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…and the more likely you’re gonna fall. Ohh, that’s it! Backside nose-blunt revert. Goodnight! We’re looking at 90s! We’re back! EDGEsport EDGEucation Webisode from Van’s Pro Park Series. Let’s get it! So, we’ll start with ladies: Here at the world final in Salt Lake City, Utah. Super cool park, all the riders were stoked on skating it, coming into the event. The who’s who, some of the big Vans wildcards: Nora Vasconcellos was gonna be skating. Lizzie Armanto, Yndiara Asp
looking to win her third event of the year, which would definitely have locked up a title. Maybe a little tougher than somewhat expected, those that we’ve just mentioned, apart from Lizzie [Armanto], didn’t make it through to the final, Lizzie did get into to the final, but once we got into the final, It was really a show for these Japanese girls. They showed up and they put it down. So early in the event, starting with the second run, Mami Tezuka went out and set the bar for everyone to chase Mami Tezuka, 17 years old from Hikone Shiga, Japan. Vans team rider, one of our vanguards. And I just hold my breath because I just want to see these smith grinds from Mami. They’re just so perfect Mixing it up here. Whoa, frontside feeble around the corner, that’s kinda risky. This is a good run so far. Slider round the hip. Back smith. Nice! Ten-seconds. Stay on, Mami! Nice. Signature smith grind. Ohh! The side disast- I don’t know what we call that, but That is creativity! That’s part of judging criteria. Be creative. Mami did just that. That was an epic run! So Mami came out and put that down, like 82 and change, gave everyone something to chase and she did that in her second run, remember the scoring format is the best of four. And so it took a little while to get there, but we knew she was coming in her fourth and final run Sakura Yosozumi the coolest name in skateboarding Went out and wowed the judges used the first wall rebate beautifully to open up and she took it from there. Let’s go check out her run. Representing hard, this is Sakura Yosozumi. Here we go, Tony! Oh, wow! Big spin disaster! No problem. That was easy for Sakura. I was gonna say it’s.. it doesn’t even look like she was caring about the first wall rebate, but that was a pretty risky move, so She was using strategy there. So far, she’s beating that 85.67. There we go – nice 360. Last time she bobbled a bit on that landing. Oh, looking good, 14 seconds left. Ohh, sugar cane, here we go. Frontside blunt How does she stop there to do that? It’s so frightening! The longer you wait the harder- The longer you wait the more frightening and the more likely you’re gonna fall- Ohh! That’s it! Backside noseblunt revert – goodnight. We’re looking at 90s! Big run. Big score. First run we saw all day in the 90s. Everyone knew who’s gonna be tough to beat but Cocona Haraki has the tricks to get it done. This 11-year-old ripper. I mean listen to the judges. She blows them away with this nose-slide that she does in basically any part of the park. She’ll do it around around the bank turns in the highest quarter pipe. All day was trying to nail this kickflip to finish out her run. Hopefully get her over the edge She’s got the tricks. She’s 11 years old. You got to be fearless at that point Reppin this bandage on her face from a big slam that she had taken in prelims the day before. Let’s see what Coco can do. If anybody can do it. It’s Cocona. Here we go! Cocona is going to stick with her old run, not using that first wall rebate. All right, 30 seconds left if you wind it up Stay on, go fast. Hack these tricks in. Go to that front side nose grind, getting way in the corner there. I think she’s gonna make the kickflip here – callin’ it! We’ll find out – look’s good. Oh, nice! Five seconds left! That’s what she came here for right there, backside air at the end. Well, she made a run but was it enough? So, Cocona Hiraki went out, made her final run, stoked on that but it was Sakura Yosozumi Couldn’t be touched Championship celebrations all around first world title world tour of hers and you know looking ahead skateboarding the Olympics, three Japanese finalists on the podium, Tokyo 2020 It’s gonna be it’s gonna be lit. It’s gonna be hype. I think skateboarding is actually gonna open the Olympic ceremony in Tokyo And if you’ve got Japanese stars like this at Tokyo competing for a medal People are gonna go wild, so it bodes well for the future when you got 11-year-olds on the podium It’s pretty wild kind of hard to beat that for other sports that 