fun

  91. Brandon Negus says:

    Am hongry for chicken Keiv now. Don't really know why.

  92. Ryan Rediger says:

    Keep this series going!!!!

  93. Sony Singh says:

    Love Rhett and Link but omg americans are horrendous at geography….

  94. dosterrebecca says:

    Do part two

  95. FacheChanteDeux says:

    I knew #1 was Paris, but it was Vegas!

  96. Chromes only Fan says:

    Link said it looked like America but there was French flags and the Eiffel Tower

  97. healbot 96 says:

    First one in two moves

  98. Mhon de guzman says:

    They cheatin link

  99. david gutierrez says:

    Rhett's the tall one, the handsome one and the smart one…

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