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Number 15. Opentopia
The idea of being watched is enough to make anyones skin crawl. Even if you’re not suffering from diagnosed
paranoia, the feeling of being watched or followed is enough to lead someone to a mental
breakdown. This website probably won’t help that notion
any. As if knowing that street and security cameras
are all over the world isn’t bad enough, imagine that anyone can access these cameras
at any time. Opentopia puts this spying power in the hands
of anyone that has access to the internet. While this is almost a fetish for some hoping
to spy on hot girls, it’s nothing like that. Most of the cameras are in small businesses,
public parks, busy city streets and even private property. It’s uncertain exactly how these feeds are
made public but it can be assumed that whoever runs this site taps into the feeds and redirects
them to Opentopia. It will relieve you to know that it’s unlikely
you’ll find anything too terrifying, as there’s only about 200 cameras available
and most of them are work places or streets. Then again, all the online horror stories
revolved around security footage sure makes you a little uneasy while watching a construction
site or hospital through Opentopia. The live feeds are available pretty much 24-7
meaning that you can watch them at night as well, which is just a whole new level of disturbing. Number 14. The Unknown Subreddit
Reddit is a social media website that resembles a forum or discussion board. Users can create subreddits which follow certain
tags or topics. The creator, the subreddit and all the posts
within are seemingly random numbers and letters grouped together. These unexplainable postings went on for quite
some time with no real answers available. Luckily, plenty of online users have looked
into solving what seems to be a code. The reddit user kylix_ , has made some breakthroughs
as far as a possible code being used. The downside is that no exact messages have
been found from this. While it’s not unlikely that these posts
are entirely random and just made to get the reddit community confused, with the recent
trend of coding messages into horror related content for a deeper layer of scary – it’s
very possible that each of these posts really do mean something. Perhaps someday it will be fully decoded and
we will have even further to go in the research of this strange subreddit. Number 13. Zombo
There’s some unsettling factor presented in waiting. Waiting in line at a market, waiting for a
website to load, waiting in a doctor’s office. No matter your reason it’s very easy to
become impatient and even anxious. So a website entirely dedicated to waiting
is a pretty strange concept. Ever since the use of the internet became
more popular, it seems all innovations have been focused on getting things to work faster
and faster. The more quickly a website can load, the better
of a site it’s considered to be. Yet Zombo seems to take pride in how slow,
and meaningless it is. The website really is nothing but a loading
screen. As soon as the page opens you see a small
color wheel that indicates the page is loading. Mystical music that sounds like a carnival
soundtrack plays quietly as you wait for something to happen. A male’s voice narrates and announces “This
is zombocom. Welcome to zombocom.” “You can do anything at zombocom, anything
at all. The only limit is yourself.” He continues to hype up the visitor for what
seems to be the most amazing website ever invented. The long you sit on the site, the more excited
the narrator seems to become. The kicker is that there’s nothing coming. You can’t really do anything at zombocom. It’s just a loading screen with a hype-man. The entire set up as some strange utopian
feel to it, like a large overbearing corporation that convinces you something is great even
if it’s just a total waste of time. Number 12. Staggering Beauty
This website is fairly simple, and pretty innocent from a certain standpoint. Staggering Beauty is a website that features
a black worm-like figure with small white eyes. As you move your mouse pointer around the
screen, the worm follows it gently and almost in a cute manner. After a few minutes on the site, a message
comes up that instructs you to “shake vigorously”. If you shake your point quickly, static, neon
and bright images flash behind the worm that has completely changed shapes. Along with this, loud club-like dance music
plays. This isn’t actually creepy but someone with
epilepsy would beg to differ. More importantly you find yourself asking
why this site was even made, and how exactly would someone stumble across it. Number 11. Suicide Guides and Pro Ana Sites
The majority of these sites are blogs or forums and not really traditional websites. The most popular Suicide Guide website is
lostallhope. Before entering you are required to confirm
that you are at least 18 years or older. The welcome page has a long intro which explains
the content of the site. A portion reads “You may be reading this
looking for information on methods to commit suicide. They are here. Maybe you’d like to know statistical information
about suicide – you’re in the right place. Perhaps you are feeling really low; part of
you wants to end it, and part of you just wants to be happy. You’ll find information and links that might
help you.” So clearly here can be found suicide methods,
sources for seeking help, and general information about suicide. Under the “Suicide Methods” tag, there
are options such as firearms, plastic bag and drugs, hanging, most lethal, and much
more. While this site does offer resources for those
that aren’t sure that they want to commit to ending it, there are also several pages
where the creators or admins of this site seem dedicated to helping people finish the
job. It’s a little unsettling that people out
there are willing to not only help, but somewhat encourage others to end their own lives. Sites that share this idea of encouraging
self-harm are pro Ana sites. If you may not know, Anorexia is an eating
disorder where a person either doesn’t eat for long periods or eats only very small amounts
in an effort to lose weight. A disorder that branches from this is bulimia,
where a person doesn’t eat normally throughout the day, but rather, they binge eat all at
