Tracee Ellis Ross on Her Mom Diana & Hosting the AMAs


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40 Replies to “Tracee Ellis Ross on Her Mom Diana & Hosting the AMAs”

  1. Crazy Dingasbros says:


  2. Crazy Dingasbros says:

    For Hayward like if you agree

  3. Cooper Lorenz says:


  4. Yolaan Fernando says:

    this comment is porbs gonna be buried in the rest of the comments

  5. aadithya kandru says:

    can't believe a jimmy Kimmel video only has.500 views  after an hour

  6. New Message says:

    I'd love to see an interview or two with her that doesn't revolve around her mom.

  7. Alexander McLeod says:

    she's such a treasure

  8. Diane Crane says:

    Love Tracee Ellis Ross and their show.

  9. 72vince27 says:

    Look at that thang on her 🍑😍😥

  10. Moses Jonson says:

    Tracee Elilis is too cute and attractive

  11. xxobrittanyg says:

    I didn’t effin know she was Diana’s daughter! I️’m dumb haha

  12. Jesusgal Hoshitime 10:10JohnnyNCTzen says:

    Ooh one of my fav actresses ,i hope she can see Bts & Jackson Wang!!!! at the AMA's

  13. Murilo Melo says:

    Props to Diana Ross for raising such an amazing and talented daughter!

  14. I'm A Nice Guy says:

    I wish she was my mom.

  15. Hayward Bomaye says:

    I'm absolutely in love with this woman

  16. nick B says:

    Diana ross his her mom? I had no clue

  17. Danny Steeler says:

    I miss Silver Spoon & The Ricker! 😐

  18. a bacon sandwich says:

    She looks like Keye from Keye and Peele and he's doing a skit.

  19. Lou Reid says:

    absolutely terriffying

  20. Ana Pfeiffer says:

    I really like her.. She seems so kind and cool!

  21. Kimjongtrump says:

    We love you Tracee here in NK

  22. Lil Yoda says:

    I thought her mom was dead 😮😬

  23. Tanya.feldt Mcnulty says:


  24. Olivia John says:


  25. Bry Weasley says:

    Omg how did I not know she was Diana's daughter!? It's so obvious now when I look at her. 🤦

  26. Jeff Furlong says:

    I just signed the petition, “Warner Bros. : Zack Snyder's director's and Tom Holkenborg's Score for Home Release..” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
    Here’s the link:

  27. Jen Tuesday says:

    Remember this woman since that one show a long time ago with the three or four black ladies….never even knew her mom was Diana Ross…

  28. Troy Weatherspoon says:

    She's legit actress talent with a lot of humor. She 100.

  29. Noelia Jaime says:

    She did an amazing job at the AMAs.She should be a tv host!

  30. Lady Sarah says:

    Tracee has her mom's smile.

  31. Ronnett Norfleet says:

    She's are mom twin.

  32. Charles Zetka says:

    Loved your skit with handsy man but why did you use a whitish character to play him when most sexual assaults in this country are performed by blacks especially if you include lewd verbal assaults, not to mention that africa is THE rape capital of the world, you seem kinda racist to me

  33. MrAlex3132003 says:

    That ass tho!

  34. Maurice Watkins says:


  35. globalcitizenn says:

    Diana and her costume changes during the awards shows.. who remembers that?

  36. Just Looking says:

    She is excellent at interviews.

  37. Cyn Mann says:

    Great outfit! Such a talented, lovely lady.

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