What If There’s No Internet for 24 Hours


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It’s 7am, and the sound of your alarm wakes
you up. You reach over to the nightstand to pick up
your phone. With your eyes half-closed, you notice you
don’t have any new notifications. “Hmm, that’s weird.” But mostly, you’re more concerned with getting
some coffee in you first! So, you get up, grab a quick shower, and head
downstairs. After you’ve gotten some breakfast and coffee,
you grab your tablet and see the same thing: no notifications. You also notice there’s no Internet connection. It wasn’t just on your phone but all your
devices. Before checking your router, you try the ol’
“turn it off and on again” technique. Of course, that didn’t help. So, you head over to the router and see a
blinking red light. The 4G isn’t working either. “Ugh, great. Gonna have to call the service provider.” …Eventually. For now, it’s 7:45, and you’re already
running late for work. You decide to take a cab – maybe it’ll
save some time. You automatically open the app on your phone. Oh yeah, it doesn’t work. No connection. “Could this day start out any better?”
you think sarcastically to yourself. So, you run to the nearest bus stop, which
is about 20 minutes away. 20 minutes that you really don’t have right
now. Winded, you get to the stop only to see the
timetable screen blinking “NO SERVICE.” Now, that’s either because they can’t
track the buses and the servers can’t access their schedule, or because there aren’t
any today to begin with. You notice the people around you for the first
time. They’re all looking at their phones in frustration,
some have even struck up a conversation. Nobody has Internet… That’s the first moment when you feel panic
rising in your chest. “If it’s not just me, then it could be
serious…” You spot a cab a few feet away and hop in. But GPS obviously isn’t working, and there’s
mad traffic on the road – even with all the signs around to help! Horns are beeping from every direction, and
it’s as if the chaos is getting worse right before your eyes as you stare out the backseat
window. When you finally get to your office building,
the cab driver’s voice almost jolts you. “$16.50!” You reach for your card without even thinking. But guess what! That doesn’t work either. So, you have to dig in your wallet and hope
you’ve got some cash on you. You have a 20. Yes! At least some luck! It’s almost 8:30 – yep, you’re half
an hour late. Everyone else is already there when you walk
into the office. Right from the get-go, you’re already not
that surprised to hear the talk of the day, “Internet’s down.” Someone’s talking about the stock market
being at a standstill. Another is talking about how hospitals everywhere
are struggling to access medical records since everything was online. You head over to your desk and sit down to
start your computer, wondering if you should’ve bothered coming to work in the first place. You can’t send any emails or reports, and
you can’t download anything. With impatient clients ringing everyone’s
phone off the hook (because their Internet and emails are down too), you and your coworkers
bust out the old dusty fax machines to send and receive documents. The only problem with that is there aren’t
enough fax machines for everybody! That’s when you notice another problem:
with the whole world calling each other on their landline phones, they’re overloading
communication systems – to the point that you can’t reach anyone. It’s almost 10am, and everybody’s up by
now. With the office becoming more of a circus
with every passing minute, the boss decides to let everyone just take the day off. Hopefully, things will be back to normal by
tomorrow… It’s close to 11:15 in the morning. Traffic is still congested, but there’s
no point going home and just staring at the wall. So, you walk around until you find a place
to grab some lunch. You can’t remember how much money you have
in the bank, and there’s no way to check. Both your credit and debit cards are now useless
pieces of plastic. So, you take a 10-minute walk to your local
branch. On the way, you hear people’s theories on
what happened. Some are talking about a global cyber-attack,
others are talking about something happening to the satellites. That’s when it hits you: what about all
your pictures, videos, and data? You had your whole graduation video on the
cloud. All those pictures of your backpacking trip
across Europe? Are all the memories lost? You feel your heart racing. It’s both your fast-pace walking and the
thought of losing all those precious records of the best moments of your life… On your way, you stumble across a newsstand. All the papers are nearly gone – you grab
the last one. The headline reads: “THE END OF THE INTERNET!” You read briefly that social media companies
have already lost billions, and the market is collapsing. You get to the bank at 11:45. …You and everyone else. There’s a line extending outside the entrance. You take your place at the end only to hear
the faint sound of the teller announcing, “We’re about to run out of cash, you’ll
have to come back tomorrow.” Luckily, your turn comes right before they
start sending people away. You take 400 bucks out of your account to
keep yourself afloat. Who knows if it’ll be enough – there’s
no way of knowing how long this nightmare will last! As you step outside, someone runs and snatches
a guy’s wallet from his hands. People are already getting desperate, and
thieves are taking advantage of the situation. You quickly hide your money in your front
pocket. It’s 12:30, so you head out for lunch. Most places have hung handwritten signs on
the door: CASH ONLY. Well, good thing you made it to the bank. You find a diner and notice they’ve got
the news on the TV hanging in the corner. There’s no Internet across the ENTIRE globe! Airports are at a standstill, along with ships,
trains, and commercial trucking. Panic has broken out in major cities. That’s when you remember your folks should
be flying home from their vacation in Ireland! You try to call them – no answer. You have no idea if their flight was delayed
or canceled – how can you get hold of them?! “It’s fine, they’re ok. Hey, who wouldn’t wanna be stranded in beautiful
Ireland?” For now, you’ve got other things to worry
about. You need to stock up on food just in case
this Internet thing lasts longer than anyone expects…or is ready for… It’s 2pm, and the streets are packed. Looks like everyone else has also taken the
day off work. You naturally start heading to the nearest
supermarket, but you figure it’ll either be chaotic or just closed since their POS
systems need an online connection. And big places like that aren’t about to
bust out the pen and paper to keep track of sales. You ask a passerby if there are any little
family-owned stores in the area. You would’ve just googled that before, now
you have to talk to someone! You take the woman’s directions and find
the place. They don’t have a lot, but you grab whatever
you can carry in two hands and head home. As you walk, you start thinking about how
everything you do revolves around the Internet. You scroll for hours through your social media
feed, you watch everything on YouTube or streaming services, you have cable TV, but you rarely
watch it. You feel so isolated not having heard from
any of your friends… You finally get home at about 4pm. You know it’s a waste of time, but you check
the router anyway. Still no Internet. Since you can’t stream anything, you decide
to watch good old-fashioned TV channels filled with old movies and shows. What a feeling! Granted, you won’t be able to google the
actors or any spoilers, but that’s the joy of it! The commercial breaks, not so much… At about 6pm, the phone rings, and it’s
your parents. They’d been stuck at the airport all day
only to see their flight being delayed further and further until it was finally canceled. They’ve just settled into a hotel for the
night with plans of flying out in the morning. But at least they’re ok! And you don’t make it much longer yourself. After a hectic day, you’re ready for bed. At about 10pm, you fall asleep to the thought
that you’ll face the same chaos tomorrow, and you’re already stressed about work. It’s 3:15 in the morning. You wake up to multiple notification sounds
on your phone, and as you turn over, your screen is flashing with pop-up boxes left
and right. Phones all across the city – across the
globe! – are lighting up as if on command. You take a look and let out a sigh of relief:
the world is back online! Phew! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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the Bright Side of life!

