What If the Internet Stopped Working


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What if you woke up to an unexpected Internet breakdown Would you be able to survive without checking facebook for new postings first thing in the morning? With no Google Maps to find your way in a strange city with a credit card unable to pay for lunch if You’re watching this video. It means the internet is still going but what if someone or something shut it down This is what if and here’s what would happen if the internet stopped working You could argue this kind of digital detox would be beneficial We’d take our eyes off our screens and strike up real-life conversations with each other. We’ve discovered that our smartphones can actually make phone calls We bring back fax machines and start making notes by hand Well, maybe not fax machines and hey, we’d still have TV to entertain us the world would not fall apart In fact with almost 4 billion people having no access to the Internet worldwide Half of humanity wouldn’t notice a difference in the short term But not you mighty internet user you would notice right away If the internet suddenly flatlined social media users would start calling each other on the phone Overloading the working telecommunication systems Unless cell phone towers and telephone lines were also shut down Then you’d go back to writing letters and sending them via post Forget about Wireless file transfers with no Wi-Fi. You’d have to use a physical cable to connect to computers or a CD remember this Now think about the economy with financial data generally stored on a server banking services largely depend on the Internet Each transfers would be impossible Your credit card and debit card would become a useless piece of plastic and what about all those bitcoins? You worked so hard to mine Well, you know the answer On top of that large companies like Google Facebook and Amazon would go out of business losing their combined revenue of almost four hundred and forty billion dollars with Google itself having 80,000 full-time staff hundreds of thousands of people would be left unemployed Even companies that only rely on the Internet as a means of advertising would be affected Developed countries would lose entire industries and face economic crisis What about those countries with just a small internet presence? They would be affected too as international trade is dependent on the internet. So is the world’s transit? With no internet access between airports planes ships trains and commercial trucking we’d go back to tracking goods on paper This would raise the market value on transported products as it would be more complicated to deliver goods to stores At least you could still travel. However, you won’t have Instagram to share your travel selfies anymore Wonder if the internet shutdown is even possible. Well, not on a worldwide level Some countries have actually introduced a kill switch to intentionally shut down the internet and telephone communications But killing the whole internet is harder than just cutting off a couple submarine cables The Internet is a global network of many other computer networks. It doesn’t depend on a single machine Even if one part of it went offline others would remain functional. So don’t worry. You’ll still be able to order pizza for dinner tonight

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  1. Easy Dc says:

    How did he know that i was going to order pizza for dinner , tonight? !

  2. Shamil Abiyev says:

    I will save you time: internet is just a flashback to 1980s living style.

  3. Mysha Salahuddin says:

    I don't know how people in ancient times lived their lives without Internet? 😥😥

  4. Jacob Dean says:

    Nothing happens… We lived for centuries without it. We don't even need it…

  5. Day Dreamer says:

    Instagram models who are watching
    Are you okay ?

  6. Zyncify Quicxy says:

    Streamers: start raging

    Grandma: Haha people welcome back to the old days.

  7. Waffle egg says:

    Electricity : no

  8. soella chan says:

    i dont usually use internet that much i only use internet on once in a month

  9. Dr Gamer says:

    If the internet went off am going straight to 4g

  10. Moni Dey says:

    Going to show this to my parents

  11. riley moohan says:

    Nah mate data will be like stonks

  12. khan Awais TV says:

    Pubg players like here.

  13. Nhem Linmollika says:

    I have a lot of downloads though

  14. Libby Wood says:

    Wouldn’t planes crash

  15. SunDevils1990 says:

    My right arm would be less buff.

  16. Amazing Neil says:

    I have data so suck it

  17. Heba A says:

    Will I probably would not be watching you

  18. Joshua Limon says:

    But that's just a theory A FILM THEORY

  19. Barik's Gaming says:

    KASHMIR (100 days without internet) 🙃

  20. Noise says:

    1:32 YOU MONSTER

  21. Zel andoni says:

    Before I watch the video, i'm gonna say the thumbnail is probably accurate.

  22. Angelo Davis says:

    My……..Daily Quests and Rewards……..

