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Hi guys it’s Alissa Todd and welcome to
part two of my four-part travel mini series. Last year I uploaded my current most
popular video on this channel called three travel apps to save you money and
time and since then I’ve done some more research and I’m so excited for you to
learn two more travel websites that will help you save money as you plan and book
your vacations so let’s get right into it. The first website is called Travel
Zoo it is free to join and you can purchase vacation packages, entertainment,
cruises, resort deals their competitive advantage is those bundles such as
cruises or vacation packages so if you’re looking for an app or website to
save money on individual flights check out that video that I mentioned it’s my
3 travel apps to save money and time because I do share a really great app to
save you money on your flights. I know a couple of people that have recently used
Travel Due and they’ve had nothing but positive things to say so check it out
let me know what you think. The second website that I’m so excited to share is
the Google ITA Matrix Software a really great friend of mine showed this to me and
I’ve used this multiple times already so go on to software ITA and
input your travel information instead of selecting exact travel dates go with the
option that shows you the option of lowest fares for the entire month
because then you’ll see a grid for the entire month with the cheapest flights
for each day of that month so you can select your travel based on the flight
prices I then take it a step further by selecting the flights and looking them
up on chase rewards and then booking those flights using my chase reward
points so that’s an additional bonus tip for you right there. Since I love to
travel I’m always looking for ways to find the best deal so what are some of
your favorite travel apps or travel websites I you used and that you love
and I would really like to know those. Next week I’m sharing a video where
you’ll learn how to save up for travel so be sure to subscribe to this channel
and hit the bell button so that you get notified
when that money tip goes up. Thank you guys for watching and I hope you have a
great week!

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