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Have you been wondering which WordPress
hosting platform is best for your website? Curious to know whether or not
managed WordPress hosting is something that you actually need? Well I’m here to
answer all your questions and help you get on the right track with WordPress
hosting. Hi I’m Anna the “how to girl” at 10web: a platform for building, hosting
and managing WordPress websites. In this video we’re going to compare some of the
top managed WordPress hosting companies out there. We’re going to try to understand
the pros and cons of choosing each of these WordPress hosting companies and by
the end of this video hopefully you will know for yourself which managed
WordPress hosting is best for you and whether or not it’s actually something
that you need. So, stay tuned hit the subscribe button for more awesome videos
and hit the bell button to receive notifications about our latest posts. So
what is managed WordPress hosting? You all are familiar with what web hosting
are and managed WordPress hosting is actually very similar to regular shared
hostings except for all the technical aspects of running WordPress is actually taken
care of by the hosts. Now one common difference between managed hosting and
shared hosting is that managed WordPress hostings usually do not have a cPanel.
In other words, all the technical aspects are taken care of by the hosts and you
do not actually do anything you do not get involved in any technical aspect in
order to manage your WordPress. So if you are confident that you can take care of
things like choosing the correct caching plugins and other things as well then
you can go ahead and pick shared hosting as your hosts but if you do want to save
more time or resources and are not getting involved on all those technical
aspects of running WordPress then a wordpress hosting is better for you
but if you still do want to stick to shared hosting, there are a couple of
things that you should keep in mind and here they are. First, your website will be
hosted on the same server as hundreds of other sites in these cases what happens
is that any performance issue that may occur with one website will in turn
affect your website as well. It’s simple as that. Just like one rotten
apple may affect all in the basket. Next, many shared hosting companies offer
an unlimited resources plan and this is just one way to attract more users and
make more money. In reality, there is no such thing as “unlimited resources” so
what happens is that those shared hosting companies are going to share the
resources of your WordPress website with other websites as well, and once you
outgrow a certain limit they are going to basically force you to upgrade to the
next time. Last but not least, there will be a lack of added value such as
automatic backups and WordPress updates which ensure that your website’s data
is safe and functioning securely. So why exactly managed WordPress hosting? Other areas that managed WordPress hosting is better than regular
shared hosting include things like support, speed, scalability, staging and
security. Now let’s go through each one of them and understand how exactly you
can benefit from them. Believe it or not, at some point you’re
going to need support with managed wordpress hosting and the faster and
more responsive your support is the better for you as a customer. Luckily,
with managed WordPress hostings usually the support is 24/7 and they are
actually typically focused on wordpress only as a CMS and that makes them the
experts of the platform which will let them help you
much easier. With many managed WordPress hosting
providers you will get stability and consistency in the speed of your website
and speed is actually one of the most important ranking factors on Google and
if ranking matters to you which really should then you really should optimize
your website and make sure that the speed of it is as high as possible.
We have created a separate video about website speed and I’ll leave the link to
it in the description of our video. Now consistency here is very
important as well because you do not want your website to have
many outliers or any downtime so managed WordPress hosting providers will be able
to help you with this usually and it’s a huge benefit that you will receive from
them. Another thing that many good managed WordPress hosting providers can help you with is scalability. Say if your website
is experiencing this sudden growth in the traffic coming to it then it is
amazing that the resources that are given to your website increase as well
and this is something that managed WordPress hosting providers can help you
with and this way you do not actually have to change the host that you’re
using in order to handle this traffic that has suddenly come to your website.