  23. Hope Lee Sevilla says:

    without internet its fine. were stil alive

  24. HavocTV says:

    Every post office dream…

  25. Gurpreet Singh says:

    What if the internet will become free all over the world 😝

  26. gαмєя вєαѕт says:

    If the internet's gone we cant watch your videos

  27. Mad Man says:

    That already happened to me for about 2 weeks because of the protests the iraqi government shut it down :/ its the worst experience

  28. Bryan Arambula says:

    Isn’t that scary that you can’t kill the internet…

  29. अमन बैतोड़िया says:

    Section 144

  30. Gaming TZ says:

    I will just play dinosaur game

  31. exospace man says:

    Maybe its better to live on other planets like mars?

  32. Venousses says:

    nah atleast we can still play minecraft offline

  33. Pierre Pellerin says:

    There was no internet as we know it until a few years after I finished college and the world was just fine.

  34. progamer45 gamer says:

    I will be crying cuz im a big baby i exposed my self 😢😪🤣

  35. I Jokerr says:

    We can just make a new one LOL

    (maybe? Only pros can lmao)

  36. Đåŕķ Ğűý says:

    Just got an ad about an internet hacker app after i clicked the video


  37. Quahhzy says:

    The thumbnail is from Black ops 4

  38. Zukisovi says:

    It's a new age of generation.

  39. enrique atentar says:

    That will going to happen on Armageddon war but is already prepared by Skynet Singularity 9G bandwidth even our Satellites destroyed in Space the connection cannot Cut because of Quantum force.

  40. David Price says:

    (The vid): That's Online, but wouldn't we also get by "Offline"???

  41. Andy says:

    I am from India & here once internet stopped working for 2 days for some political issues

  42. DJ Rascal says:

    Half of these comments made me lose the remaining faith i had in humanity

  43. Sypo Sy says:

    There's disposable cameras if the internet stopped working

  44. rodante Licup says:

    If theres no internet and cant play roblox im gonnakill myself

  45. Nunchuck says:

    This is just simply wrong, many large corporations and companies use the internet as a main source of income, so those corporations and companies would collapse. Meaning we would lose all products from them, and any funding they provided for the public would be lost, not to mention millions would be left without jobs. Also, thousands of things would stop working, from plane routes, signaling methods, street lights, etc. Nearly 30 years of history would be lost as well, everything ever done on the internet would be gone. Many personal relationships would also be lost, considering that internet friends are a thing.

    This is hilariously bad, did you guys even do research, let alone think? Come on, you have 2.8 million subscribers.

  46. human With internet access says:


  47. human With internet access says:

    "Real conversations" HAHAHAHAHA

  48. AJP Reactions says:

    South Park did this

  49. Saptajit Dey says:

    rip minecraft hipixel

  50. Prathik Shenoy says:

    Welcome to kashmir after abolition of article 370 ☺️

  51. Numberblock 100 Fan Official says:

    We would watch our downloads to work

  52. black hole says:

    I wold cry

  53. Burn Shock says:

    Then more Single Player/Splitscreen Games then, no Microtransactions.

  54. Music Beats says:

    No Internet connection
    Me: nothing
    Slow Internet connection
    Me: cries

  55. Rain Castillo says:

    For all I care turn it off the hell

  56. Ablestar Official says:

    I'd laugh and take a walk to see everyone's panic.

  57. Benny Martinez says:

    I have no internet at my house and were doing just fine without it.

  58. Maria says:

    No internet: James jaiden and others will still be in collage or highschool

  59. Sambad Majumder says:

    Why there is a broken iphone

  60. kevin byrne says:

    On computer that's a reality 24/7

  61. cowgirls of Nebraska says:

    I would ditch it and get land out somewhere cheap and get a Percheron draft horse team of 2 and I would get a plow and start off of that, I would build a house out of the trees on my land, I would live pike the olden days, I was born in 207 or something so I could handle it just fine

  62. Toontown Captain Jacques says:

    I can’t even survive 1 minute without it

  63. Distrash Youtuber says:

    I'm used to it because…….

    my powers goes put twice every week

  64. Typical Waves says:

    Ok boomer

  65. Comedy Rat says:

    Do a what if the inventors of everything were not born

  66. Sachha Pyar says:

    There will b no "what if" 😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  67. asdghkl says:

    There are still consoles such as playstations and xbox tho, and playing with friends will be more intimate because of the house visits. More people will also choose physical activity like sports

  68. Bella C says:

    I'd be j chillin with no internet.

