VPS Private Server para FOREX 2020 – instalación y configuración (SUB English)


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hello hello to all youtube friends welcome to a new video in this opportunity would be talking about the best vps for forex and metatrader 4 which is specifically for forex and dedicated to this video because they have asked a lot on the channel and I would like bring you my opinions about this vps us when we enter the forex market we need a remote server ok so you can work five days a week 24 hours vps in remote connection what is doing is serving as a server ok what does that server be 24 hours have asked me very much if you really need a vps when we are operating in forex and really don’t need it there are many people who can leave their their computers their fish their laptops turned on for 24 hours those five days of the week and not really I need it but it is very important that have this as an option I do not recommend leave our computer connected metatrader 4 five days after 24-hour week because our computer has a time when it stops where it freezes and that could be affecting our our investments and our goal metatrader 4 ok then therefore I always I recommend that if we are going to invest in this forex market we invest in a vps there are vps from 9 dollars with 99 monthly which is really accessible knowing that the profits we can get in this market give us to pay a vps monthly This is the minimum vps that the pivps.com that I recommend because it is simple this one vps that fit forex or that fits the goal trader ok in my opinion has been the best because of the fish services that I I’ve used this is the one that never ever never restarted ok the other vps I’ve had some problems that although I have communicated with support on time and I have resolved the situation i had problems of restart that suddenly I wake up one day and he and the metatrader is not correctly ok then that’s something which can influence our operations and can arrive in some cases to leave you 50 art without money in the account because really the boat in that moment I needed to be operating ok so important that you have it in account that there are vps is free if there is many free fish that have me commented on one nothing more just one is Google I think it’s free and that they can use if they have a metatrader 4 but in demo version ok if they have a demo account there if they can use a free vps because well they are testing what is the forex bot or expert advisor want to see how it works want to see how many earnings generate monthly how many profit generates them weekly test the parents that can do it in a vps free or maybe on your same pc as open 03/04 but if you really want to invest in this forex market I recommend a vps that suits the needs this vps that’s exactly for forex ok there are many other vps but they have to know that not everyone fits to the needs of forex not all then have to be very pending that is one of the things that I always tell people from my private group that take into account they can choose up to one vps much more economic than this one but keep in mind that bps cannot be restarted no may suddenly be off for two days on server the server has to be continuously on we start by the for the number one vps this bps is 1.5 gb of ram ok this ps has acquired several people can acquire several people My private group has not fared badly they have done well but this is this vps me I only recommend it for an mt4 account ok only for one there are people who have risked have two active metatrader accounts in demo and a real one with this vps and them it worked ok but I don’t I recommend I prefer to work only this vps the number 1 that costs 9 dollars with 99 only as a goal brought, i currently use this vps ok 6 gb of ram I use this vps and this I’ve had active up to 4 mt4 rolling at the same time without problems ok I don’t know it has stopped me it has not restarted me vps moment and really works its pretty good this I have recommended that they can be used up to 5 mt4 metatrader 4 but I I only used 4 ok I only use 4 but you know 6 gb of ram I intuit that at least 5 metatrader can be operating without problem here they have the second option if they want have about 2 mt4 it’s monthly meta trader pay 19,99 and well these plans are even more expensive or even more expensive but hey everyone has its advantage or that this can use it when they are starting maybe yes they have a meta trader 4 starting a real account later if they want to increase the level of investment between several accounts can use several in goal to mt4 with several different brokers which is what that I always recommend not having it all in the same block and change to other servers ok me for example I stopped paying this because I at principle had this which is the account that will show you right now and now I have this ok it’s really easy really acquire a vps on pivps.com an account that quite easy is register they put their data and more of the same fill in this captcha accept the terms of conditions are recorded below I will leave a link in the video description so they can sign up and then go to the part of forex ok of a windows vps for forex choose the option that you more agree in this case I grabbed the option that I have right now ok and later see what they will pay ok me I personally have the monthly payment they can pay it in different installments I I really have the monthly payment that they avoid me directly to paypal and without problems really no problems i want that know that this vps can also pay with bitcoin in case it want to pay with bitcoin the first time I bought the first vps I was here in number 1 I paid it with bitcoin what bad is that after 30 days you have to make the payment in bitcoin again because of course they don’t have how avoid paypal ok then of course