ORANGECRAFT! – The Annoying Orange Minecraft Server


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Some people say you can’t fit a round peg
into a square hole, but we’re about
to prove them all wrong. “Orange” you gonna
ask us how? That’s right. The Annoying Orange got
servered Minecraft-style. [blocks clacking] [clank!]
[Orange laughs] -(announcer) Now you can
respawn all day long in our luxurious hub. Or take the plunge into
one of many worlds, and watch as the plots thicken. Or go get hardcore with
Marshmallow’s Parkour. Ready for more action? Then get your keister
over to Factions. You’ll make a few new friends and a whole lot of enemies.
[slice!] PVP is ready to rock
and so is Style Block. Still want more?
That’s why we’ve got Skywars. All your friends will be there
and so will ours. Orange! Pear! Grandpa Lemon! Passion Fruit! Grapefruit! Midge– I mean, Little Apple! There will be plenty
more surprises to come, like hidden coupon codes
throughout the server, special guest gamers, and weekly challenges to win
all kinds of cool merchandise as well as the chance to appear
on our newest YouTube show, This Week in Orangecraft! Just head over to and get in on the fun today! That sound good to you guys? Hello? Anybody there? The heck?
Where did everybody go? -[Orange laughs]
Sorry, trailer guy. Orangecraft waits for no one!
[chuckles] But seriously, get over here
and play for a while. I promise you guys
it’s a real blast! [ka-boom!]
[laughs] -(announcer)
Orangecraft! What’s mine is yours… unless we’re playing Factions, then you’re going down, griefer! [Orange laughs]

100 Replies to “ORANGECRAFT! – The Annoying Orange Minecraft Server”

  1. Andrei Diamante says:

    and pls make me an /op MateoProPlayer Biggest fan here

  2. Thanon Srimaneekulroj says:

    gat a pat puns

  3. forest and genie05 chanel says:

    it doesn't work

  4. Fred Fish says:

    orange I'm on the pc minecraft I type in orange craft but it wont let me πŸ™

  5. Fred Fish says:

    mines is version 1.9.2

  6. forest and genie05 chanel says:

    plz make a 1.9.2 update

  7. EmmanTubeGaming says:

    Orange what is the port of your server

  8. brenda suarez suarez says:

    what is your port

  9. Maegan & Tilly Lodge says:

    I'm going to marshmelows parkou

  10. TheLastElf 0204 says:

    ehm how come the server has been down for MONTHS

  11. Maegan & Tilly Lodge says:

    I haven't seen PF in this week in orangecraft

  12. Minh Phan Tran Nhat says:

    Hi orange i can't join your server

  13. Ish Ryanna Marya says:

    i can't.. it say invalid session

  14. Ish Ryanna Marya says:

    what is the SERVER NAME?????????? AND THE IP???????? I THINK I'M WRONG OR WHAT???

  15. Abdulelah Nazer says:

    What's your port number?

  16. Eneas Garcia says:


  17. Eneas Garcia says:

    E ha mi

  18. Diana Hagen says:


  19. Esperanza Serrano says:

    how do you get orangecraft

  20. destroyer says:

    is there capitals!!!!??

  21. OwV LiNx says:

    Make it in minecraft 1.9

  22. creeper tnt the first creeper says:

    Midget Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Logan Howard says:

    What's the port number

  24. Steven Plays says:

    what is your servers Name again

  25. Brooke Barrett says:

    whenever I try to do mine orangecraftnet it does not let me

  26. Deelim ._. says:

    UPDATE IT TO 1.10 1. and 2.8 all together

  27. Bantu Pato says:

    make a server fo minecraft pe

  28. Pheonix 348 says:

    hay orange can you make the server wrk in Australia?

  29. Omega says:

    Got hacked

  30. LittleSqaureFace says:


  31. Jordyn Heath says:

    what the port?

  32. pooh dee says:

    I tried it doesn't work

  33. Mandy Thomas says:


  34. Mandy Thomas says:


  35. Sebastian Romero Castro says:

    wtfk omg

  36. AwesomeGuy33 says:

    u seriously made pear the trailer guy

  37. F a T R e T a R d says:

    Is it for McPe too

  38. Theron Chaulk says:

    pe server!

