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– How’s it going? – Good, how are you? – It’s going good. I had to eliminate the last person because she wasn’t into the puppet. So. – Interesting. (buzzer) (laughs) – [Narrator] Welcome to The Button. A speed dating show. When the button lights up red, either player may press it and swap out their date for a new person. – You have been eliminated. – [Narrator] If two
people can last on a date for ten minutes, they win an all expenses paid second date. – Welcome to The Button. – Hey what’s up I’m Nick. – Hey, how you doin’ I’m Tai. – Nice to meet you Tai. – Nice to meet you too. – The date begins now. – Do you know how this go? – I think so? – Yeah it can hear us. It be hearin’ us. It be talkin’ to us. – I hear all. – See, ain’t nobody got time for that. Whatchu do today? – Nothing much. I’m just taking a gap year
from college right now so I just woke up and
cleaned my room and stuff. – Oh yeah, yeah. How old are you? – I’m 19. – You’re 19? You’re 19? – I know I always– – I’m 26. You got kids? – No, not yet. – I got kids. – What? – Yeah. – Okay, well I’m a let you, (buzzer) you know run it back. – It’s nice to meet you. – Okay, at least you had a round. – Why did you eliminate him? – You sent in here a 19 year olds. ‘Kay, I got kids. – He’d make a good father. – What? Hello. – Hello. – Hi what’s your name? – I’m, James. – How tall are you? – I’m 6′ 7″. – The date begins now. – Yeah, this is our date. Yeah, it’s pressure. Are you nervous? – I am excited nervous. – Okay. Ask some questions to get you– – Okay, what do you do for fun? – I smoke weed. – I smoke a lot too. (laughs) – We’re kicking it. That’s about what I do for fun. I mean, I have kids so you know I’m pretty much a homey mom right now, so kicking it is not really my forte. – Oh no. – You got– (buzzer) Oh, bye. It was nice to meet you. – You have been eliminated. – Dude, I feel bad. – Why did you eliminate her? – I’m not ready to be like a stepdad or nothing like that. I’m just not, I don’t know man. I’m young, so I’m sorry. Hello. – Hi. – I’m James. – I’m Vesta. How tall are you? – I am 6′ 7″. – Wow. – May I ask how tall you are? – 5′ 4″. – 5’ 4″. Cool. No? – Too late. – Too late, I’m sorry. Yeah, that’s awkward. (laughs) (buzzer) – You have been eliminated. Why did you eliminate him? – Because he gave himself away. – Hi. – What’s going on? I’m Sam. – Hi, Vesta. – It’s nice to meet you. – Who’s that? – I couldn’t find anyone to babysit. I just decided to bring him along. – Are you a ventriloquist? – No, he doesn’t talk he just– – How much money do you guys make? – It’s an awfully personal question. – Depends on the week. – What do you do for work? – I’m a professional cuddler
and I also make jewelry. – Nice, seems like a good line of work. – It is, it is. – Do you guys find each other attractive? – Yes, you’re attractive. – What about the puppet? – He’s cute. (laughs) (buzzer) – Why did you press me? – You know, she seemed
hesitant about the puppet so, kind of a deal breaker for me. – How’s it going? – Good how are you? – It’s going good. I had to eliminate the last
because she wasn’t into the puppet. So. – Interesting. (buzzer) (laughs) – Why, Cosmo? – ‘Cause the puppet. (laughs) – Puppets are cute. – I don’t know. Not that one. – Hi. – How’s it going? – Good. How are you? – Pretty good. – What’s your name? – Wagane. – Wagane? – Why are you guys single? – That’s a good question. You go first. (laughs) – I don’t know, I just
have really high standards and I’m busy. – Do I meet those standards?
– What? – Do I meet those standards? – I don’t know. – Wagane?
– [Wagane] Yes sir. – When was the last time you had sex? – A month ago. – How about you, Cosmo? – It’s been like a year. – Oh, okay. Do you miss it? – You take it or leave it honestly. (laughs) – That was funny. I do miss it. (laughs) – Wagane wants to date
someone who is thicc. What is thicc? (laughs) – Well you know a person that’s healthy. (laughs) – I do not understand. Is Cosmo thicc? (laughs) – Imma get canceled. (buzzer) (laughs) – You have been eliminated. – Hi. – How’s it going? – Good, how are you. – Good. My name’s Thurston. – I’m Cosmo. – Nice to meet you. What do you do for work? – I’m a line cook. – Oh nice, nice. – What do you do? – I serve and bartend. – Sick. – We’re similar, like a similar deal. – [Cosmo] Hell, yeah. – Thurston, have you ever been to jail? – No, I’ve, I’ve been in the back of a police cruiser but have never been to jail. – Why? – I used to take out my parents’ car when I was, like, fifteen. So, you probably shouldn’t do that. – Cosmo likes sensitive bros. Are you a sensitive bro? – A sensitive bro? Yeah, I mean like, (laughs) Honestly, I cry over
like everything like TV. Not like everything real
life, but a sad story arc, like I’m a fucking sucker. – Whoa, what’s your sign? – I’m a Capricorn. – Whoa. – What’s your sign? – Cancer. – Cancer, okay I don’t know
very many Cancers, actually. – They’re known for crying a lot. You’ll catch me crying. (laughs) – We can cry together. (laughs) – Do you guys find each other attractive? – Yep. – Yeah, you’re pretty cute. – Hold each other’s hands. – My hands are sweaty ’cause I’m nervous. – What minute are we at, Button? – You guys are getting pretty close. – What are the other guys out there like? Should I hit the button? – I think you’re pretty cool. I definitely would go on
a second date with you. – Awesome. – Would you guys go on a second date with each other? – Yes, we just said that. (laughs) – I’m sorry. – Do we hit the button in victory now? – No. – [Cosmo] No.
– No? – Don’t touch me. Congratulations, you have won The Button. (laughs) – So where are we going? Do you have any ideas? – The date is over. – Edible? The date’s over but– – Leave. (laughs) – Bye Button, thanks!