once and then puke it all out. Eating disorders are considered mental illnesses,
if you or someone you know may be suffering from these it’s important to get proper
care. Pro Ana Sites offer tips on how to avoid eating,
how to binge and purge, how to look thinner, how the hide the disorder from loved ones,
and some sites and forums even offer what’s known as “Thinspiration” photos or art
of nearly deceased, thin people. As a sort of inspiration for those committed
to their disorder. There are numerous sites for this, mostly
wordpress or Tumblr blogs. An interesting find is theproanalifestyleforever.wordpress. This blog offers information on the pro ana
“religion” or lifestyle. A page of tips and tricks such as “Ana must
be the center of your life” “Eating denser foods makes you feel like you’re eating
more” “Ice and gum are good food substitutes for when you’re hungry.” There’s a thinspiration page, as well as
a “My Goals” page where the person running this blog explains that their goal weight
is 100 pounds. Even for someone as short as 4’10, this
weight would be dangerously low. Again the scary part about these websites
are that people are so consumed by their illness that they encourage others to take part, and
either don’t offer help at all, or offer it as more of a second thought. Again if you are suffering from thoughts of
suicide, or an eating disorder – some resources will be linked below. Number 10. Survive the Outbreak
This online movie is unique because it seems to merge with video gaming. You watch the movie, about a zombie outbreak. Every few minutes you’re faced with a decision. If you choose the wrong thing, you die. You have the chance to start over or go back
to another specific point. While the right combination of decisions will
lead to your survival, most often you die. This game gained a lot of popularity when
it was created in 2008, because it resembled exactly what horror buffs were looking for
– a movie where you get to control the characters. Have you ever screamed at a movie hoping the
lead character would listen to you and survive? This game was an amazing way to accomplish
that. Despite this satisfying feeling of controlling
your character, there was also something dark about just how easy it was to accidentally
kill them off. This, of course, isn’t the only game of
its kind. In fact, 2 years before Final Destination
3 made a DVD debut where you could choose the fate of your character at certain scenes. In this algorithm, the characters or the entire
cast could die based on a simple choice. Games like this are stark reminder how fragile
life is, something that seems meaningless could literally lead to your death. Number 9. Memory-Of
Memorial head stones, memorial parties, memorial tattoos. These things we dedicate to our passed loved
ones don’t seem too out of the ordinary. What about a public website dedicated to them? Memory of is website that resembles a social
media site. Members can create pages dedicated to their
past loved ones, comment on the pages of others and even chat amongst each other. At the top of the homepage a scrolling menu
shows the anniversaries of all the members passed loved ones. This doesn’t seem too troubling at first. Just a place where people can immortalize
their relatives as well as connect with others who may share their pain. The thing that really sets the vibe off are
the photos. Each page, dedicated to a deceased person,
has a photo album. While some members just include a few photos
of the person when they were living, others include several photos not only of the funeral
but even of the corpse in the morgue. Especially mothers of stillborn infants, include
several photos of the corpse. This may be a form of coping for some, but
it’s still pretty unsettling to stumble across these pictures and realize that they’re
of someone who is no longer living. The feeling is generally macabre, and sends
the loving tone of the site in more of a creepy direction. Number 8. Death Date
As the old saying goes, there are two things in this life that are guaranteed. You will pay taxes, and you will die. Death if inevitable, and can be a terrifying
thought. Even some of the most religious people have
a slight concern for what comes after this life. If you could find out when you were due to
die, would you? This website uses information such as your
height, weight and lifestyle to tell you when you are expected to die based on medical statistics. Once you fill out this form you are given
the exact amount of time you have left. Represented as years, months, and days. Even worse is that below that is a large clock
of the total number of seconds you have left, and you can watch it count down. Below this it reads The are three symbols,
called The Symbols of Death, related to your birth date and the predicted death date. They can have a direct connection with the
cause of death.” Followed by what three symbols represent your
death. It’s a bit confusing if these 3 symbols
are supposed to be signs that death is coming, or if these three things will come together
and cause your death. Either way they are also likely based on statistics. As if the idea of death wasn’t unsettling
enough, the fact that these results are based on actual math and not some random scary options,
makes your results even more disturbing to think about. Number 7. Text Maze
As far as creating websites go, or as far as putting anything together goes; this project
certainly took a lot of work, time, and dedication. This website, also commonly known as 9, is
a literal maze of numbers, letters, quotes, bible verses, artworks and math. You begin on a page where “abracadabra”
is repreated in a pyramid shape, from here you can click through and you are sent through
literal pages of more and more confusing content. Just as you think you’ve got the message
behind this, something comes up and makes you completely disregard what you had thought. There’s a forum associated with this website
as well, where there are only about 6 members who offer no special information. Even in the “questions” board, most questions
are answered with more confusing gibberish, or admins simply saying “how can you not
understand?” Many believe that this was an intricate project
