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In this video, I’ll discuss some more web
services that you can use in your serverless applications. Amazon Simple
Storage Service or S3 is a very simple and intuitive web service that you can
use to store and access your data from anywhere on the web and with fine-grained
access control. S3 also lets you build static websites that can interact with
your Lambda code. So you can really use S3 as a front end of your serverless
applications. Interprocess messaging. Now, with serverless applications, since there
are no servers, you need a reliable way for different web services or different
software components to talk to each other or communicate with each other.
AWS provides two services that you can use here for interprocess messaging.
First is SNS or Simple Notification Service. SNS is a fully-managed
notification service that allows you to publish notifications and any services
all software components that subscribe to these notifications will receive
these messages. Then you have SQS or Simple Queue Service which is very
simple and intuitive service that you can use to send and receive messages at
virtually any volume. Now let’s look at Orchestration. AWS Step Functions is a
service that helps you with orchestration. It takes your Lambda
functions to the next level. Now, more often than not, your serverless applications
might need several many Lambda functions. And you might want to run these
functions in a specific order or based on certain conditions that might be
known only at the runtime. And this is where a AWS
Step Functions help you. AWS Step Functions let you build visual
workflows to coordinate different Lambda functions to work together and form a
larger serverless application. Coming to Analytics, Amazon provides two web
services Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Athena. Amazon Kinesis is a platform for
streaming data applications. So if your application requires you to work with or
analyze streaming data in real time, you may want to use Amazon Kinesis. And
Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that you can use to query your
data stored in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Now let’s look at some developer
tools. AWS provides several developer tools that you can use to build your
serverless applications and this includes frameworks like AWS SAM or
Serverless Application Model, which is nothing but a set of guidelines or rules
that you can use to design your serverless applications. Then you also have CI/CD
tools or Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment tools like Amazon
CodeBuild, Amazon CodePipeline or Amazon CodeStar. You also have
debugging tools like AWS X-Ray, and debugging & logging tools
like AWS CloudWatch. When we do our hands-on exercise, we’ll look at how to
use CloudWatch to monitor your Lambda functions. AWS also provides you with
fully functional SDKs that you can use to build your serverless applications. AWS
Lambda currently supports four programming languages. And these are Node.js or
JavaScript, Python, Java and C# or .NET Core.

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