  69. Aurew says:

    We have too much entertainment as is. In my opinion I could careless if the internet was cut off. We just have to get used to it.

  70. Suzuki SD says:

    the world is peaceful and no more addictions temptations.

  71. Kenny McCormick says:

    South Park did an episode about this

  72. antman DJ says:

    Me + Withdraw = suicide

    I need internet to drown out Annoying family & Reality

  73. Alpha Omega says:

    A few emp will bring everything down

  74. PaperBoat says:

    What if: what if we lost the internet?
    People from Kashmir: 😑

  75. Philip Mwangi says:

    I would literally survive, I really don't like depending on the internet

  76. Nandeesh NK33 says:

    Omg it's actually happening in Assam for 2 days because of the large protest of CAB ( I am also opposing it) so I am now downloading ever thing I want.

    Wish me best of luck!!

  77. lazii man says:

    people will go crazy and they didn't realize that human didn't have internet since the very first begins.

  78. Zakariya yousaf says:


  79. rdee90 says:

    I will be Happy

  80. Ahmed Imran says:

    Ur voice is amazing

  81. Seth Chapman says:

    Isn’t this already happening

  82. Rim Kouki says:

    Lololol I’ll survive 7weeks without Roblox

  83. Zero One says:

    Most people will die if there is no internet 🤣. Even if you want to go to heaven there must be internet available otter wise nobody will go to heaven without the smart phone📱 and the internet 😅.

  84. Rick Lahiri says:

    It is occuring in India right now and we are facing it what if prophecies are becoming true…

  85. Daniel Kimber says:

    Go back 15years no access was the norm!

  86. Steve Michael says:

    It would be chaos if the internet went out permanently. Since most people depend on it these days. Wouldn't be a pretty scene. People would have to do things old school.

  87. TheOutsidersPost says:

    Liberals would be so fucked

  88. isaac selander z says:

    My theory: If the entire world lost internet, the internet woiod be remembered as a thing of the past. It would be a temporary time we had for 20-30 years where we had the internet.

  89. Basab Bag says:

    You people debate about it…..and we experienced it….a district without internet for 4 days.

  90. S R says:

    We experienced a 96 Hour Internet shutdown in India.

  91. Steven Asidilla says:

    World peace

  92. The korc says:

    Who’s here after internet shutdown in local states of india.

  93. grace-full says:

    simple. just get data.

  94. Cherry_ Bomb says:

    It happened in Canada for about half a day I think. It happened awhile ago though

  95. Bloxy Boy says:

    My WiFi stoped working for like 10 mins

  96. Taha Ali says:

    Internet was banned in Indian state :- (uttar pradesh – 5 days) ( capital Delhi – 4days) ( Assam-12 days) ( kashmir -140+days and still banned ) .. so your what if videos are reality in India 😂

  97. Laugh At Lol says:

    Be careful what you wish for 😏

  98. D Hansel says:

    I remember when we didn't even have pagers. We had a 4 person party phone line.
    If someone wanted to get in contact with you they would call you on the phone line. We didn't even
    have answering machines.
    Right now Russia and several other nations have shut down inbound and outbound internet. They are probably testing to see if they get into a war could they survive.
    If the US did this commerce would grind down to a halt. We are sitting ducks waiting to the inevitable.
    Our little friend in North Korea is just itching to drop a few nukes on the US. Heck, he doesn't have anything to loose.

  99. Anderson Hortan says:

    How will we survive? Well we will have to bring back the 80s way of scanning credit cards and we will bring back giant department stores and video stores. And amazon would not go out of business, amazon would probably invent stores as big as malls. And then we will bring back the phone book and we will bring back the old ways that did not require WiFi. And delivery will still be a thing but we will have to call to deliver. Not as bad as it seems and I also lived 30 years without the internet.

  100. Bernard Mythen says:


    Literary everyone in city: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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