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  1. Tianrun Li says:

    I am a sensitive bro too

  2. korpakukac says:

    That button voice is so annoying…

  3. Arctic Klondike says:

    Everyone (especially if you’re thicc) follow Wagane on IG @vaporgawd

  4. sour tooth says:

    Have any of these people ever had human interaction before? Hahaha

  5. Northe says:

    Why was the question "how tall are you?" asked so frequently?..

  6. Catherine Sirk says:

    a professional cuddler…WHAT THE HECK?

  7. James Knowles. says:

    I’m dying from embarrassment.

  8. lisa says:

    lmfao the button: leave.

  9. James Knowles. says:

    Thurston can stay 500 feet away from me at all times.

  10. Nicole Camile says:

    I wish the button would have a better voice /;

  11. Gabriella Duncan says:

    The tall asian guy was cute af 👍😍

  12. Alisa Bajrami says:

    I love this😂😂😂😂

  13. omfgdelaney says:

    MY GOD ! This is the type of messy content I live for!

  14. ExApe says:

    the concept is kinda interessting but the voice of this robot drive me nuts ! Sorry but its sound way too robotic and slow am the only one ?

  15. DDAA says:

    Can’t even get them in the same age range now. Come on

  16. Baby L1lac says:

    Does anyone know who the 6”7 glasses wearing guy is… asking for a Friend

  17. Dearon Bursey says:

    When I saw this, clicked immediately

  18. ana moyen says:


  19. Khaiah Mann says:

    Jace always being asked how tall he is. 😂💀

  20. Mazen Moataz says:

    When she said caner man I was so happy

  21. trial says:

    Why does the talking button sound like a Cylon?

  22. DJ STAR Q says:

    Button: “what is thiccccc?” 💀🤣🤣🤣

  23. antonia says:

    the winners at the end seemed really good for each other tbh i was happy

  24. Leon C says:

    I was expecting the robots voice to be more like Alexa, Siri, or Google assistants voice…😂😂

  25. Madu says:

    that robotic voice is absolutely terrible.

  26. evn says:

    I like this one a lot better than last one. Last one was kinda mean. Here everyone was nice for the most part

  27. Philip Bridges says:

    I've never heard two names that seem as fitting for each other as "Cosmo" and "Thurston"

  28. Brandy Carlton says:

    The stigma of not wanting to date a woman because they have children fucking sucks. Nobody is saying you’ll be stepdaddy, just because you date someone with children doesn’t mean you’re automatically that child’s father figure.
    Since becoming a mother myself, this sigma has really bothered me… but it’s fine everyone is entitled to their own preferences.

  29. Sofia Braid says:

    god the cringe i experience right now

  30. Jo T. v.Z. says:

    this is the most awkward shit I’ve seen

  31. E J says:

    Thurston and Cosmo lmao

  32. Firmin_89 says:

    That robot voice is so annoying i cant even see the full video xD

  33. Ouroboros says:

    The Button is sassy af and i love it!!!

  34. Avery Goodman says:

    Cosmo was so attractive….I’m straight I’m straight

  35. DaysOfCaleigh says:


  36. This does not seem to meet your names policy says:

    The line cook and the bartender are annoying.

  37. human89 says:

    The Buzzer is annoying….