Staging sites is another thing that you can benefit from with managed wordpress
hosting providers. What a staging environment lets you do is make changes
to your website before letting it go live. So, for example, if you’re having
certain issues with your website you can always make a copy of your live website
make changes to it make sure that everything is ok and then push it to
live. So yes shared hostings are a few times cheaper than managed wordpress
hosting but if you are a website owner and want to keep your hands off all the
technical aspects for running your WordPress website
then Managed WordPress Hostings are the ones for you. When it comes to
managed wordpress hosting everything really depends on your needs there are
no right or wrong answers as to which managed wordpress hosting is best for
your website. You may have a small website or which is a blog or a huge
ecommerce website with a huge monthly inflow of traffic and depending on that
the type of web hosting for WordPress that you need will vary now. In order to
understand which Managed hosting provider is actually the best one for
you we will be comparing things like price,
monthly visitors, the certain features that they have and the support. So I
picked some of the industry’s top managed WordPress hosting providers and
I will be comparing them for you. So instead of you going back and forth on
which features you need and which not I will do the analysis for you. So let’s
get started. Before starting to shoot this video I have created websites with
each of these Managed WordPress hosting providers and these are exactly Kinsta, WPengine
Flywheel and 10Web. And the reason why I did this is because I wanted to check
and compare the performances of each of these websites
and it will be another way to compare each of these managed WordPress hosting providers
and here are the websites. But before getting into checking their performances
I would like to compare their plans and offerings as well and starting with Kinsta
we see that their starter’s plan is $30 so that’s the lowest plan that they have
and it goes up until $1,500 and you can always contact their sales if you want
anything more. So let’s check out their starters plan. They offer you one
WordPress install with it you get 20,000 visits per month you get a 10 gigabytes
of disk space and a free SSL and CDN included which is great and when you check
their details you see that they give you a 30 day money back guarantee which is
actually something that not every managed WordPress hosting provider is going to give you
so it’s very valuable you get one free premium migration you get well they’re
powered by Google cloud platform and they have data centers in 20 different
locations and the exact locations are here which is also pretty amazing well
they have self-healing technology and this is something that actually every
managed WordPress hosting is supposed to have it’s not a huge advantage and then you
get a automatic and you get automatic daily backups you get manual backup
points and then your each backup is going to be kept for 14 days at least
for their starters plan you get a 24/7 support you get hack and malware removal
multi-user environment staging area PHP 7.4 free SSL certificates you
get imported SSL certificates so if you don’t want to use theirs, you
can always use the one provided by a the third party. So yeah but one thing that i
did not notice that Kinsta has is a performance checker because it’s always
very nice to have a place in your managed WordPress hosting provider where you
can always check the performance of your website and see what issues
you are having and what you can do in order to improve the performance of
it and just optimize your website as much as possible but I’m not seeing it
anywhere here. We can still, maybe if we check their dashboard we’ll find
something there but at least I don’t see anything here.
Now let’s check their website performance So you get a mobile score of 70 and a
a desktop score of 94 which is pretty good we will compare these results with the
results of the rest of the websites later on. Now let us examine WP engine their starting plan is five dollar,
more than the one of Kinsta but you get 5,000 more visits per month which isn’t
too much actually. You get local storage of 10 gigabytes
which is equal to what Kintsa offers and you get to include one site with this
plan. You get a 24/7 chat support and something different about the WP engine is
that with their growth plan you get a call support as well and this isn’t
something that Kinsta offers they do not have any phone support if I’m not
mistaken and at least not what the with any of these plans. So moving on, they
have a PHP 7.3 which was PHP 7.4 with Kinsta, you get a global CDN and here
you get a page performance and this is something that can Kinsta didn’t have and
it’s actually very useful and valuable now they do have add-ons available
and these include things like WordPress multisite, geo-target, additional site
smart plugin manager, security but you need to actually pay an additional
fee for these. Something that people may see these add-ons right under the
startup plan and think that it’s actually going to be included with this
plan but no in order to use any of these you need to pay an additional fee per
month so yeah let us check the performance of the website hosted with
WP engine and see how this one works out so you get a mobile score of 66 and a
desktop score of 97 I think the mobile was a bit less than the desktop is a bit
more yeah but this isn’t a huge difference they’re still both performing
pretty well we’ll compare this to the one of flywheel and then with 10Web and
try to analyze the whole thing. Now moving on to flywheel. Their starters’
plan is less than the previous two It’s $25 per month you get 25,000
monthly visits you get five gigabytes of disk space which is half of what Kinsta and WPengine offered, you get one WordPress install with this plan.
