See How Alde UK Increased Their Internet Speeds By 20 Times With Glide Business Broadband


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Alde are a Swedish company founded in 1949.
We supply heating and hot water solutions to the caravan and motor home
industry. At this facility we do distribution, assembly and also
provide full technical services for our customers and our end-users. Before, our
connection was very slow, it was a standard ADSL connection. We had about 3
megabits per second download, less than a megabit up. I require the Internet for
quite a lot of the finance role. The technology that we use in the accounting
software is heavily reliant as well as file sharing solutions and sharing data
with both our customers and suppliers. We have subsidiaries around the world, we
have a portal which we can use to send and receive files. If your upload speed
is only nought point 2 megabits per second it makes it very difficult to
really contribute to that international discussion. We heard about Glide when the
cabinet actually appeared at the end of the road with their name on it. As soon
as I saw it I thought well yes this has to be looked into immediately so that was
probably the first call I made that morning. My job involves building out the
infrastructure that the customers plug into, so I build everything up to the
cabinets on the corner of the streets. The importance of fibre in
business connectivity is fibre is still the future of telecommunications. With
today’s technology moving all the time and computers getting faster, the
service that feeds that needs to be faster all the time and that’s what we
provide to our customers. The product was exactly what we wanted.
The bonded FTTC connection from Glide seemed to us like the best combination
of speed, reliability and cost. We’re experiencing speeds of 62 megabits
per second down, 36 megabit per second up. Having Glide has enabled us to look at a
variety of solutions with regards to many areas of the business including
accounting software, file sharing software and different ways to share
information with our customers and suppliers. The sales process with Glide was very
quick and easy. We made the call and within a few weeks we had the service. We
didn’t really have any concerns, we needed to improve, we needed to move on
to a more sophisticated service and we knew Glide would deliver. There’s not
even been any challenges that we’ve needed to overcome really, it’s all been
very smooth sailing. If anyone’s thinking about getting Glide, just go ahead and do it.

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