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– Google is already the
most popular search engine. You already know that. Focusing on Google can
drive you a ton of traffic, but did you know there’s
another search engine that can drive you a ton of traffic? And no, it’s not Bing. This search engine is so effective, I’m getting over 100,000
visitors a month consistently from this search engine. Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patal and today I’m going to
discuss SEO beyond Google, how to rank on the best
alternative search engine. (upbeat instrumental music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this video,
and if you’re on YouTube, click the alert notification. That way, when I go live,
you’ll get notified. So, you’re probably wondering
what is this alternative search engine that I’m getting over 100,000 visitors a month, and some months, I’m getting over 200,000
visitors a month from? Well, it’s YouTube. YouTube SEO is totally
different than Google. Before I get into how
you can rank on YouTube, of course you know you’re going to already have to create videos, but with YouTube, here’s the thing, Google
takes a long time to decide who’s ranking on page one. YouTube, you can rank
for a competitive keyword like SEO, within 24 to
48 hours at the top. The first tip I have for
you, is to push the video as hard as possible in the first 24 hours. The big component of YouTube’s algorithm is the better the video
does in the first 24 hours, the better it’s going to rank on YouTube. Most people look at
YouTube and being like, huh, it’s probably like Google. If I keep optimizing over
time I can continually rank higher in the rankings. Not so much. It’s more
so if you do really well in the first 24 hours,
you’re going to continually do better in the long haul, and your ranks are just going
to shoot to the top really fast. So, in the first 24 hours,
when I release a video, I’ll do a push notification
through A lot of times I’ll do a e-mail blast, a combination of those two things help push my videos to rank higher. The second tip to ranking
really well on YouTube is only produce content that
you know people will love, and you can end up going on YouTube see what’s worked in
this space, what hasn’t. You don’t want to produce
content that people hate because if you’re ranking
really well on YouTube and for a whole month you
produce content that people hate, your overall channel score decreases, and you’ll find that your rankings, the content that’s shared
through the browse feature, suggested feature, it’ll
all start going down and your YouTube channel
will start dwindling. So, they look at it as not
just on, hey, is the video really popular in the first 24 hours? But, are you constantly
producing good content? If you think a piece of
content’s going to suck, you’re better off not releasing
it than having it out there, because it can hurt your rankings and create a negative effect. The next tip I have for you is to upload a SRT file on YouTube. You’re thinking, hey,
YouTube can automatically add close captions, why do
I need to upload a SRT file? Well, here’s the thing,
a SRT file tells YouTube that this is what the
video is really about. They know that if they use
their machine learning bot that, yeah, they can transit
with your videos on, but there still could be some
errors and it’s not perfect. When you upload a SRT file manually, you will notice that you’ll rank higher and you can just go to sites like, get a SRT file, and upload it. Another quick tip for YouTube is upload SRT files in different languages. YouTube is trying to get more competitive in the United States, but
it isn’t that competitive overseas, yet, it’s really popular. So, make sure that when you have a video, translate and transcribe
it, upload the SRT file. When you do that, your
rankings will go up over time, especially in those regions
where it’s not competitive and it’s easy, quick traffic. Once you do all of that, I want you to head over to Ubersuggest,
type in the keywords that you want to rank for. It’ll give you all the
long-tail variations and on Ubersuggest, click on
the keyboard ideas report, then under that keyword,
there’s a related tab. The related tab will have
other similar keywords. Consider including these
keywords within your description, your title, and that should
help you get more traffic. Now, your description
shouldn’t just be a paragraph. The longer your description
is, assuming it’s very valuable to the user, what you’ll find is you’ll rank for more keywords. And you can include these
keywords in the tags, in different places on YouTube, but what I found is the
longer your description of the video, the better off you are. And last, but not least,
whatever your video’s on, make sure you say that
word within your video. So if my video’s on SEO,
I will continually say SEO within my video. If my video is on search engines, I’ll continually say the
words search engines. If it’s on dog food, you
say the work dog food. Whatever it may be. YouTube looks for what you’re saying, not just from the SRT file, but they try to decipher it on their own. If you’re saying the right
keywords multiple times, think of keyword density, they know that that video’s on that topic, you’re much more likely
to rank higher as well. If you follow all those tips,
you can get a lot of traffic. Yes, there’s Google and you
should optimize your Google, but why should it stop there? You already know about Bing as well, but the search engine I want
you to look at is YouTube. Sure, you get to create videos, but it’s not competitive yet. You can get a ton of
traffic, it’s well worth it. If you need help with your traffic, whether it’s YouTube
SEO or just general SEO, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed the video, subscribe. Leave a comment and I’ll answer it. Like, share, the video. Thank you for watching.

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