Let us see in detail what else is included in this plan you get a PHP 7.2
and it was a PHP 7.3 with WPengine and PHP 7.4 for Kinsta
you get Flycache, you get CDN, SSL certificate, multi-site is not included
with the starters plan and I think it wasn’t included with WPengine as well
it costed an additional fee. Actually third parties SSL certificate
is not included in the starters plan it’s kind of surprising for me and you
get 24/7 chat support, site cloning you do not have a phone support with the
starters plan but you get it for the agency plan you get performance insights
also something that Kinsta didn’t have but the WPengine did included um and
let us check their performance you get a mobile score of 56 and a
desktop score of 77 which is pretty less than what Kinsta and WPEngine had so they
performed more poorly moving on to 10Web. You see that their pricing is 20 dollars per month which is
the lowest among these Managed WordPress hosting platforms but, in addition to managed WordPress hosting you get a lot more with 10Web actually and I’ll explain it
in detail later on so you get managed WordPress hosting obviously and you get
one hosted site you have twenty five thousand monthly visitors and five
gigabytes of storage you get to connect three sites now the difference
between connecting a website and hosting a website is that with 10Web you get more services than managed hosting you get plugins you get a site
builder and more and more I’ll explain in detail further on. So you get to
you can host your website on a third party platform but still connect it to
10Web and use all these services that they offer and also the plugins and
everything else. You get a backup solution 20 gigabytes of backup storage
one thing that I also wanted to mention is that with each additional gigabyte
storage that you want you you’re going to need to pay only two dollars so if
you want 60 gigabytes you’ll pay $22 per month and same for every extra
10,000 visitors, you’ll get charged an extra $2 which isn’t too much at all
so you also get a website speed you have a performance service something
that Kinsta didn’t have you get a site builder with over 30 premium
widgets created by 10 web you get website template to get over 50 premium
plugins high-class security we’ll check their site performance as well you get
an SEO plug-in and this is something very similar to what Yoast offers so it
is going to let you do a lot of things and I’ll show it to you when we examine
their dashboard. You get an analytics report also something that not every
managed WordPress hosting provider offers you and a customer care course. Now let us
examine the performance of the website hosted with 10Web you get a mobile score of 76 and a 95
for the desktop which is definitely more than flywheel and it’s pretty
competitive with the rest of the managed WordPress hosting platforms. Now let’s
move on and examine the dashboards of each of these managed WordPress hosting
platforms because – dashboards are also things that we should be paying
attention to a lot when choosing our Managed WordPress hosting providers and you’ll
see why. Let’s start with the dashboard of Kinsta. So this is their dashboard
and the first thing that you see is the resource usage so this is like a summary
of the resources that you get and how much you’ve actually used from those
resources and when you go to “sites” click on your site you get a detailed
information here this is the domains manager, you get to pick which domain you
want to make primary and which one not then Kinsta actually does an automatic
daily backup of your website so you do not have to do it manually every day but
well unless you’re going to do something you you’re going to change
something major on your website only then you can do a manual backup and then
do the changes and be sure that your website is backed up in case you mess
something up. So you can always restore to a previous version of a backup and
it’s very easy to do and you can do it for either the staging or the live
version of your website and by the way they have you can change the environment
of your website here you can either have a live or staging environment and always
do the changes that you need on the staging environment for example and then
push it to live so they have hourly backups, manual ones, system generated and
you can always download a certain version and so from the tools you get
caching here and can always restart your PHP, you have WordPress debugging you can always password protect your website and
not let any users visit your website unless they have the password that
required that is required you get an SSL certificate and they have
a force HTTPS and you can either enable or disable this I’m not sure why
this is mentioned here but the point is that if you create a website with an
HTTP it’s going to force redirect it to an HTTPS. Moving on you can always do
redirects from here you have WordPress plugins and something odd about this is
that they do give you whether or not a certain plug-in is ready for an update
but you can’t actually update those plugins from here you have to do it from
the admin of your WordPress so it’s not exactly a plug-in manager just gives you
information of whether or not an update is available for a certain plugin and
you get the logs here you get either the access logs or the error logs you can
pick it from here Moving on these are the migrations so
since I already have a website hosted on Kinsta I cannot do any further
migrations here the Kinsta DNS you get analytics these
are the resources that you used so these are the number of unique visits that you
keep getting to a website the bandwidth so this is more of a usage required, then
