Stress Free Hosting from Bluehost India


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Website troubles? Not any more! Stress-free hosting from Bluehost saves my time and money Lets me do more with my life We are Bluehost, your dost who can

3 Replies to “Stress Free Hosting from Bluehost India”

  1. Tushar Jain says:

    Worst hosting ever used.

  2. theradon says:

    Who is she?

  3. Amol Kute says:

    Very bad experience with BlueHost
    I had purchased wordpress hosting from bluehost india for one month to try their service. For that I paid Rs. 1062.00 to bluehost. After trying out their wordpress hosting within a hour I delete my order and asked them for refund. Now they said that you won't get refund because there is no such refund policy for wordpress hosting. Also then I asked them to get my order back, they said that you can'nt get your order back because you have deleted your order. How such type of stupid service you are providing ? If you are not giving refund for wordpress hosting then why are giving order delete option ? Why are you focusing on 30 days money back guarantee ? and then excluding wordpress hosting ? I want my money back. I had very very bad experience with BlueHost. I am going to put my 139 wordpress websites on BlueHost but due to such bad service, I am very disoppointed.

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