What’s New in Android Studio UI Design and Debugging Tools (Google I/O’19)


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  1. PIP POP says:

    Similar to xcode

  2. Abdulrahm 113 says:

    Great , but on the Constraintlayout it seems its Not that Flexible 🤔 ??

  3. Martín Marconcini says:

    Love the new Layout inspector! Great talk by Ashley about the improvements in the framework exposing styles and attributes; this will greatly help understanding how styles, themes, and attributes work and where they come from; something that's always a mystery for most not-so-junior developers (myself included).

  4. hashim shafiq says:


  5. satheeshwaran J says:

    3d layout inspection has been there on Xcode for years. IDK why people go awww for it.

  6. Alejandro Uribe Sanchez says:

    Color picker amazing feature!

  7. Ojasvi Singh 786 says:


  8. Rajshree Soni says:


  9. Begin Transformation says:

    say no to 60p. this shit looks weird.

  10. Creative Programming says:

    check out my android debug tutorial and more about blender

  11. datapluscode says:

    One day they will fix the emulator. One day….

  12. 70ME3E says:

    aNd thEn We heArd fRom yoUu that this obvious thing is actually good, so…

  13. SPEEDY SinHUB says:


  14. Mister Albert says:

    Waiting For An New YouTube UI

  15. Wes Mcnasty says:


  16. SMS EASY says:

    Hello Android

  17. samundra shrestha says:


  18. deep gee says:

    Is it only me who thinks that they finally got some idea Xcode and did great job for android developers. Anyway AS build gridle still sucks.

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