PLC Web Server Communication over WiFi


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Control field devices with Smartphone? Hardware components required – Siemens S7 1200 Hardware components required – Wi-Fi Router Connect Ethernet cable to PLC Connect the other end to the Router Add your PC to the network Open TIA portal Create a new project Add an unspecified PLC Click on ‘detect’ Accessible device list Enable Web server Load the HTML file Create a datablock ‘web’ Create a tag ‘bool1’ Load block ‘WWW’ Default value ’333’ Connect ‘bool1’ to an Output Download the program The tag in html file Connect to the Wi-Fi created network Open web browser Open web browser Give the ip address of PLC Default web server Default web server Device information data User defined web pages ‘ON’ ‘OFF’ Buttons

5 Replies to “PLC Web Server Communication over WiFi”

  1. thang phamduc says:

    wifi configure how to access the PLC's address as your ?

  2. Vorapob Automation says:

    Could you please send me this project.
    My E-mail:
    [email protected]

  3. Gautam Rc says:

    i am not able to login siemens webserver. give me any suggestions

  4. Selvam Srinivasan says:

    super bro

  5. Rameshwar Talwar says:

    How to develop html file used in process

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