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[school bell rings] Lepore: I consider myself lucky
to be a teacher. Whose Website
are you looking at now? If a teacher is collecting
and handing out papers, they’re not maximizing
the amount of time that they’re actually teaching. woman: You know, I have
45 minutes a day with kids. So, if I can get them to do
an assignment at night, I’ve now added time with them. Marinello:
As a first-year teacher, it was rough in the beginning. The amount of paper
was overwhelming. Lepore: Google Classroom
is one location for all of their worksheets
and handouts. It’s a way for a teacher
to be able to distribute projects to students, and it’s a way for students to be able
to turn in their work. woman: Everyone should have
their own copy. It has their name
up on the top. Delauro: It gives you
a little more teaching time, and who doesn’t like
to save time? Mitchell:
Everything that we need for the class is in one place. Emily: My worksheets are there.
My group work is there. Mitchell:
I submit it, and then it’s done. I don’t have to worry
about losing it or forgetting to hand it in or spilling coffee on it
in the morning. Marinello: Classroom really
helped organize everything, and it showed me
when it was submitted, what was submitted. Delauro:
You cannot stay in teaching and keep going to the old ways. Lepore: With Google Classroom,
I’m able to maximize time in the classroom to bring students
to that next level. Marinello: It definitely helped
make me a much better teacher. woman: You see faculty now
that are rejuvenated. Teaching becomes new again. Delauro:
Very good. Very good. Okay.

97 Replies to “Previewing a new Classroom by Google”

  1. Alex Malureanu says:

    Ca unealta sa ajunga sa fie folosita si la noi trebuie ca Google Romania:) sa pregateasca profesorii inainte. Aici e marea problema.

  2. TransparentLabyrinth says:

    What a new, novel idea.

    Oh wait. Blackboard, WebTycho, Sakai…

  3. Hyst É Ribox says:

    Fini l'unique tableau du professeur,
    Un élève = un écran = le même doc

  4. mikhail nayvelt says:

    Уважаемый Президент !
    Как мне подписаться на программы если не понимаю текста вопросов английского а Department of children And Famines port CHARLOTTE -FLORIDA не желают помочь заполнить формы ?

  5. mikhail nayvelt says:

    Я два дня отбивал пороги офиса для помощи имея письмо от Губернатора с номером моего медике йота, но вышибало у дверей мне отказали встречи с супервазером Мои подписки
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  6. mikhail nayvelt says:

    И даже Сосиал секюрити офис не пожелал оказать содействие по сути просьбы о помощи? Ответ: обращайтесь к Губернатору к которому не возможно до звониться и если он читает мое послание,, то хочу поблагодарить за двойное напоминание о сроке заполнения формы, но сам себе не могу помочь из за местной бюрократии , которая противостоять demokratov !!!

  7. Niclacoste says:

    I asked my group once to upload our files into Google Drive and they told me they only use Yahoo Mail…

  8. louisetgerald says:

    sounds like a great time saving tool

  9. Cauê Fonseca says:


  10. NOTenBrüssel says:

    looks promising. we would need something like that over here in germany.

  11. Michael Tropia says:

    It's like you need $ to go to school in 2014????

  12. Someshwar Madavi says:


  13. Tom Gibbons says:

    Sister Rosemarie=Rockstar. I don't know her, but she's awesome.

  14. Ron Turchyniak says:

    Hope to Roll-out before Sept 2014 & Hope to be able to present this at our «Engage Conference».

  15. Eu sou o Man says:


  16. Tom says:

    Lol are you serious, people would just start fucking around on their laptops and not paying any attention to the class, maybe in some full nerd class you will have a normal class…

  17. beia carvalho says:

    Everyone is still in aisles and teacher in the front. Computers is the big change here?

  18. Sebastian Seifert says:

    Here is a preview video of what Google will be adding to their Google Apps for Education suite in September. Looking forward to getting my hands on this and seeing how it can benefit our teachers at FMCSD.