  38. Naida Causevic says:

    i love this new series but the voice of the button kinda annoys me

  39. Madi says:

    puppet man real life robbie from victorious, thurston real life larry tudgeman from lizzie mcguire

  40. David U says:


  41. BizarreAvenir says:

    Wegan is cute & the last couple OMG immediatly clicked. @cut give us an update

  42. Lizzypoo says:

    What a cringey Black Mirror episode

  43. Anes Tabuni says:

    Lmao Wagane, you had me dead 💀😂

  44. Pia Maria says:

    I wish the button didn't talk

  45. Bella Smith says:

    literally fuck the button how did anyone make it through with that voice

  46. skinny husband says:

    I can't deal with the robot voice omg make it go away

  47. Alicia A. says:

    This is so cringey and LOWkey cute at the same time lmao I can't get enough of it

  48. Lets Cubix says:

    Thats bullshit, tbh i dont like this show, i prefer the others way more. Whos with me 😉

  49. Beauty By Lyndsay says:

    They need to show if it works out with the winners!

  50. Beauty27 Beauty27 says:

    I love this video ❤

  51. Stephanie Martinez says:


  52. ben says:

    my body just dropped when he pressed the button too late. hella awkward

  53. Fish says:

    The robot voice was annoying please get rid of it for future episodes because its an interesting concept

  54. winwin’s elf ear says:

    cosmo and thurston would honestly be a good looking couple

  55. Stephanie Martinez says:

    Omg the more I watch the more I’m cringinggggg omfg hahahhaha

  56. Andy Garcia says:

    Cosmo is my future ex wife <3

  57. Diana Montero says:

    i do like this show tho

  58. A Random Potato says:


  59. poop poop says:

    "…k i got kids!"
    Button: H E ' D M A K E A G O O D F A T H E R


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  62. Thousand_Cuts says:

    Don't touch me

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    the robot voice has got to go

  64. Martina Infante says:

    2:28 my hole organism is cringing right now. That was so painful to watch.

  65. Jessica Doherty says:

    Nothing beats the last one 😭

  66. vegan feminist says:

    Cosmo 😍
    Thurston 😍
    Wagane 😍
    James 😍

    This was fun.

  67. Sne Mehta says:

    I like the two who won, they seem friendly and like they could be friends even if they don't end up dating

  68. Breeshonna Speight says:

    The voiccccee is annoying lmaaaoo

  69. Pretty Hamburger says:

    Why does this one feel like an episode of the Eric Andre show? And why do I totally have a thing for the puppet guy??

  70. Danii Brady says:

    Cosmo is so cute her laugh makes me melttt

  71. Dylan Knight says:

    When he tried to press the button after it turned back I died of 2nd hand embarrassment and had to turn the video off. Lmaooo

  72. kill gavin says:

    5:17 i lost my shit when he said “ima get cancelled” ☠️☠️☠️

  73. gramps2matt says:

    The shirt on the last guy was either a bad attempt to recreate a retro staff uniform shirt from 7/11 back in the day or a real one.

  74. Slick says:

    This was so cringey god damn lol 2:27

  75. Black Cat says:

    That cringy robotic voice is annoying AF

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    when tht dude walked into the frame i KNEW she wld like him

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    That buttons voice is ANNOYING. wont be watching anymore "the button" dates

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    “We can cry together” uhhh wtf I thought Capricorn’s don’t fucking cry?…

  79. wolfo hunto says:

    Back in ancient rome the gladiators fought until there was only one man standing

    in modern days we have this

  80. Hannah Carlson says:

    Even though I was cringing during most of this video, it's enjoyable to power through the cringe knowing that by the end of the video, two people will inevitably have an actual connection!

  81. Simon Isenberg says:

    That button voice is still painfully slow and annoying and is quite a disruptive presence but I guess they shot a bunch of them on one day so there won't be a change right away. Or they really want to sit it out in hopes, that more people accept it.

  82. Lise Bossard says:

    The voice of the buzzer is very annoying

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    Thurston literally looks like Alex Standall from 13 reasons why

    I can't unsee it

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    Cut manages to find the weirdest people for these videos…

  85. xLil shortyx says:


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    they look like they’re meant for eachother, like I knew it was gna be him lmao

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    what is james' insta…. he do be cute

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    Girl in the gumby shirt's style is abrasive

  89. Jacky Chen says:

    4:55 #DoNotCancelWagane I feel for you!

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    i can’t believe that last guy was a Capricorn, like we never cry or show any emotion lmao

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    Jesus fuck, this game is brutal as shit. I LOVE IT. 😀

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    when they said capricorn and cancer, i knew it

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    2:30 god someone shoot me

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    You don't have to zoom on the button every time it speaks . . . Just a thought.

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    We love the button

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    The button is a straight savage for real.

  98. Mrcool178 says:

    It amazes me how you find the weirdest people out there

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