QSAN XCubeNAS Tutorial – Setting up Web Server within XCubeNAS with a Few Clicks


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Please enter Control Panel>Connection. Please enable DDNS sevice and fill up below informations. XCubeNAS support below DDNS provider. Please click “Test Connection” to test it. Please click “Apply” to finish the setting. You could check DDNS status here. You also could click “Update” to reflash the DDNS status. Please enter APP>Web Server. Please enable web server and click Apply. Please enter File Manager. Please enter All Files>Web and upload the HTML file. Please click below link to access web server. If you would like to use virtual host, please remove the HTML file in web folder. Please enable virtual host and add virtual host. Please click Confirm and Apply to finish the setting. Please enter File Manager>All Files>Web. You could see the folder which has the same name as Directory name. Please enter the folder and upload the HTML file. Please enter the host name in the browser. Please enter PHP, here you could upload, edit or restore the file.

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