100 Replies to “What If There’s No Internet for 24 Hours”

  1. JC Randall says:

    You guys forgot the one simple fact that cell phones along with all other VoIP devices and modern cable TV run over the Internet also.

    The banking system in your scenario also runs over the Internet. So no $400.

    Most credit card systems though have an offline mode that allows them to store and forward a number of transactions.

  2. Stefanie Lamson says:

    Brightside I can go for a day without the Internet if the Internet is still on

  3. Lokisar says:

    you forgot the burn down an orphanage for satanic rituals section in the pie chart

  4. Ratna Gupta says:

    You might have made this video by considering the lifes of Indians coz for a few days, because of riots and chaos all over India, the internet services was closed.

  5. Mirjana Janjic says:

    Me: Turns on Mobile Data

  6. Roblox Iliana says:

    Yesterday in my house i had no internet and electric form 3:00 to 7:00 the night

  7. Prence says:

    I've been without the internet for weeks, I just watched TV and movies and did things that I've put off..

  8. Mira Songbird says:

    5:52 how come the diner has a tv that has WiFi it’s literally magic

  9. RGBY says:

    media would not have a big loss they would probably have a HUGE increase in money/cash because they cannot pay the bills
    also this is closer to in a perfect world because everybody knows there is that one kid staying up all night
    btw the news cannot be watched without internet XD like seriously that bar must be generating its own wifi XDDD

  10. SuperDZ555 says:

    If there is no internet, i would play on my phone.

    You do know that data exists and i have it, right?

