Safer Internet Day 2016: neem je privacy in eigen handen!


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A friend request. It’s Sophie, who is she? Oh my god, such a beautiful girl and those eyes… Ok, we are friends! And she already send me a message She says that I look nice, well that goes both ways. Hmm, okay, the webcam goes on. How would she look in real life? WOW! Like this, that’s just perfect! I’m already getting hot… Did she just take her shirt off? Her body looks… amazingly hot! She’s asking if I want more? Hell yeah! Oh my turn… I will just take off my shirt, will she like that? Oh, she wants to see more… Damn, the way she looks at me. Okay, I will just do it… Here you go, pants off. All for you Sophie! Would I like to go further?
Okay Oh, the image got lost. Sophie? 1 moment… She’s surely dressing herself up for me. Game over? What? She’s asking if I know Cedric, Jules and Melanie? Of course, they are my classmates. Oh my god! No no no! I have to transfer 1500 euro to her account. Otherwise she will send this video to all my contacts. What now? Are you a victim of sextortion as well? Or, do you have questions? Call 116 000, the Online Safety Helpline from Child Focus Or go to the police!

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  1. Giel Schmiehusen says:

    hallo medeleerlingen XD

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