you have the CDN usage you do have some performance updates but it’s not exactly
what things you need to optimize what is missing, it’s a bit different, then you
get a report about your responses and it’s pretty visualized in here
and then you can always manage your users from here and add them using
their emails and put the roles of each of those users you get the activity logs
here and something very awesome about Kinsta’s dashboard, is you get a knowledge
base here so whenever you having trouble with certain thing you can always
read a quick how-to about it and get a read a step-by-step guide about what exactly you need to do. So this was the dashboard of Kinsta. Moving on to the one of WP
engine okay so WP engine here the first thing
that you see on their dashboard is a quick overview of the data usage – you
have the number visitors bandwidth storage and we have available on the
right side you can actually update your version of a WordPress. So from here
you get blog traffic on production staging this is actually going to take
you to the utility section and this lets you password protect your website and
you can do it either for the production environment or the staging environment
you can always reset your file permissions you don’t get a multi-site
because you have to upgrade your plan in order to get a multi-site you can either
enable or disable your redirect bot and you get caching options you can always
enable or disable them and you can always clear your page cache from here
as well. Now let us move on and see what else do
they have on their dashboard. So you get a domains manager and this is something
that can stat as well so you can always add domains here or remove them from
here, this is the CDN you get redirect rules it’s always safer
to do all the redirects from the server side because it’s always going to
be faster from there you get all the backup points here now WP engine keeps
the versions of your backups for the last month and this is more than what
Kinsta has. Kinsta can save them for the last 14 days. You can always restore a certain
version of your backup so you just select the version of the backup that
you want to restore and then you click restore and it’s going to bring it back
and you can do it for either the production environment or the legacy
staging which is the staging environment and you can select a certain version of
a backup and download the zip and actually it’s going to ask you to enter
a certain email and it’s going to send this up to you and you can choose to
back it up now and as I said unless you’re going to do any major changes to
your website you know you don’t really have to do it because it’s automatically
doing it for you every day so this is the information about their backup they
have the access logs and the error logs separately SFTP users git
push which is not something that Kinsta had and this is a more advanced
thing for a developers SSL utilities which I already showed you the site
migration and then you get links to your PHP myadmin and the WordPress admin
moving on from the tools you get content performance and page performance when
you click on that it’s going to open this up. You just need to enter the URL
of your website and click run test and it is actually going to send you the
results of the performance of your website by email so it’s not actually
going to be visualized here and this is the recent results
of the test that I run for my website it gives you a cache score, runs your
complete is it a complete number of requests and so on. What else do you get?
You do not get a smart plugin manager it does give it here on the
tools but you don’t get it for this plan actually, remember I showed it to you on
the plan section in order to be able to use this you need to update your plan so
yeah it was shown as an add-on but you always need to upgrade it in order to use it
and actually for Kinsta you did have some sort of a plugin manager but it wasn’t exactly a plugin manager it only gave you information of whether or not
updates are available and for here I think you get to do more but you need
you need to upgrade your plan so this was it for the dashboard of WPEngine, basically. Okay, so the first thing that you’re going to see in the
overview section of the dashboard of flywheel is their domains well you can
always add it only from here and one thing that I did not motion about
flywheel and is always very important to consider this is that they do not have
many data centers worldwide. For example you can pick United States on
the next and you can pick is Europe I think and well and once you connect
one website to Flywheel and from the data center of United States you the next
one that you’re going to connect has to be in the United States as well. So you cannot
actually, change this which is something very important you should keep in mind
when purchasing the Managed WordPress hosting of flywheel. The next thing that you get
here oh before that you have a privacy mode here and you can always turn it on
if you want to password protect your website and this is something that the
rest of the managed WordPress hosting providers had as well. In the stats section you
get just a basic overview of the usage of your plan so
the amount of visitors that you have and the amount that you’re left with the
amount of storage that you’re actually using and is provided to you and so on
and so forth then moving on to the backups mm-hmm
you get an automatic backup every day just like the rest of the managed WordPress
hosting providers and you can always restore or download a certain version of
your backups and one thing different is that it’s going in the backups of the
last seven days are able to be kept here only so not anymore I think with WP
