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This video shows how to use the Embedded Web
Server, or EWS, on the HP Latex 280 printer, formerly known as the Designjet L28500.
You can use the EWS to obtain printer information, manage settings and presets, align printheads,
update firmware, and troubleshoot problems. First, you need to find the printer’s IP address. On the HP Latex 280, the printer’s IP address
appears on the front panel’s home screen. With the printer’s IP address you are ready
to access the Embedded Web Server. On a computer, open the web browser of your
choice. Type the printer’s IP address into the browser’s address bar and then press Enter
on your keyboard. The Embedded Web Server will open.
The Embedded Web Server can be used to obtain printer information, manage settings and presets,
align printheads, upload new firmware, and troubleshoot problems.
The EWS page will open to the Main tab. The Main tab will provide information about substrate,
ink and printhead status, drying and curing module temperatures, maintenance status, and
substrate and ink usage and accounting. Click the plus sign next to “Click to view
details” to view more information. Scroll down to see detailed information about
substrate, ink cartridges, printheads, and maintenance.
Click Usage in the EWS main menu to see usage information.
The Usage page shows detailed information about substrate and ink usage.
Please note that the accuracy of usage statistics is not guaranteed.
Clicking the Accounting option in the main menu lets you see statistics for a particular
print job. Click the Cost assignments tab in the Accounting
submenu to make cost assignments. Update any information you choose and then
click Apply. Under the Setup tab you can adjust many printer
settings. An important option is updating your printer’s firmware.
HP regularly releases firmware updates for your Latex printer so it will have the most
up-to-date functionality. To update the firmware, first click “Firmware
update”. To locate the correct updates and download
from the web, click “Click here” in step one on the Firmware update page.
Click Continue on the Accessing Online Information page.
The HP Business Support Center webpage will open.
Click “Download drivers and software”. Select your computer’s operating system.
Scroll down to the Firmware section. Click Download to the right of your printer’s description.
Click Save. Browse to the location where you want to save
the file. Click Save.
The computer will download and save the file to the folder you selected.
When the download completes, close the Firmware download page.
Click the Browse button in step three on the Firmware update page. Navigate to the location
where you saved the file. Click the filename and then click Open.
Click Update to continue. The printer will reboot when the firmware update is complete.
From the Support tab, you can access the printer’s user guide and other helpful troubleshooting
information. Click the Support tab.
The Support tab allows you browse helpful information about your printer, access HP
Latex Printer links for technical support, and access service support pages that can
be useful when calling HP support. For example, selecting Troubleshooting guides
will take you to the online manuals page. On the Manuals page, you will find many helpful
resources to select from. From the Support tab, you can also find online
technical support. On the Support page, select the Technical
Support Web Page link. Click Continue.
The HP Business Support Center provides many resources for your HP Latex printer.
For example, you can sign up to receive driver and support alerts. HP will automatically
notify you when there is an update for your printer.
To find service support information for your printer, click “Service support” in the Help
links menu. Then click Printer information.
The Current information report gives helpful information on the substrate, printheads,
and ink. This report is useful for service engineers
troubleshooting issues. You can view each report separately or you
can click the All pages tab to see all five reports in one location.
These pages provide information that can be helpful for the support team when carrying
out remote troubleshooting. You can save a copy of any report.
To do this click File. Then click “Save as” Navigate to where you want to save the file
and click Save. Also under “Service support” is the option
to download the extended diagnostics package, if requested by HP support.
You can also join the Customer Involvement Program.
This program allows HP to automatically collect usage data from your printer, which will then
help HP create products to better meet your needs, provide improved product service and
support, and determine eligibility for usage-based reward programs.
If interested, click the appropriate boxes, and click Apply.
For more details about the services offered through Embedded Web Services, see the User’s
Guide for your HP Latex printer. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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