Rozbalení Google Pixel a první pohled!


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Hi everyone and welcome to my next video, today we will review the telephone called Google Pixel So in today’s video I will just show you the unboxing part because as you can see I have had iPhone for a really long time and I had been using Android for about two months so I don’t have much experience with Android but…in this video we are going to do unboxing of Google Pixel and within one week or two I will record a video how this telephone actually works after those two weeks of using, if I’m satisfied, if it’s lagging or my opinion something like review Expect it in two weeks today it’s going to be just unboxing and some basic info I’d like to thank “CELKOM Praha” company for lending me this phone who own e-shop, where you can buy it too All the needed links are in description So, what will you get in pack is, of course, telephone because it would be bad without that as you could’ve notice, I have the silver version 32 GB of memory because it’s not Pixel XL it’s just the basic five inch version which is the cheapest one There is also a black and blue version but I’m not sure if the blue one is available in Czechia I know the black one is, but not sure about the blue one so you can find it out in links I don’t know if it’s true then we also get a charger and some usual papers where you can find (you could notice that they’re in German, because Czech distribution is not available for this phone) we will get a 3-month voucher for Google Music so we can listen to music for three months for free probably just by activating it in the phone This telephone offers even automatic backup for all of your photos and videos on internet and you have infinite space for your photos in the highest quality So all of your 4K videos, all the photos in the highest resolution and you can upload it all on Google Photos for free and have the infinite amount of them there as many as you want to unlimited space on cloud, which is just awesome Next, we will get, of course a plug, which is USB-C type We will also get USB-C/USB-C cable because this telephone is charged by USB-C connector Then we will get USB/USB-C cable and another thing we get is USB/USB-C reduction which is totally great, because you can connect it with your older phone it’s working even with iPhone I just plugged the charger of iPhone in USB I connected it with iPhone and plugged that USB-C in Google Pixel and all the messages, photos, even apps and contacts were transfered into it and it’s totally awesome Calendar, e-mails, everything I needed so basically when I turned this phone on for the first fime all the necessary stuff was there and I just installed some apps and checked the settings so…it’s great that they are now putting things like these there it is awesome and the telephone has, of course, the jack which is really bothering me on iPhone 7 it just doesn’t have jack It is bothering me so much that iPhone doesn’t have it, really So just to let you know, what does this phone contain of it has 4 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM it is not extendable you cannot put the SD card next to SIM card the port is just for the SIM, so you cannot put even a small SD card there so you just got 32 GB you cannot extend that There is also available a 128 GB version which is quite much The telephone has even a quad-core processor, 2 GHz Snapdragon, I don’t know the exact number you can find it online It has a Full HD display I think that Pixel XL has a QHD display so even higher resolution than Full HD I’m not sure how high the resolution exactly is, but this telephone has 1920×1080 That’s 16:9, so maybe you will see some gameplays recorded on it later The battery capacity is almost 3000 mAh And now I will talk just about the camera This telephone has the best camera among the smartphones Yes, it has It is the best camera among the smartphones so far Nothing has outrun it and…I’ve tested it and it takes amazing photos You will see everything in the next video I will try to record some videos, so you could see what the resolution is like it can record 4K videos, of course 30 fps Full HD video has 120 fps and HD video has about 240 fps, I guess so you can do a quite good slow-mo and it has great OIS it is digital, which is the thing that someone probably won’t like because it is visible, especially at night You can turn it off but during the day it is perfect basically it’s just the same stabilization which is available on YouTube when you upload some video and it offers you “Automatic stabilization” so I think it works the same way there because it works brilliantly on YouTube so that’s it The camera is top The next thing is why I’ve chosen this phone why I’ve chosen the Google Pixel is that in this phone there is a pure Android It’s made by Google and adjust only for this phone there aren’t any useless apps I had some Acer *actually ASUS* telephone ZenFone or what was that and it just started lagging after one week because there were useless apps running in the background There you have completely pure Android everything is fluent I have there just apps installed by myself it is just perfect, and it is so fast, compared to that ZenFone I can see the difference and it’s huge It has amazing fingerprint reader in the back which is fast as hell I just do a *poup* I missed it I just do a *poup* and I’m there it is awesome and incredibly fast and there hasnt’ been any problem with that like it couldn’t recognize my finger so far This telephone is amazing and I’m really satisfied with it, but we will see in week or two In next days I’m gonna go to Brno, where I’m gonna use the camera really much so you will have seen the photos then and you will just have known if this telephone is good for you or not Base price of this phone is near to 23 000 CZK (972 USD) which is probably a large sum the telephone doesn’t look the best on the outside but I really like its design I think there are two types of people Those who like this design and those who totally hate it because it isn’t original in any aspect it is just a typical phone It isn’t anything special at all but it fulfills the purpose I like the glass in the higher part of back it is there because of the signal antenna In the lower part is a basic aluminium like the iPhones have, I think it’s the same so I like the design really much People are complaining that there is too much space below the display and there are no buttons but I don’t see any problem there, because I can grab the phone well there and you can’t block the speaker, which is just great After a one or two days, I’m quite satisfied with this telephone so far I have got used to its keyboard, which took me some time because it’s completely different but I’m satisfied with it, so we will see in week or two I’ll record a video if I still do so how it works, if it started lagging and so on, it will be a more detailed video where I’ll show you the photos we could do, if you were interested I have my iPhone 6S there as you can see, Google Pixel is slightly larger but just by a little we could do a comparison of cameras which one is better I know I should compare it with iPhone 7 because it’s the latest one, but I don’t have it so I could do it with 6S, if you wanted to basically a video (both have 4K 30 fps), where we could compare them and see, which video has better quality, which one takes better photos and I think it could be quite interesting so write in the comments I’ll definitely record some gameplays from it because on the Android there are tons of them and there are many emulators on iPhone it is hard to get one so you will have found out everything in the next video and write in the comment section if you would want to see duel of the cameras or not So that’s it, I hope you liked this video don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe and share it Goodbye! *SUPPORT ON PATREON*

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  2. ViRatio says:

    Nebo by jsi mohl zkusit natočit ve 4k např vlog, či prostě něco, ale neříct to, a na konci videa říct, že tohle je z google pixelu, jen nápad.

  3. Kowalski says:

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  9. ShippY CZ says:

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  10. Deepy says:

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  11. Andrew Bibes says:

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  12. TomiiK says:

    32GB napohodu, stačí mi pár GB a 128GB?
    Kdo to sakra používá ?
    To tam mají porno ve smyčce nebo co ? 😀

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    Jede to fajne a pokud Jack strašně potřebuješ tak si vezmeš redukci a jsi v pohodě 😉
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    Jinak super video 😉 Jinak Google Pixel je taky fajn stroj.Líbí se mi minimalistický "dyzajn" a SENZAČNÍ,opakuji,SENZAČNÍ kamera .. Pokud chcete dělat profesionální foto s mobilem,která vypadají jako kdyby jste je fotili se zrcadlovkou tak jdu po Pixelu 🙂 Toť vše pro můj komentář 😛

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