T|W Tote: Carrying a legacy


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(gentle music) It’s a privilege to be a Black business in a city that I’ve grown to love. Being the first generation
here from the West Indies it’s important for us to be a
part of the historical impact that comes with DC. I’m Sherika Wynter.
– I’m Shallon Thomas. And we’re the founders of T|W Tote. (gentle music) I was headed to work
in a full suit and tie and I caught my reflection in a mirror and realized I had a silly
paper bag full of lunch in my hand.
(laughter) And that’s when the T|W Tote was born. (gentle music)
(zipper opening) One of the issues we had as a
business is just understanding what happens next. We knew there was a market out there, but unfortunately nobody really knew us. (gentle music) Attending Grow with
Google workshops helped us learn smarter ways to
optimize our business as well as be found online.
(gentle music) They dropped a lot of nuggets on us. From trends to insights, it really helps us to better
understand our customers in a competitive space.
(gentle music) The mission of our program
is to level the playing field for Black and Latinx small business owners within local communities. We wanna help them grow their business, and reach more customers online. (gentle music) Integrating that product into the culture is why people love the brand. It’s really a community
where people are supporting each other openly and honestly. You know that’s really important
to us because we develop other people around us
and push them to be great. And in return your company
ends up being great. I mean as a minority woman it’s scary. Because we’re laying the concrete and it’s not dry yet. But knowing that this could
be the beginning of something for other people, it makes us keep going. We’re not gonna stop. (gentle music)

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  1. Bass Town Ncs says:

    nice video

  2. Elon Musk says:

    I love Google. I am the SECOND ONE TO COMMENT HERE. Hooray
    I will be trying to sell some Teslas through this LOL. I haven't got any likes in comments as I always comments after atleast 1 million views. Yup. My user name is fake. I know you all know I ain't ELON MUSK. HOPE YOU ALL LIKED THIS VIDEO. I love all Google videos
    They are doing a great job guyss. Why don't you guys check out Google Grow. Your each likes will make me BETTER

  3. Gui Gameplays says:

    Me da um gift card

  4. المخلص فقط JESUS says:


  5. Perla J. Tejeda says:


  6. Nandan M says:

    Good day, Great work.🙏

  7. CatLaFrost says:

    Cool story bro, one problem… I don't remember asking.

  8. Lauren Nicely says:

    Love my TW Tote! 💪🏾

  9. Snow Star says:

    Finally someone listened and moved the freaking "x" from just above the video timeline to the top right corner, took them a while to realize user might accidentally clicked on the timeline instead of closing the video overlay for Android YouTube

    Edit oh and now double click to fast forward or backwards no longer pop up the video overlay that users who multi tap to fast forward might accidentally hit next and move to the next video, wow guess someone even though took forever noticed this flaw, marvelous.

  10. PHAN HẢI channel says:

    I accidentally got to Google when I was free, I didn't care much … then time went by … I couldn't live without Google. I Thanks Google

  11. chandan nasta says:

    Frankly no 1 will Pay Rs 130 for 100 gb for google one online storage when reliance is offering 1 tb storage plan in entire India for just 100 Rs only. So y would Indians even go for 100 gb when on the other hand you can get 1 tb storage at Rs 100. India is a population with 2 billion ppl out of which atleast 1.5 billion are online. So Google should stop minting money and help the Indians rather then overcharging them. Soon I think Reliance will take over Google in India coz nothing is impossible in India with such a huge massive population and a widespread Indian market. Think about atleast 1 billion ppl buying storage of 1 tb for 100 Rs and 2 TB for 200 Rs and 10 TB for 850 Rs with that price. The Indian company thats the reason they grow more then foreign companies because Indian companies know India very well.

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