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Hello, friends. Today the New Hope team is with you and today we would like to talk on the topic: “Server load”. Almost all who are traders most often use robots. As robots more and more come into the rights of those who can discipline fulfill their tasks according to the set strategy. We use them, and accordingly, we use trading servers. Therefore, the reduction and optimization of the trading server is a very important factor as a result of which your profit may increase due to a number of points, which I will discuss later. Now we have a trading server open. Trading server if we look at it, let’s see it, the data on this server, we see that it is a small server with 2 gigabytes of RAM and 2.39 gigahertz core. This is an ordinary small server that can be used for 1, 2, maximum 3 trading terminals and trade from it. Now let’s go to the task manager and look at the load. When everything is turned off, the load on the server is from 4 to 8, 8-9 percent. Accordingly, the memory is loaded at 700 megabytes. Now we open one terminal and observe the load. The load became much more on the processor, the RAM was not heavily loaded, but the processor itself received an additional load. We have 4 terminals open. So the first moment with which we can optimize the trading server. The first moment is the closing of the background programs that are located here. We know for sure that you can close google These are small programs that monitor, analyze information, collect it and other servers, various programs, depending on what you are running. I don’t know, I won’t give specific examples, because everyone who rents a server has different software, but the point is that part of the programs can be closed. This will also reduce the load on the server. Now we look at the server itself, what is our load. We have 4 terminals open and data on it. The load is growing, sometimes one hundred percent, and we take into account that you have only one term running. The first thing we can do if you need. You have a lot of tools. Well, for example, your advisers have four instruments. If you are trading on the hourly chart, it is imperative that I do so, this will increase the chart as much as possible. The fewer ticks are displayed, the correspondingly less graphics load and, accordingly, the processor does not need to display so much. Here you already adjust for yourself. We also close onclick if we do not use them. Now “control + G” we click and remove the graphic lines. For example, I personally do not use them, it is also a drawing that gives its load. We look at the load has not changed, because it is minimal. That is, we reduced the load due to the graphics, but not much. The following issues, very important due to which the processor is loading, are this list of tools. Due to the fact that there are a huge number of ticks coming in from a huge number of tools and they need to be graphically depicted and at the same time processed, this is a huge load on our server. If you trade, for example, in four charts and you have robots on four charts, then the rest should be hidden. We right-click, select “Hide all”, we still have a small number of tools. And now we have three tools left. We close, watch the load and the load somehow fell. I’ll tell you honestly if you open these three tools, the load will also not increase much. It will play plus or minus in a small range, because the graphic part is greatly reduced. But when trading, I advise you to also hide it. But if you have hidden, then know that ticks still come from servers and it processes them even without visualization. And now we take the next step. How else can speed up? You just turn off the terminal. Since you do not trade constantly, there should be no visualization. You can look now. We will open the terminal and load. She is, she is small, but she is. It is jumping, due to the fact that the graph is drawn and when we turn off, the load disappears and it is not there. Here you can see the impulses happening, they are connected with the graphics. Due to the fact that the processor needs to process the data and it is loading for this processing, accordingly it appears here. It is displayed in the form of such spikes. When we turned off the terminal, the load goes smoothly. In this case, it allows you to already launch a second terminal and a third terminal there. This is a simple action. Three actions. The first is the closure of background programs that can load. The second is an increase in the charts so that the display is smaller on the charts themselves and the third point is the hiding of unused trading instruments in order to reduce our processing load, which just does affect the processor. Now, as you can see, everything is going smoothly. In this case, the metatrader 4 program works. Expand and the load immediately begins to appear. That’s all. If you have any such questions, If you have any similar questions, even at an elementary level,you can easily ask them on them on the site’s page in the chat, in our skype, by mail, possibly in the comments on youtube, and we are ready to answer any of your questions, because we have a huge store of knowledge. Goodbye.

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