11-year-olds competing in World Championships and winning It’s hard for us old heads to keep up right but we try to so – good comp though. Let’s see what the man could bring. Ohh! 50-50 to drop down disaster! Is that possible? Right back into the nose blunt. Did that really just happen? So on the men’s side we knew the competition was going to be so high. Pedro Barros, someone that we all love watching skate in these Park Series events, didn’t even make it out of the Semi-Finals into the Finals, so you get a sense of how high the level of competition is But one guy that we knew would show up: two-time defending champion from last year, and he won it in 2016, Alex Sorgente was the top skater in qualifying and came into these finals obviously knowing what he could do, so we’ll get into his second run here. See how how good he’s skating it I love at the end the Caballerial to finish it off. Super stylish. Let’s check this out. Here we go! If anybody can take out Oski, it’s this guy right here two-time Vans Park Series world champ Alex Sorgente! Big start! Kick flip in, he’s just like a vert veteren. Ohh, nice crooks to fakie! That’s what the judges want to see. I mean all this right here. It requires such a quick setup To have those three tricks go down right there Up. Over. Out. Just cruisin’. Ollie to tail. Right there, ollie switch crooks, backside disaster revert. What are we doing with the switch zone here? Caballerial, alley-oop, that’s it. This is the last time – we got it. That’s the whole run. So we love that from Sorgente. Competition is so high these guys all know they have to push themselves even further and one person that absolutely balled down and super fun to watch skate is Jake Wooten. So in his first finals he was on the limit the whole time and kind of just to show the level of competition But also what these guys are trying and how hard they’re out here trying He’s skating with probably a broken wrist Trying to make this trick for the fans to show out putting on a show, Jake Wooten in his first Finals. Didn’t go down for him the way he might have wanted but he’s definitely someone we think will be back here in the not so distant future so Shout out to Jake Wooten, and you know his performance over the weekend, but good fun, good to watch and good to see him having a good time. One guy though all weekend was on a mission He was on a totally different level in this final Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, out of Malmö, Sweden, where they had the other event earlier in the year and Vans Park Series have built behind and left this dope skatepark in Malmö, I have to imagine this kid’s been ripping there for as long as because he came out to the world finals this weekend and he put it down from the first run. He was in first place Starting his run off with this wild 50-50 on the logo just so big so fast coming in like that and keeping it together throughout the whole run Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg all the Bergs out of Sweden, couldn’t be messed with, only guy to break into the 90s and to score He went out and we’re gonna check out his third run his high score for the weekend. Check it out. Props to the guy. Didn’t didn’t even flinch put everyone in his tail lights and ran away with the thing. So Oskar Os-kate That’s it. He did it and we respect that. He we go. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, your current leader with an 87.17. This is his third run. Crowds got his back. I think we got a new fan favorite here in Oskie. He we go, that 50-50. Oh, man He’s just pushing it to the edge of the logo too. Ohh! 50/50 to drop down disaster and then- Is that possible? Right back into the noseblunt. Did that really just happen? Yes. Forces it. Right there that back lip low to high. Oh this manual is so brilliant. Oh yes. Whack approved. No tail touch. We might have our winning run right here. Eight seconds left, finish strong Oskie. Back tail. Looks good. This crowd is just eating it up. Back lip that’s gonna do it He’s gonna do a back side 360 but it’s not gonna matter. Wow. A deafening roar from the skaters and fans in Salt Lake City Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg! I think that was the World Championship run A 90-plus run here. That’s it and that’s all Vans Park Series is done for 2019 huge congrats to our world championship winners Sakura Yosozumi and oskar Rozenberg Hallberg. They ripped That was awesome to watch And you can check out more on EDGEsport. Peace.

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