  11. Omar R says:

    Definitely Panic Panic 😱. after watched the video no is not Panic , this is the end of the world 😳

  12. Omer Merhi says:

    Bright side I love you videos when can I meet you

  13. Pacific Traveler says:

    No notification
    Me: story of my life lol i really have nobody out there 😆

  14. V. L. says:

    I'd read all my Harry Potter books… Try to write my own book 📙. Even though if it's only a 24 hour internet shutdown… Maybe I would just read haha.

  15. M.J. Belmarez says:

    No WiFi for 24 hours: playing gachalife or Gacha life 2

  16. Μανώλης Δεμέτζος says:

    No internet? No problem.
    "I have to break new record on Google T-Rex!"

  17. Gadget corner says:

    Thats why i do download offline game like subway surfers , candy crush🤣😂🤣

  18. Meme Maruto says:

    If there is no internet. Why can the dinner see tv

  19. Roel Fernandez says:

    They're making it like it is the end of the world. Lol play some offline games in ur devices or read books

  20. Qamar Zahid says:

    No internet in Kashmir for last 4 months…. just imagine

  21. Hadi Amir says:

    what happened to your voice. are u sick
    BTW I love your voice

  22. XL SUPER BOSS says:

    1:22 HOW IS SHE ON A CALL!!!

  23. RE V says:

    Bright side: When you have no notification… that's weird

    Me: first time?

  24. Michael D. says:

    Why is every single car yellow???

  25. Gaming Wolf says:

    I would panic

  26. Elene Tsakadze says:

    If there wasnt any internet… then how were you able to watch the news??

  27. Tacobot300 says:

    Inernet:lets turn the inernet of for 24 hours

    Me:uses offline apps

  28. Xar'Azoth says:

    Laughs in Tabletop and Pen and Paper Roleplay
    "Hey kids, wanna try some Dungeons and Dragons? How about Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar?… it is like joining a cult, but with rolling dice."

  29. Jmaster Pullmizter says:

    Brightside: No internet EVER Again

    Me: FREE At LAST!!!

  30. Co-oP ICE says:

    99.9% Of all females would have a panic attack…( social media ) I would go hunting with my homies…

    Edit – Us: PANIC…

    Primitive Technology Youtubers: HAHAHA…

  31. I have no name I also have no ideas for videos says:

    No internet for 24 hours
    The ads on no wifi games are
    gone Crab Rave Plays
    Ads are gone

  32. Maryellen Middaugh says:

    Oh my gosh, I would die!!!!!!!!!😫😵

  33. Gaming with Ari says:

    So nobody has hot spot?

  34. Katô Xîmôn says:

    Disastrous 🔥🔥♨️♨️

  35. Doggo Gaming says:

    I would watch the entire Harry Potter and Star Wars series on DVD

  36. Cookie Gangsta says:

    Bru just use mobile data noob

  37. Cookie Gangsta says:

    If there was no Internet I'll play roblox on my dads phone as its have mobile data

  38. Angelo ANN says:

    I lived in a local location in africa my whole life, so no internet wasn't that…unfortunate

  39. FoxyAnimation says:

    Every heard of cellar data? the towers would still work because they don’t need wifi lol

  40. ALEXANDER happy says:

    How is the girl on her phone then??? 1:22

  41. Gaming cinema says:

    What if there was no internet for 24 hours Just play games offline lol

  42. Xariky says:

    Who's a true fan of BRIGHT SIDE
    Gifting my next 20 subs

  43. Fuzel Salim says:

    Was this video meant for Indian viewers? After all the internet shutdowns happening here, I had nothing to do with my time.

  44. Gaming cinema says:

    How can u make a call without internet

  45. JV Gaming_TV says:

    Bright side: what if there’s no internet for 24 hours?

    Me: I’ll fly my drone and spy on girls 😉😏

  46. Kobe Vinson says:

    I went 3 weeks with no power or internet.

  47. GrandpaLarry777 says:

    Time when going down the stairs to get coffee shows 10:08. The digital clock by router shows 7:45… Forget the internet issue, you have a bigger problem. You're in a time warp!!! 🙂

  48. kleart says:

    No Wifi :
    Games with no net connection : Everybody is remembering us now

  49. Dj Gaming says:

    If theres no wifi i will just go to my netflix downloads

  50. la la land says:

    Read a book

  51. Tom Welch says:

    There’s a lot of stuff I do that doesn’t require internet but there is still lots of other things I do that do require internet but whatever.

  52. Wooseoki gwiyeowo says:

    Omg you guys uploaded this video when I had no internet all day. Tonight my internet came back and I see this lol.

