Minecraft PE – Mineplex Factions #1 – A New Factions Server


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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to s brand new MCPE Mineplex video! Today’s video is not any ordinary Mineplex video, because today I am playing Mineplex Factions! Yes, I said Mineplex Factions! And this IS on Minecraft PE. Let’s hit 22 likes for today’s video! Make sure to like the video and to share this video if you enjoyed it! Oh yeah: This works with the current version of MCPE: (1.2.13/1.2.14). If you don’t know what I am talking about, check my 1.2.13/1.2.14 MCPE update video. Link will be in the description. I will leave you in peace to watch the rest of this video.

42 Replies to “Minecraft PE – Mineplex Factions #1 – A New Factions Server”

  1. MunchingPear says:

    I'm LuigiPro63 on Xbox live

  2. Gwapo Rasty Gaming says:


  3. Gwapo Rasty Gaming says:

    U claimed the worst land ever

  4. Max masterFT says:


  5. TimberHines123 says:

    Hey guy and welcome to this brand new Minecraft PE video! Today I am playing Mineplex Factions. You heard me correctly. MINEPLEX FACTIONS!!! Make sure to like and share this video for more Mineplex Factions videos!

  6. Jack Easley says:

    Does it let you create a faction on Xbox

  7. Mc James says:

    it does not work for me

  8. No u says:

    Can I join faction?

  9. No u says:

    Ur faction and ok

  10. 15tylergaming and more says:

    this is not factions. There is no kits.

  11. CrazyMario 20398 says:

    I always do the commands but they dont work

  12. MinecraftMaster72 says:

    I got to play this. Been playing Factions but this is a game changer.

  13. CreepyGamer545 says:

    How to make a faction

  14. Zypher says:

    As of now you can't even make a faction. The faction servers are really broke and bugged. But it's only Beta.

  15. LoonaNebula says:

    770th sub x u so close!

  16. Daffodilfoil53 ! says:

    Good content

  17. Faze 5 says:

    What is the server ip

  18. gamegirl 200 says:

    can I join your faction?

  19. Sandra la reine says:

    IlWhat is the ip

  20. TheMightyEmerald says:

    I can't connect to Mineplex.
    It keeps saying it's an outdated server

  21. Schonaton05 Norb says:

    I can dupe on mineplex. 😀

  22. Lxna_ YT says:

    What is factions?! I forgot

    And thats water everywhere as im playing it

  23. Endless Ocean says:

    Do you ever still play this? If so when are you normally online?

  24. x R q i n y M e r c v r y says:

    What is the ip

  25. Karim IS gaming says:

    You have to recorde in secret you must not tell them your rec

  26. Cavediver762 says:

    I can’t get trees for wood. I’m not sure why this is happening. But here let me explain. I went into factions. ran far. I saw some trees and I tried to idk but I tried to “ Mine” them not sure how but.. it wouldn’t let me. I kept on trying and it finally dropped. When I tried to pick it up the block kept moving around!

  27. BirthLord Playz says:

    I'm level 100 But I quited mineplex long ago like 2 years ago

  28. Dragon Da Silva says:

    I keep getting the name is in appropriate when it’s not fucking bullshit

  29. Flame Surfers says:

    Can i join ur faction 🙁

  30. Valiry says:

    In Mineplex Pe server there is a game called "Survival Mode" It's kinda similar to the factions, pvp is disabled tho.

  31. Adam H says:

    I can’t claim land, even when its free, it still say you can’t claim this land.
    I can’t even dig anything even when I have a faction 😰😰
    I hope this things get fixed when the beta is over.

  32. braveliongamer , says:

    How can I join the server plssssss

  33. Seth Jacobsen says:

    You’re about to hit 200 lives

  34. Danny 30x says:

    Every time I play there are no trees or anything it’s just animals and flat land….

  35. chaetae says:

    uh, it says my daily time has ran out. how much longer do i have to wait?

  36. Niko & Gracie W. says:

    What if it’s all just flat land?

  37. TheRedGuyYT says:

    Small time you tubers be like sAy hI to YOuTuBe

  38. TheRedGuyYT says:

    How do I claim bc it doesn’t let me

  39. Munfri says:

    Everything is claimed, you can't break stuff and overall it sucks. They haven't fixed much issues in the span of a year

  40. Evan Coletta says:

    honestly, I think the land is way to small for one server so everyone claims tiny bits of land and never play again

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