Muhammad Ali’s biggest fights were outside the ring


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Muhammad Ali was, the story goes, the greatest
boxer of all time. But that’s not why he’ll be remembered as the greatest. Yeah, he was incredibly fast in the ring. Ali: There’s not a heavyweight in the world
fast enough to stop me He was so powerful, his biggest fights never
went 16 rounds. But ali’s greatness is all about the other punches he threw. “I SHOOK UP THE WORLD, I SHOOK UP THE WORLD, I SHOOK UP THE WORLD” He always made his boxing about something
much bigger than himself Ali: I wanna fight for the prestige – not
for me, but to uplift my brothers who are sleeping on a concrete floors today in America. For example, listen to this story about after
he won the gold medal in the 1960 olympics. Ali: I took my gold medal. Thought I’d invented
something I said “I’m gonna get my people [?] I’m the champion of the whole world.
I know I can eat downtown now. I went downtown and had my big old medal on. And at that time
things weren’t integrated the black peoples couldn’t eat downtown. And I went downtown
and I sat down and I said “cup of coffee and a hot dog” this young lady she said
“We don’t serve negroes” and I was so mad I said “I don’t eat em either just
give me cup of coffee” So it might not be a surprise that an early
mentor was Malcolm X, then of the Nation of Islam. Have you been advising him as far as his religious
affiliations are concerned? Malcom X: Well no I don’t give advice to
anyone. Most people know he changed his name based
on his religious beliefs. But while most accounts say Cassius changed
his name to Muhammad Ali, that’s not the whole story. The morning after Cassius became
heavyweight champ, he confirmed publicly that he was a member of the Nation of Islam and
he and Malcolm X announced his new name. David Remnick: He said he was Cassius X. Ali: Clay was a white man’s name. It was
a slave name. The X was the Nation of Islam’s way of rejecting
a name bestowed by whites. Days later, Elijah Muhammad, the leader of
the Nation of Islam, went further. Manning marable: bestowing upon Cassius X
an original name Muhammad Ali, which “beloved of god” Ali: So I’m now Muhammad Ali But he refused to change it legally:
Ali: The judge is what color? He’s white. In other words I’d have to ask a white man
“May I call myself Muhammad Ali, boss?” He refused the draft to serve in vietnam as
a conscientious objector. That meant losing his title, losing his profession. and being
convicted in court. Ali: My conscience won’t let me go shoot
my brother or some darker people or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful
America and shoot them for what? They never called me nigger. They never lynched me, they
never put dogs on me, they never robbed me of my nationality, raped and killed my mother
and father. Shoot them for what? I don’t have to go and shoot them. Just take me to
jail. But his moral stand brought him into the civil
rights movement. He befriended Martin Luther King Jr. despite their differences, Reporter: What did you discuss back in the
hotel room? Ali: Nothing. We’re just friends. Just like
Kruschev and Kennedy United against oppression and the war. MLK: As Muhammad Ali has just said, we are
all victims of the same system of oppression. And even though we may have different religious
beliefs, this does not at all bring about a difference in terms of our concern.
Ali: Still brothers Reporter: Do you share the same concern that
Muhammad has for his draft status? MLK: Oh I certainly do. You know my views
on the draft are very clear. I’m against it. And he took his case of conscientious objection
to the supreme court. Ali: I haven’t burnt my own draft records.
But what I’m doing is legal. This is why I believe I’ll receive justice in the higher
courts. You can deny the draft on any grounds but you gonna have to go to court. It’s
law. If you lose you go to jail which I said I’ll do. My fight is legal. Most people avoided the draft however they
could, burning their draft cards, or using a complicated series deferments like Future
president Bill Clinton did. Ali: But if you notice I’ve been the most
persecuted. I’m not allowed to work in American I’m not allowed America. Home of the brave
land of the free. Reporter: Are there times when you miss being
heavyweight champ of the world? Ali: No, they miss me.
Reporter: I know that Ali: You know I don’t miss it. I’m not
missing it. Though he was able to return to boxing, he
never stopped shaking things up. Ali: The Vietcong are not all bad but America
are still dropping bombs. In Hiroshima, Japan wasn’t bad but she still dropped the bomb.
In Korea they wasn’t bad but they still dropped the bomb. So now I’m gonna forget
the 400 years of lynching and raping and depriving my people of freedom and justice and equality…
and I’m gonna look at two or three white people who are trying to do right and don’t
see the other million trying to kill me? He used these media appearances over and over
to try to promote trying to live a moral life. Ali: As you know in this country a black athlete
or entertainer has a lot of influence. Some of them promote some of them make movies.
I’d like to do all i can to uplift the people morally, and spiritually as far as Loving
ourselves, sticking together and helping ourselves. Before uh, expecting others to help them,
to respect them when they don’t respect themselves.. Johnny Carson: Well having known you for as
long as I do, I don’t know anybody who’s better qualified to do that than you, and
I know you mean it. After he retired, he even saved a man from
jumping to his death in 1981: Reporter: The former heavyweight champion
went to a window and reportedly yelled “I’m your brother. I want to help you.” Recognizing
Ali, the man finally opened the fire escape door and Ali approached him on the ledge. He helped negotiate the release of 14 hostages
in iraq. He stood with Nelson Mandela against apartheid.
He delivered medical supplies and food to kids all over the world.
And though his genetic disease, parkinson’s, cruelly impaired his function, that never
stopped his ability to inspire billions. Three billion people watched this in 1996. And in one of his final public appearances,
he spoke out about islam after the devastating attacks of September 11th, even though he
could barely speak. Ali: I’m a Muslim. I’ve been a Muslim
for 20 years. And I’m against killing, violence. And all Muslims are against it. I think the
people should know the real truth about Islam. You know me, I’m a boxer. I’m called the
Greatest of All Time. People recognize me for being a boxer and a man of truth. And
I wouldn’t be here representing Islam if it was really like the terrorist look. I think
that all the people should know the truth and come to recognize the truth because Islam
is peace and against killing, murder, and the terrorist that do it in the name of islam.
And If I had the chance, I’d do something about it. And last winter, when he could no longer speak,
he wrote a statement against comments from Donald Trump that lumped the actions of a
few murderers in Paris and San Bernadino with 1.5 Billion muslims around the world. He said “Speaking as someone who has never
been accused of political correctness, I believe that our political leaders should use their
position to bring understanding about the religion of Islam and clarify that these misguided
murderers have perverted people’s views on what Islam really is” Ali was a fighter, but i don’t think his
muscles are really the part we care about. And it’s not what he cared about either Ali: “Boxing was just my way of introducing
me to the struggle. My main fight is for freedom and equality. Money don’t really mean nothing
because gave up the title not knowing if I’m coming back or not for four years. So these gloves represent a lot more than
physical punching. And today, a pair of them have been in the President’s private offices
the past 8 years. Ali: For this fight I’ve wrestled with alligators
I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning and put thunder in jail. You know
I’m bad. I murdered a rock, Injured a stone, and I Hospitalized a brick. I’m so bad,
I make medicine sick. I’m so fast, man, I can run through a hurricane and don’t
get wet. When George Foreman meets me he’ll pay his debt. I can drown and drink of water
and kill a dead tree. Wait till you see Muhammad Ali.