done by artist David Denison, as his artwork are the paintings featured on several pages
of the maze. If this is the case the amount of work put
into this creation is astounding and likely took several months if not more. While this is widely believed, it is not proven
and we are still left with the question, what’s the point? There seems to be a huge focus on the number
9, religion, and math related to the alphabet. There are several sources online that have
looked further into this, but for the most part it’s just very complicated to keep
up with. Even scrolling through the pages of the site
can be headache inducing, and if you read some of it out loud you feel like you’re
summoning a demon from another realm. Number 6. White Enamel
This website is an interactive point and click story where you travel through what appears
to be an abandoned insane asylum. It is clear that the main point of this game
was to educate players on the poor conditions that psychiatric centers used to, and often
still do have. While most of the ghostly animations are pretty
cheesy, it’s filled with creepy old music and some quality jump scares. Not only that, but the general reminder that
psychiatric patients were once given inhumane treatments such as shock therapy and lobotomies,
is a horrifying reality. Some players have even said that certain parts
of this game made them cry. It apparently takes several hours to get through
the entire game and many users came back to it in parts to get the full play through. To get the full story you can play yourself
or watch others walkthrough the eerie asylum. Number 5. Exit Mundi
The longer we live on this planet, the more horrible things seem to become. Everyday acts of terrorism, violence, starvation,
disease and worse plague our world and cause death, carnage, alteration in law, and lost
faith in humanity. Many people take the horrible things happening
in the world as a sign of the end of days. Some scientists, religious figures, worshippers
and historians have common belief that we aren’t far from the world ending. Even back in 2012 there were Mayan calculations
that claimed the world would end. This of course, was proven false as we’re
all still here. Exit Mundi is a website with a vast collection
of end of the world scenarios, everything from terrorist attacks, alien invasions, time
warps and zombies are featured on this site. Things are ordered based on time of occurrence
and cause. Many things listed are almost comedic and
would probably never happen. But there are other entries that seem possible
enough to make someone question everything. Number 4. Gore Websites
Many people seem to have a strange fascination with gore, whether it’s for fetish reasons
for just as some macabre strange entertainment. There’s still a large majority of people
who find these images deeply disturbing and even stomach turning, though. There are multiple website that are popular
locations where people can share and view gory images and videos. These things are really not for the faint
hearted and if it’s not something you’re used to viewing you should be prepared to
have nightmares for a solid week. Number 3. Ted is God Nearly every busy city in the world
has one of these guys, that stands at a corner with a sign that reads something about the
end of days, or God. Most aren’t sure if he’s homeless and
in need of money or just crazy and trying to spread his message. Imagine that this guy got his own website,
where he was able to voice his insane opinions, without much more context. Tedisgod is the exact place where this seemed
to happen. There are some texts boxes and images that
basically try to explain that Ted is God. There are photos of this dirty Santa looking
man, that we can assume is Ted. Each page has several paragraphs of writing
that seem to be trying to tell a story, but it’s written in an almost illiterate manner. One page has a photo of a white van, a car,
and a black mail at a computer. This page seems to be trying to explain that
someone stole Teds’ bike and that if Ted comes up dead it was an assassin. The contents of this site seem to range from
forms of paranoid schizophrenia to religious delusions. Either way it’s a little unsettling to know
that someone out there has such serious issues and is probably not seeking proper care. It’s also a little strange to consider that
someone who can barely create coherent sentences can somehow construct an in depth website
dedicated to their delusions. Number 2. Joy of Satan
There are countless religions across the world that try to rig people into their belief system. Satanism has, in more recent years, become
less of an evil or creepy religion and more of just one point on a long list of alternative
beliefs. This website titled Joy of Satan shares information
about Satanism, it’s origins, Lucifer, how to become a Satanist and other common religious
information. For most this may not seem like a big issue,
and for those that know more about Satanism as a practice, know there’s no harm here. The unsettling part is that there are instructions
on how to summon demons, there are pages that encourage teens and children to “Join hells
army” and a few other things that seem a little farfetched. For those that believe in this kind of thing,
it’s pretty terrifying to think of a kid or teen stumbling across this summoning a
demon as some sort of joke. Sounds like the beginning to a horror flick. Number 1. Human Leather
The website human leather is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sales website for a material that
resembles leather, but is created from human flesh. The site explains that all the skin used for
sale is created from those that have donated their body after their death. It can be assumed that this skin is some sort
of surplus from the deceased who’s organs were not of use. No matter how you swing this, the idea of
human leather is unsettling. Even more unsettling is wondering who buys
this stuff and what use they’re putting it to. Another major red flag here is the possibility
that these people really weren’t donors, but that maybe instead a mad scientist is
out there murdering human beings to turn them into fashionable leather handbags.

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