    "You cannot stay in teaching and keep going to the old ways." ~Sister Rosemarie Delauro

  19. D says:

    Reminds me of

  20. Tiago Azevedo says:

    This is awesome and seems to be more intuitive and flawless than other educational tools like @Moodle. Well done, @Google!

  21. Osama ElSherbini says:

    If only teachers knew how to use technology…

  22. Kerbo says:

    And then the wifi goes down for 1 day and they are all fcked

  23. Ajay Kumar says:

    amazing tech

  24. Osimmac says:

    My high school recently got chromebooks, i think were converting

  25. Tommie Dink Bell says:

    This is worth watching more than once.

  26. Nathan H says:

    Blackboard move over, we just got another way to not pay attention in class!

  27. Patrick Small says:

    How will the dog eat my homework now?

  28. TheGuyWhoQS says:

    So will Google take out Edmodo and other sites like that?

  29. George Coba says:

    Or Edmodo…

  30. The Wallaby says:

    What kind of rich ass community can put that many computers in a school

  31. Aidan Sweeney says:

    This stuff should be in every classroom…

  32. Rachel Shelley says:

    Hey there, this is great! Using blackboard makes me face palm myself at least twice a day. Is this as comprehensive as blackboard but without the bugs?

  33. Roland Deason says:

    This is similar to what my school in the small town of Leon Iowa, and I must admit, it is very very nice, it would be quite a task to go back to the old pencil and paper style at this point, just because I have grown quite used to it and it is very convenient and handy to be able to use a computer in the classroom, everything can be organized much easier and I can cover more ground (get more work done) faster because of typing opposed to pencil and paper.

  34. Kadi says:

    Yeah this what we use at school we did our Pluto project and English project on it N it's WAYYYY easier

  35. eagras says:

    Now kids can play games in class!

  36. 赖经生 says:

    If you can understand what it says change much good, but unfortunately poor English

  37. Dennis says:

    ja, google wird unser neuer diktator sein … hmm ob die wohl noch eine arbeitsstelle freihaben XD

  38. Martín Davico says:

    The dog ate my computer, no wait… The dog ate my internet.

  39. GenjiZerk says:

    who wants to be staring at a computer screen all day…Yay! let's all forget how to write!

  40. budi Arto says:

    Bangodua indramayu jawa barat

  41. Prophecy Films & Pictures says:

    God bless you Google! This is a phenomenal idea and would save both teachers and students a lot of time. My dream class is one that uses Mac OS but includes this Google Classroom feature as well. A huge bond just passed at my school and it includes increasing security and school technology use, as well as increasing network access for both the administration and students. Thank you Google and thank you to all the people who supported this!

  42. spiningncircles says:

    Chromebooks are slow.  If you do this at your school, get a pc or mac.

  43. SofLa Vega says:

    I wish that Google check my user name Google Plus branded since I am eligible.

  44. TKerls says:

    So much douche in the one video.

  45. SweLandsHD says:

    How is this New it's not new it's realy fucking old

  46. SweLandsHD says:

    This is not new LIE!. in sweden we always had this. it's not new google are just copying everything and saying it's new

  47. Ice21 says:

    Google. because fuck papers

  48. Richyrich66 says:

    This is going to be good.

  49. r kar says:

    Yay more ways for teachers and students to not have interactions with each other.

  50. Jelle Feenstra says:

    This really isn't new I've had these features and more ever since I started with school.

  51. MrXxsuper says:

    I really hope my school starts using this instead of what we use now(itslearning) because it looks like it is 100000000x better in every way, looks,  how it is to use, everything.

  52. Rosicler Nunes dos Santos says:

    Não estou em sala de aula mas vou utiliza-lo no meu trabalho voluntario como alfabetizadora

  53. Nereus says:

    you are gonna melt your eyes using for 5 hours each day a notebook with that poor resolution screen.. are you trying to make us blind google?

  54. Brian Seitz says:

    Sounds great, now what happens to those that don't have a computer or internet access.  Google are you going to supply the schools with hardware to loan out and the families with free internet service?  If not you're just stratifying society and creating a class of internet poor.

