New in Chrome 65: CSS Paint API, Server Timing API, and CSS display: contents


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  1. Beck Busch says:

    The CSS paint api looks amazing. This may be the solution for a problem I have had for a while.

  2. rakesh kumar says:


  3. Khalyomede says:

    The Server Timing API is a genius idea !

  4. Mohammad Kermani says:

    I always think when really we can use these new updates, because there are users who will not update their browsers

  5. Zambonifofex says:

    I’m pretty happy about ‘display: contents’. Thanks to the W3C and WHATWG for coming up with this stuff, thanks to the Chromium guys for making it come true, and thanks to the Chrome Developers channel for bringing it to us informatively〜

  6. Satya Kresna Adi Pratama says:

    Hi, I don't see the Rachel Andrew article's (CSS display contents) in link description as Pete say in video. Could you please update that? Thanks a lot.

  7. Anirudha Pendakur says:

    I can't find Rachel's Blog linked here.

  8. Brian Best says:


  9. Melih GÜLER says:

    Is the stain or torn

  10. Виктор Музыка says:

    Стелит супер!)

  11. Миша Хантер says:

    RIP the anchor tag's download attribute.

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