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Server monitoring is tricky. It takes a significant time
investment to get it right. That’s the challenge we’re
looking to solve. We dedicate all our time
to make monitoring as easy and pain-free for our customers
as we possibly can. We come into the office
every day to solve problems. Each problem we solve shaves minutes,
hours even, off our customer’s workflow. That challenge and that possibility
to recover time for us, and our customers, is what
drives everything we do. Server Density started quite
a few years ago now. I was working at another company
and we needed server monitoring. We needed graphs and alerting and didn’t want to have to go through the hassle
of running our own monitoring systems and dealing with the enterprise products
that were available at the time. I came up with a good architecture
and decided to build it myself. I was introduced to David Mytton by
an ex-colleague of mine in Silicon Valley. And he said I should meet this very
interesting guy and I met David. We had a very good chat. I was very
impressed with him, naturally. But he was quite young and the product,
I guess, was quite young too. So, effectively, I suggested
to David that he go back and work on the product a bit more
and get a few customers. About three months later
he gave me a call and said, “Qamar, I’d like to meet you again,
we’ve made some progress.” And we met and, yes, he had made progress
and he’d even got some customers. So, at that point, I decided to be
the first investor in Server Density and lend the seed round. It started with just a few of us. But then we started getting
more customers. As a result the product grew. So we started hiring
more people. And the team grew. Both in London. And remotely. And all around Europe. Server Density, today, is 20 people
and we’re continuing to hire. Although we have a distributed
remote working culture, the team works really
well together. When we’re in the office we always
have lunch together every day. describing what they’ve been
working on and the challenges that they’ve been facing
during the week. Today we’re helping over a thousand customers
monitor over 80,000 servers worldwide and collecting over two
billion metrics a day. We don’t obsess about numbers. What excites us is optimizing server
density to be as powerful, clear and intuitive
as it can possibly be. So our customers can
spend their time where it matters. Focusing on their customers
and growing their business. That’s what keeps us going,
day in and day out.

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  1. Michael Trimm says:

    I like the marketing approach done in the video. Very classy. Look forward to demoing your product.

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