Tutorial: How to Install VestaCP to your Linux VPS


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Hello everyone so in this tutorial we will
teach you on how to install VestaCP to Linux VPS. The first step is open
your PuTTy and then write down your host name then click open Log in using your username and your password click enter and then open Google Chrome and search for
vestacp.com In the navigation head down to install and scroll down to
the advance install setting, in the web choose Apache, the FTP select the
proftpd and a for SOFTACULOUS press no if you don’t subscribe to it
Generate Install Command by copy the installation script and paste on to the
common prompt, click enter copy the Run it script, and paste to the command prompt then click enter it will take a quite minutes, so you gotta wait for it after the installation complete
write down ( y ) to continue and then write down your admin
email address click enter and I will show up the FQDN Hostname, you can if confirm it by pressing enter and then you gotta wait for the
installation process that will take around 15 minutes after the installation complate a succesful message will shown up and will provide you the details for the VestaCP control panel,
copy down the link and paste it down to your browser and then search it Because we are using IP address to access, there is a reflect warning message for no SSL. For more information to resolve the SSL with your hostname. Please visit our links below for more information on the problem. enter the username provided and the
password click the login button and now you have successfully logged in
to your Vesta CP and install your Vesta control panel for your Linux VPS,
so for any question comment down below or head over to our website
casbay.com at the live chat session Thank you

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