  55. Michael Doyle says:

    but the dog ate my homework……

  56. Paweł Malek says:

    Pewnie połowa na facebooku siedzi 😛

  57. yousif baqir says:

    و بالعراق عدنة نقص كتب :/ فلحنة

  58. Diane Marturano says:

    look forward to using this

  59. Djallel Boukredia says:

    Hope my teachers use it in France

  60. Priya Ray says:

    We use chromebooks, but only one teacher uses google classrooms. All of them use schoology, but we still have paper assignments and we can't use the chromebooks everyday

  61. Sharron Breaux says:

    Like it

  62. Infinitz says:

    Is this only for educators? Can business consultants use this system too to create e-learning projects for their clients?

  63. Kusri Yanto says:

    Masak cuma gitu an cecup bibir ya

  64. Florence Cudjoe says:

    It's good

  65. ธรรมนูญ ใจเกื้อ says:


  66. Jumbo Jumbo says:


  67. Jumbo Jumbo says:


  68. Jumbo Jumbo says:


  69. Shawnell Joy says:

    look 阿天 米葱 安定macro expressions

  70. ficktao says:

    Another useless and annoying video that shows nothing about he service!

  71. xXBaradockXx says:

    Yo quiero ser el de los lentes flaco, y que se pudra el isaac

  72. Adriana Ferreira says:

    Very good


    interesante forma de aprender de mano con la tecnología

  74. Stanley Mdemi says:

    very good

  75. Petr Wohlgemuth says:

    Not being afraid of spoiling coffe… You see? C'mon, you're taking us all the ways to cheat on teachers 😀 Shall I say now that I "just" was walking through the Google data center and – NOT ON PURPOSE – spoiled my 35 liters of coffee to the Google Classroom servers?? You're making our cheating so hard to do… :/

    ( 😀 #justkidding, you are awesome 😉 )

  76. Andrew M. says:

    Emily @0:51 needs to keep her damn shoes off the chair.

  77. Simone Di Costanzo says:

    Secondo me funzionerà,è un'app innovativa che faciliterebbe anche la vita ad alcune persone

  78. Federico Folchetti says:

    My dog ate my homework

  79. Riccardo Polimene says:

    Un app utile per i giovani che apposto di usare la carta possono usare le nuove tecnologie.

  80. JonyFriedman Vlogs says:

    @google my teacher for bio is Mrs Bernasconi in this video i should come to north and we can make a period 3 bio surprise party for her

  81. Constanza P. Bruce says:

    Será posible que lo traduzcan o hagan subtitulado ? Gracias!

  82. keepit1oo says:

    I just checked out your video, it was litttt!! Keep it up and check out my channel if you get the chance!!!

  83. Francesco Fusco says:

    This app is very funziona e anche too much good, but he don't do coffee

  84. TheLionBrony96 says:

    Looks better than Blackboard (I'm a CUNY student).

    I'd love my professors to switch to Google Classroom because I type my assignments in Google Docs.

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  87. Beth says:

    All these comments are from four years ago, and I have never experienced any year where I did classwork without this. I feel… young?

  88. Rahul Kumar Vishwakarma says:

    I like it sir

  89. Cloudy Eighteen says:

    1:00 But isn't it worse if you spill cofee on your laptop?!

  90. ประทีป อนุมาตย์ says:

    Hillo good morning 31/01/2019

  91. Vyprx says:

    Without google classroom, my school will be nothing

  92. Angie MontoyaCuri says:

    yes Google! 😀

  93. Angie MontoyaCuri says:

    spilling coffee?!

    😂😂tbh that's something i would do😂😂

  94. Angie MontoyaCuri says:

    this was when i was in first grade

  95. bareera shah says:

    i enjoy a lot and learn very much with google services .. thanks Google

  96. INDO POPULER says:

    I want to learn from Google

  97. Fati Dvg says:


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