engine it was 30 days and Kista it was 14 days and you can clear your cache
from here you can export your logs you get a multi-site from here you can
enable it and it is included in the basic plan which is an advantage over
the others also one very important thing that you should keep in mind here is
that they once they give you a PHP version of 7.3 you have to stick with
the PHP version of 7.3 and you cannot actually update this or change this and
this is also something you need to keep in mind when considering flywheel as your managed hosting provider and also one thing that they do not have and I’ve
been looking for it they actually don’t have it is the the redirect section so
you cannot do any redirects using flywheel and it’s always very important
to have the ability to redirect from the server side because that way the
redirects are always going to load faster and it’s always very nice when
your Managed WordPress hosting provider gives you the chance to do the
redirects using their platform and Flywheel does not have that. So moving on to
the the dashboard of 10Web now their overview
section is very similar to those of the rest of the managed hosting
providers. You get a quick introduction of what you have and how much of storage
is left for you how much of visitors is left for you and so on and so forth
you get a plug-in manager over here and remember this is something I mentioned
with Kinsta they didn’t give you the chance to upgrade or make any changes
using their dashboard but with 10Web you can always select a few plugins and update and whatever. Actually there is more information about it and
and in these sections so this is just a quick overview of what you get you can
always optimize your images from here you just enable it and it does it for
you. You get a performance check before having this you get to run the
performance and then it gives you all the information such as the performance
grade and the page load time that you have, total page size and then it also
gives you information about some optimization tips in order to improve
the performance of your website which is a great advantage as you don’t really
get this with any others for example Kinsta does not have this offer and
others actually give it to you if you pay an extra amount so this is actually
included in all the plans of 10Web this is actually a great value
for 10Web’s users with SEO this is actually and once you enable it this is
something very similar to Yoast I’ll explain it in detail in the further
part of the video and then you get the backups from here and you can always
actually update your WordPress version from here just one click and the
security about all of these I will be mentioning later so let us start with
the hosting services so the reason why there are separate hosting services is
because with the rest of the Managed WordPress hosting providers they only have the managed WordPress hosting and that’s it and with 10Web it’s actually different you
get the hosting services the managing services and you get page building
services you get the plugins the themes and all these a backup image optimizer
SEO security as a service and so on and so forth so it actually gives you much
more value so remember that we checked their plans it was $20 per month for the starters plan and actually you get all of these included in the plan so
basically and it is a lot cheaper than the rest of the Managed WordPress hosting
providers so once you voted the info section of their hosting services you
get just a general info you get a SFTP access and you can always modify it to
get a database access you get your resource usage information so just
basically what you’ve been provided how much you have left and so on you get a
domain manager so you can point your domains from here you get the different
types of tools to get website caching so you can always clear the cache from here
and it always loads your website a lot faster once you do it obviously and
then you can always enable your HTTPS you can either add custom HTTPS
certificate or generate a free HTTPS certificate and remember the difference
between 10Web and Flywheel is that Flywheel wouldn’t let you have a
third-party SSL certificate. Which is pretty odd for me and then you get
the PHP engine again with Flywheel you only get a 7.3 version and it cannot
change it but with 10Web you can always change the version of your PHP
and you can restart the PHP and this isn’t something you’re going to need a
lot but you might as well one day if you’re having certain issues
so with redirects again something that Flywheel didn’t have at
all you can always do the redirects using 10Web’s manager here then you get
the restore point so it does the automatic backups every day and it can
always restore them for the last ten days but if you want any further backups
like for more previous dates then you can use the backup service and I’ll
explain this further later on and then you get the logs here you get the access
and error logs so this was everything concerning the hosting services. Now with
10Web as I mentioned already you get to build websites as well, so it has over
30 templates with custom 10Web widgets and you get to pick any of those
templates and build a website with a very easy drag-and-drop style and you
get to import it with one click or you can preview it before I’m putting it and
you see the mobile version here in the desktop right next to it so it’s pretty
simple and fast and easy and the best thing is that you get to do it from only
one platform and so you don’t have to change from platform to another platform
in order to build a website and then host the website and so on. So, on the
plug-in manager section you get the names of the plugins that you have you