it gets a bit more annoying and you have to be aware of the collection date because if not they cut you the vps thing that can’t happen when we We are investing in the forex market the server has to be in constant you don’t have to be continuous you can’t be standing in one day and less in weekdays because you can cut important operations that are being the expert advisor the server can locate it in america ok and in europe then they have those two they have those two options and the system operating is windows as normal and stream that as everyone knows use and this would be the payment the total payment by vps number 3 ok that is vps number 3 you can use up to 5 mt4 mind to trader 4 in the same dt is that can you steal in the same vps 4 metatrader 4 and passing from different brokers if you want it Do it this way then you get this option to see what are you buying the server you’re buying where do are you buying the monthly charge that in the one you are going to pay and check out ok There ends the purchase and there they leave your data that you are doing the buy the vps and you have options like you I said to pay with paypal and with bitcoin with bitcoin the web it takes about two hours ok in making the payment and with paypal it is almost I immediately delay something like 20 minutes and I got the email that I’m going to show you now that in this email this is obviously is the first vps i bought these are the three things you need to be able to block you on the remote server ok These are the only three things that you need an email like this one of course the web pivps.com and from there you go to it will happen search or start on your pc on your computer are you going to look for connection to remote server ok in Spanish those who have in English put it in English les a little square like this will appear ok remote desktop connection ok and here they go to place the team ok the team would be this place your your ip address then that give them connect you will leave the login put the login that gives the kid pivps.com you are vps already obviously already not active that’s why i’m showing showing with quite transparency then what comes to you in the email after making the payment because really this pc no longer has continuity the day the new I thought that I have time that I have has another ip address or other administrator and other password then you connect and you are already inside You can now install all of your vps those of goal mt4 that you always like and when the options i told you with the first with the first option I I recommend just installing a goal between the mt4 although there are people from my group that have installed up to 2 goals to have mt4 no problem that I have option 3 6 GB seems quite convenient I can pay that monthly amount for vps so I don’t have problem then obviously you will have your service remote inside the computer and obviously you can see everything to everything the ea robot does and well with nothing more to say regarding vps regarding the configuration i’m going to pass to my results obtained in this week although it still looks like such rest on thursday and friday to say how good in the bot really to this global to meet expectations really they are doing very well has done very good trades so far we have a 16 49 percent profit points we are talking in one two three four five six seven days ok this was the day he really had a biggest benefit it was today it really had an important benefit closed trade that he wore he had accumulated days ago and really you It was incredible already of benefit in bits ok I have 11,680 they really are are pretty good very considerable 11,680 we are talking about in dollars like 38 dollars $ 40 or so on the subject of conversion of bitcoins to dollars which it’s pretty good in in so few days generate about 30-40 dollars now as you see it gives me to pay for the vps service that it’s here that costs 39 in just 10 in just 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 days ok just seven days waiting for the Forex market only works five Days of the week ok it’s important that you know that but well let’s say a week there is a little more let me pay the vps and obviously I have several meta trader 4 operating within the same vps and speaking also what operations are with the global boss we see that he has a big profit percentage ok the boss global in 101 operations operations pulled 88 in earnings an 87 percent which is amazing has only lost 13 of 101 operations that’s why the performance is is considerable 16 by hundred in just seven days really really important as such already in my balance account total I have 82 thousand bits and I started with 70,000 I still don’t think what it is to withdraw ok I don’t think about withdrawing earnings yet I can do what I already have a good margin to suddenly get 8% profit or withdraw it or take out 10% but I’m going to just grow the account for now after I get to the 100,000 bits that I aim for I will gradually take out the bit gains for good to go making other payments and being able to pay the vps among other things and well with nothing more to say I invite you to my group private telegram where am I sharing valuable information about the trading bot ok I’m helping them with your account settings and so they know those who have access I’m sharing the private group this configuration guide where they can then have eyelashes where they can see what risk implies a great leverage a great lot what does the lot mean expose what I have explained in my videos on few words but here they have it much more extensive those who want obviously participate in my group private are welcome i will leave you the link from my telegram channel private here down here in the description so with nothing but

say I love you so much, bye

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