  39. Hussein Nisyif says:

    what is the server name

  40. jockspodocy says:

    Why did the server close down? ;-;

  41. Brissa DLR says:


  42. Jenny Le says:

    I can't join it

  43. skye the Pikachu 2006 says:

    make fashion fruit play some thing

  44. Fuck youtube and google! says:

    Why did you guys close down your server? πŸ™

  45. Gmade Gradenolly says:

    Don't listen to them orange maybe there just crazy about your sever but you only have the pc edition and I have the Pocket edition which is ok

  46. Gmade Gradenolly says:

    I have a question have seen the herobrine
    If you seen one that means the internet explodes and you have to hide from it because it isn't real that's what everybody is saying

  47. GusTheBus09 says:

    man, I miss this server. It was fun and I met one of my best MC friends on there. Ah, memories.

  48. GusTheBus09 says:

    so, can I get my money refunded?

  49. Robert Jenkins says:

    cant resolve hostname help!!!

  50. Carl says:

    Did this server go down

  51. div says:

    what the server name

  52. German Hayles says:

    whatsssss the ip

  53. Steven Sutler says:

    What is the port to your server?
    Windows 10 Edition is C++ it wont let you just search for a server like the java version does. at least not yet any way.

  54. Steven Sutler says:

    @Pear I like my Commander Keen skin.
    Yep an 8 bit character in a 64 bit world.
    CGA later!!

  55. Son Goku says:


  56. German Trains SandPlaysMC says:

    Bring it back @daneboe

  57. sanicbear bear says:

    I was commander rank on this server and it's gone DX

  58. wolf girl tween night 999999900000077777 says:

    fnaf can πŸ±πŸ»πŸ°πŸ±πŸ”πŸ±πŸΊπŸ±

  59. German Trains SandPlaysMC says:

    this day 3 years ago this came out πŸ™ Bring it back Please

  60. Your local krew fan and Gamer Girl says:


  61. Mikedude Rocker says:

    Passion why don't you trying making a gameing video

  62. mini says:

    Hi pear!

  63. Ceron Thornton says:

    what happen to this sverer i wont let me play it

  64. Tyler Kimble says:

    comes next after the top one

  65. Kitty Queen says:

    How do you play it?

  66. DerpCraft 3.0 says:

    Why cant i get on the server?

  67. Masters Doge says:


  68. Bendy Drew says:

    help it keeps saying that it cant resolve host name

  69. Alexandrina ale says:

    Pear really? you have a steve skin that stevtud HAHAHA Get it?

  70. Aby gaming says:

    it wont appear

  71. Miss B says:

    why did u shut it down?

  72. Crazy Crafter prime says:

    Pear head to

  73. Aqeel Ali says:

    The Heck?

  74. Bonna Bunny says:

    I want to but I need the port so I can play pocket edition

  75. Aqeel Ali says:

    Pear And Orange Has LostΒ£231,000,000! HAHAHA!

  76. Spike 32 says:

    Orange, you took it down?? Whyyy?

  77. Anonymous ??? says:


  78. TheMuchSwagDoge says:

    β€œDon’t be sad because it’s over, be happy because it happened.”
    -Dr Seuss

  79. Papyrus Gaster says:

    bring back the server!

  80. Kevin Verdin says:

    not in mcpe? πŸ™

  81. DarkNinja13532 says:

    Does the server work??? When I tried it, didn't work

  82. Luizito 123 says:

    I think this server got shutdown because of so many hackers

  83. This channel is dead i have a new one DashRed 101 says:

    guys it broken

  84. Nadia Hernandez says:


  85. Sidiney Guimaraes says:

    Aww i missed the record

  86. A Hun says:

    Pear like steve

  87. PuRplE sHeP says:


  88. II DEP II says:

    Hey Orange knife

  89. Vojinek58 says:

    is version mc 1.7.10

  90. AwesomeBoy says:

    im here in 2019 and its fricking out of buisness

  91. Hatsume Edits says:


  92. HQRobloxandBlocksWorldandMinecraft says: I did the same thing and it will not let me put E and T in it anymore

  93. Dumb Potato says:


  94. Spider Dude says:

    How do I join the server in ios

  95. hi my name is apples says:

    yeah, 5 years later the IP address doesn't work. I wonder why..

  96. Drewsky Brewsky says:

    I’m going to hack on your server haha

  97. Altitude Pilot says:

    please remake the server

  98. orenges says:

    It's All Over… πŸ™

  99. Viviana Torres says:

    It's like the annoying orange

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