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  1. MR khattak says:

    Correction : All respected viewers just to clarify that Muhammad Ali was a True Muslim not a member of Nation of Islam …Just like Malcolm X ….
    Nation of Islam and Ahmedi Community are self proclaimed religions nothing to do with Islam . Islam is believing in one ALLAH and accepting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as last messenger and prophet of ALLAH.

  2. Ah Shaikh says:

    May Allah almighty Grant him the highest rank in jannah

  3. 死人deadman says:

    manny pacquiao vs. muhummad ali

  4. exassassin says:

    This is why Floyd Mayweather can never be considered great, hes always about himself unlike Muhammad Ali

  5. ShiiShani says:

    5:57 Yes, you are a Muslim. Yes, all muslims are against killing and violance. Yes, people should know the truth about Islam. Yes, we know you and yes, you are called the greatest of all time. Yes, people recognise you. Yes, you are a man of truth. Indeed people should liosten to you and try to understand that you are telling the truth.
    What a legend you are, Muhammad Ali! May Allah grand you Jannah.

  6. Jordon Sun says:

    I think this is one of Vox's best videos

  7. Jecob Reza says:

    I am proud as a Bangladeshi because after 1971 independence war he came in my country. Then he said it’s my another home although America was against our freedom. Bangladesh gave him nationality of Bangladesh.He is the bravest person América ever had.

  8. Zakaria Sadrati says:

    Because of his believes He refused the war against Vietnam, even it brought him too many problems! And some people still calling Muslims "terrorist".

  9. HARRIS OPES says:

    Yall make quality detailed videos

  10. Rowshonara Begum says:

    I pray daily for him, Muslims, Diana (princess of Wales) the good, the bad to be guided live in peace & unity

  11. Big HomieJay says:

    hes that old?he knew martin luther king jr?

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    Piece and blessing be up on u champ i love U

  13. Young Spook says:

    Why did the commentator of this video say "spoke out against islam". Bro, Islam doesn't prescribe any kind of terrorism. That is what Ali was saying. He was saying that muslims that legislate killings are not true muslims

  14. Uganda Interviewer says:

    the funniest think in his name change is: he dont wont the white men name, but take a arabic name. so , he aren`t proud of an africa name? hahahaha

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    What a human being

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    Allah yerhamah was a great man

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    People of peace choose religion of peace.

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    Muhammad Ali is a national treasure and we need him in history books as much as we do for Rosa parks and Martin Luther king.

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    Words and tape are bullets.
    Media is the weapon.

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    Islam is not peace. No religion means peace.

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    Islam is the truth. It means submitting your will to the creator of all beings, universe etc.

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    Muhammad Ali mean “Beloved of God”. And indeed God love was with him always! At every stage he got success! No matter how big challenges were! He reflect true teaching of Islam.

  66. More white says:

    May Allah Bless all Muslim around the world.
    From Bangladesh

  67. More white says:

    Love u Muhammad ali

  68. unspecified person says:

    He's not just the greatest boxer of all time, he's not just the greatest sportsman of all time but he's the greatest human being of all TIME ❤️

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    Ali won two of his three fights with Frazier. Ali's brain cells lost all three fights.

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    For those who cherish Ali – watch Billy Crystals eulogy at his funeral, they've been long term friends.

  81. George Richards says:

    Islam is not a peaceful religion.

  82. mo Gabriel says:

    "We don't serve negroes, I don't eat them either "😂😂😂 funniest line I have ever heard

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    I respect helping others regardless of skin pigmentation and religion. We’re all just a bunch of lost kids on a strange world trying to find peace and truth in a world that wants us dead.

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  91. demon3434 [GD][AFK34] says:

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  92. Dale D. says:

    Ali was possibly the greatest boxer of all time. Great personality, too. Unfortunately, he was an overt racist – he said that black women should not marry non-blacks. Let's move beyond racism – let's love blacks, whites, yellow people, brown people….all people. Can you rise to be more loving than Ali was?

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