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Need to register a new domain name or
transfer an existing one? Dyn makes registration and transfers
simple and quick. To register a new domain with Dyn, first
you will need an account if you don’t already have one. Simply goto and click on
Sign In. Fill out the necessary information on
the left hand side of the page and click Create Account. If you already have an account, sign in using your username and password on the right hand side the page and log in. From the My Account screen, you can explore many of Dyn’s services everything from Remote Access to Email
Deliverability. To register a domain, click on My Zones /Domains. From this page, you can register or transfer domains and add Standard DNS to new or existing one. Select Register Domain. Then type in your desired domain name at the top of the screen and select Register a new domain name. In the section below, you can select
whether or not you would like to add Dyn Standard DNS service to your domain. If your websites host already offers DNS you can delegate your domain using their
name servers. If you are unsure if you need DNS or not select “I already have DNS service for this
domain” You can add Standard DNS at anytime. For more information on Standard DNS visit our video library at for an introduction to Standard DNS. Review the options that you have selected then click Continue. On the next screen you’ll need to fill out your registration information with your name, address, phone number If you would like your registration information to be be kept confidential select the Secret Registration option. If you added Standard DNS to your domain, you can copy your assigned nameservers at the top of the page and use them to delegate your domain
with your website host. Lastly, accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue. Review your order and select Proceed To Checkout Once you have purchased the domain, it may take up to an hour for the
domain to become active. If you are transferring a domain to
Dyn, you will need to prepare your domain for transfer, first. To keep your domain secure and from
being transferred without your knowledge registrars lock your domain and its DNS
options. If you are planning to use Dyn’s Standard,
DNS you will need to purchase the service before or after the transfers completed and delegate the domain appropriately. Then you will need to unlock your domain with your current registrar. Please consult your registrar’s
documentation to see how this is done. Once your domain is unlocked, you should receive an ePPO authorization code it’s basically a password that authorize
the transfer next login to dine dot com can click on my
zones such domains then click on transfer a domain type in your domain
address then click on transfer an existing
domain to your account selected DNS and mail running option and then click continuum here and to you DPP authorization code
at the top ensure that your registration
information is correct if you would like your registration information will be
kept confidential slut the secret registration options
lastly agree to the Terms of Service and click
Continue 0 you will then be asked to purchase the
transfer service once you’ve checked out the transfer will begin it can take up
to 10 days before the transfers completed still have questions checking our
support page it helped out time to calm

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