can always update it from here you can deactivate a certain plugin and many
more you can see your inactive plugins here you can see the available
updates over here you can always schedule some updating so if you want a
certain plugin updated every month you can pick that you can enable your
scheduling you can pick monthly and go ahead and do that or if you don’t want a
certain plug-in to be updated at all you can do that from here as well
and then you can see the scheduling history of course and then when it comes
to the themes once you import a certain theme you’re going to see it here you
can always activate you can delete it and you can do
scheduling or of it and so on and then you get a scheduling history over here and then once you go to the backup
section you get a lot more services from here so what I mean is
that you can always do the scheduling either on the monthly basis weekly daily
every 12 hours, six hours and the real-time means it’s going to back it up
for you every hour and this is actually a very useful effective one if you are a
ecommerce website but if not you don’t really have to do this and the good
thing about this service is that this is a separate room from the one that is
provided to you by the hosting so you are going to get your daily automatic
backups but well here you cannot have unlimited amount of backups so it’s not
going to be kept for you for example 7 days or 14 days or a month it’s going to
be kept unlimitedly and unless you have obviously deleted and 10Web uses
differential backups what it means is that it’s going to backup
only the version only the things that you have changed from the previous
version of your backup so it’s not going to do the whole thing only the parts
that you have changed after the previous backup and this is going to help you
save a lot of storage so this is one huge advantage for you and another
thing is that it’s kept unlimitedly so you’ll be can always restore it whenever
you want when it comes to the image optimizers you get to pick a
conservative mode balanced or extreme and the difference is the
amount of reduction that you’ll want and then once they pick it you can always do
the image optimization from the overview section and it’s only one click required
literally. And then when it comes to the SEO plugin
it’s actually very very similar to Yoast offers you have custom metadata and then
you can create a sitemap you get search analytics which comes from Google search
console and then you get to do redirects so it’s very similar to what Yoast offers
and it’s also very easy to use and gives you very important insights. And
then the information about the security you can always scan your files what it
does it for you and it lets you see what which what changes have been made to
your files and if there is anything odd about it you can always check and see
who did it and it’s basically a regular security check for you and then in the
performance section once you run a performance check it’s just
going to give you all the information that you need you can always do
scheduling their performance so whether you want to do it on daily basis weekly
or monthly and you just need to enable your scheduling and do whatever you need
so basically the difference between 10Web and the rest of the Managed WordPess Hosting
providers is that 10Web is much more then just a Managed WordPress Hosting provider as
you saw it is also a website builder and it also gives you different types of
plugins and themes and different services such as SEO and image optimizer
a performance checker and this is something actually that is included with
all the plans so this isn’t a certain add-on or something of additional payment
this is always included with all the versions so obviously you can always
create your website and manage your website and host it with 10Web or you
can always create your website from a third party website and then host it
with 10Web, so you can do all of that you don’t have to do all together but it
just gives you the opportunity and it’s pretty nice to use on one platform for
all those things in order to not get overwhelmed in order to have a very good
custom dashboard for managing all of those services that you have. So, one more
thing that I wanted to mention about 10Web is that it also gives you a
7-day free trial and this is something very important to mention and I forgot
to say it when I was introducing it to the pricing well you can always sign up
for the 7-day free trial and check it out for yourself see if it works and if
not you can always move on to another platform and doesn’t really require a
credit card from you so you just sign up and there you go you have a seven day
free trial and actually with flywheel you get a demo version as well and with
the Kinsta you get a 30 day money back guarantee but with WPEngine you
didn’t get any of those at all and so that’s a very important thing as well.
Basically, that was it I think with 10Web dashboard, with WP engine dashboard,
and with Kinsta dashboard. These were all the information that I
gave you for now so now that you have seen the comparison of all these Managed WordPress Hosting providers, I really encourage you to test out the 7-day free
trial of 10Web and let me know in the comments on how it worked out for you. And
if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and put
thumbs up under the video.

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    This hostings are based on cloud? What about dedicated hostings?

  10. Franche says:

    I bought Appsumo Code for 10Web Platform about 6 months ago. Can I redeem it now?

  11. Nina Hemmati says:

    Which hosting is better from SEO perspective?

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