The Chinese Domain Name Scam That Could Cost You $1476!!!


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what’s up guys Mike your marketing techie
back with a brand new scam video unfortunately a couple days ago I got an
email from a Chinese domain name registrar and it went something like
this so the initial email starts off with a
parenthesis sentence it’s very urgent please transfer this email to your CEO
thanks. definitely how you get an email across to the CEO of a company you find
the email address listed on the footer of the website you send a message and
just in parenthesis you say hey send this over to the CEO. Guaranteed direct
access right into their inbox. we are the domain name registration and
solution center in China on August 7th 2017 two days before I got the email we
received an application from I’m not going to I don’t want to butcher this
and have somebody you know field that amis this is a real word put from some
company and they request it keyword of a domain name I own as their internet
keyword and China domain names media exploded CN Media Expo com CN Media Expo
net top CN Media Expo org top CN so supposedly this companies out there they
want to buy media exploded bunch of Chinese extensions but after checking we
find this name conflict with your company name or trademark in order to
deal with this matter better it’s necessary to send email to you and
confirm whether your company have relations with this Chinese company or
not the thing is that this seems very legit in a way and and I guess this is
where a lot of these domain name registration scams succeed is that these
things seem a little bit real and legit and a lot of people that don’t have a
lot of experience as a webmaster or you know the just domain name owner may not
actually know all of the steps that come with owning a domain name and that are
involved in that and so things like this work of my first red flag I’m getting
this was that this is sent to the public email address listed on the footer of a
website not even the Whois information as a domain name registrar would you not
reach out via the Whois information I guess
not what also didn’t help was that when I checked out the website China registry
net that’s the end I noticed that the copyright on the footer was Shanghai
logy co y g co eigen and having googled that the first thing that i came up with
was this wonderful article posted way back in 2010 talking about why g
networks being an email scam targeting domain name registration owners and that
happens to be the same exact company that was on the footer of china registry
dotnet CN saw alarm bells were ringing I went through the site of it I noticed
that every single page was static HTML did a quick view source notice that the
first couple of lines of this domain name registrars website shows that if
they used HT t track to rip this website design from somewhere else and then copy
that into here all of these are not adding up to be good signs of a great
domain name registrar nonetheless I played along
I said hey that sounds like very interesting information I am the CEO of
the company please tell me more so mr. Jerry Zhang emailed me back a couple
days later goes dear Mike we’ve already advised them to choose another name
according to your company that have no relation with them but they insist on
this name as China domain names media explodes en we expose icons en net dot C
and our audience en and Internet keyword apparently they are buying the entire
internet keyword in our opinion maybe they do the similar business as your
company then registered to promote his company there may not be any women owned
companies in China as is known to all domain name registration based on the
International principle is opened to company and individual any company or
individual have the right to register any domain name an internet keyword
which are unregistered your company haven’t registered this name as China
domains and internet keyword so anyone is able to obtain them by registration
but in order to avoid this conflict betrayed mark or original name owner
have priority to register China domain name
internet keyword during our dispute period if your company is the original
owner of this name and want to register list of all these domain names again and
Internet keyword going to register the whole internet keyword prevent anybody
from using them please inform us we can send you an application form with
priceless to help your company register these domain names and Internet keywords
during our dispute period so naturally I said yes please send me over the prices
and I can’t wait to see that things also don’t help that when you go to their
website and browse to actually try to find a domain name you know how you
usually have a domain name search and you can type in and see what name is
available here you have a contact form which by the way submits regardless of
what you type or don’t type into it their home page does have a functional
search however you can’t go through and purchase any of the domain names that
you can search through they’re weird so plenty of red flags going on around here
however I can understand where even with all of this going on you might still be
like well you know what I don’t know if I feel very comfortable about the
concept that somebody out there can at this point go and register my company
name with the Chinese you know domain name extension and that might bother you
and if it does there are plenty of actually reputable domain registrar’s
that you can utilize to go out and purchase your dot CN net dub CN or if
that’s the end domain name extensions and protect yourself however I want to
say that if you do absolutely no business with China and you don’t plan
to do any business with China and you don’t do any business in China and your
company isn’t based in China nor do you plan to be based in China and nor do you
really have anything to do with China you probably should not be that
concerned so if you got an email similar to this hopefully this video helped to
clear some of the things up about it and hopefully you’ll be able to make an
educated decision on whether or not you should continue going through with this
email or just go to reputable registrar like GoDaddy comm buy those domain names
and keep yourself covered or maybe you don’t really want to worry about any of
that and that’s completely fine and totally up to you but now at least you
know and you don’t have to get caught up sending
Jerry over here your payment details be an email for some domain names that’ll
probably be a lot cheaper on GoDaddy thank you so much for watching share the
video if you have any webmaster domain name owner friends send it out to them I
got the CMO they probably will do don’t forget to like the video subscribe to
the channel and I’ll be sure to link down to all the other domain name scams
that I’ve covered on this channel in the description below so make sure you check
those out see you soon

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  1. Altai TENGRI says:

    china is the proud champion of having world's most scammers and being capital of glocal scams. sponsored by terrorist government

  2. dero patel says:

    I was before months loss money 2000 usd China application run eat all money

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