  53. metal machine says:

    Horror story

  54. Jess xo says:

    I haven’t had wifi for a week before

    – I was angryyyyy

  55. sam davies says:

    Didn't bright side upload a video like this last week or something seems like just a slight change. Seems the same as one recently

  56. AMY HOARD says:

    No internet for 24 hrs may be bad, but no power for 24 hrs would be worse. If the power and cable TV were still working, when the internet failed, I'd be ok for 24 hrs. I'd just play video games that don't require the internet and/or watch TV.

  57. Ellie Parkhurst says:

    Glad I have youtube red

  58. Thanos says:

    What if the internet never existed?

  59. dr symphoniacus says:

    Trust me you never wanna experience that……

  60. austin whiteted says:

    *Me watching this after internet goes out for a week

  61. Adam Iverson says:

    Internet is so important nowadays, it's not just for entertainment, but if the internet as a whole go down, an economy would crash.

  62. Jose Gonzalez says:


  63. XxxfuzionXxx says:

    Me having 0 notifications everyday😌😌 isn’t tht cool

  64. Dragon Spice Mayonase says:

    I would play no Internet games

  65. Mike Green says:

    When you said the TV in the diner there’s no Wi-Fi so I couldn’t exist

  66. Russell Cavan Chew says:

    how about data

  67. CODE92818 says:

    I honestly dont know how I lived with out a smart phone for so long.

  68. Keandra Suwardhono says:

    Download videos on YouTube? Or play games that don't need internet

  69. Noob85971 says:

    No internet: world panics

    Offline gamers: Are we a joke to you?

  70. CraftyLad says:

    if the interney waso ut hten how was the news on the tv????

  71. Maleeha Zaman says:

    Games notes I love writing and looking at pictures

  72. Lance Cezar says:

    It's so easy I survived without WiFi for over a month!!

  73. Ashweign says:

    I don’t really like sleeping that much… I stare at people around me😐. Or when there’s no one around me, I stare at the selling. I just love staring so much while thinking about life. 😐

  74. kelvyn charlie says:

    i stays for days 3 to 4… without getting online. not WiFi no data.

  75. david forte says:

    I learned from James Brown when I was a kid to never ever have a bank account… When he died his kids were finding jars of money all over his yard.

  76. Chimichangas Man says:

    Use data

  77. panda KR says:

    what about the tv

  78. Justy Pie says:

    I think most of the Indians have survived it…..

  79. martha griffith says:

    Is all the stuff true?!

  80. Gabriel Simon says:

    5:51 how would the news be broadcast in the tv?

  81. Euricak23_YT Galaxy says:

    Me i take a nap

  82. Orange Range says:

    here in the Philippines 24hours no electricity or even worse

  83. Abdul Khaliq says:

    Honestly most communication would probably be eradicated over the internet but if you think about it no data would truly be "lost" because everything on the internet is stored in a physical storage device such as a hard drive or an ssd it's just that it would be really hard to access the data.

  84. BEANOS says:

    Cellular data!

  85. Python plays says:

    I had no WiFi for 2 weeks cause because something happened to are WiFi box but we thought it will just turn on again

  86. Tony Playz says:

    This just happen to me 4 minutes ago

  87. Boombox111 says:

    offline games

  88. Sallie Mae says:

    No internet for 24 hours.I will pray more.I will sleep.I will finish my embroidery project.Or do nothing.

  89. Muhammad Nur Humaidy Mohamad Zunuraini says:


  90. Shriyans Ayalasomayjula says:

    my worst nightmare

  91. Adventure Seeker says:

    Lol, it's a miracle! I'm going hiking! If it doesn't come back on see you in several days while I sit back and relax camping!

  92. Orion Kloby says:

    The news should not have worked

  93. •Kat 3rr0r• says:

    plays chrome dino game

  94. Andrew Lau says:

    I had that same problem in November 28 2019

  95. Parth K says:

    No internet in Kashmir since 4 months

  96. Cuz Gaming says:

    How to make a scary video

    Add scary music

  97. Angelic Demon says:

    It's called an N64 geniuses. Pull it out and go to town. Just gimmie a cabben out in the woods with an electric bill. I'll live. Were doing this 90's style

  98. Ctr1TheCode- Scratch Tutorials says:

    What is there was no wifi?

    i wOuLdNt bE aBlE tO wAtCh bRiGhT sIdE

  99. Jazz Enso says:

    What if youtube stop permanently?

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