Marianas Web – The Scariest Part Of The Internet


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With a depth of approximately 7 miles (11.3
km), the Marianas Trench is the deepest oceanic trench in the world. So much remains unknown about it, and scientists
are still studying what dwells in its dark depths. How is this trench related to the high-tech
world of the Internet? Well, the deepest part of the Internet is
named after it. In the past few years, Marianas Web has captured
the interest of everyday computer users and computer experts alike. Today, we will explore the facts and rumors
surrounding this mysterious part of the Internet, in this episode of The Infographics Show,
“Marianas Web – The Scariest Part of the Internet?” Marianas Web became widely known because of
an “iceberg” infographic that spread across the Internet. This infographic divides the Internet into
different levels ranging from Level 0 or the “Common Web” that most of us are familiar
with, to several other hidden levels. Marianas Web is identified as Level 5, the
most hidden level of the Internet, but the infographic does not list examples of what
is in Marianas Web as it does for the other levels. Instead, there is a cryptic one-line message
with offensive language that is not worth repeating. The presence of Marianas Web on this iceberg
infographic seems to be the only fact about it that can be verified. The dubious infographic further hints at a
major problem that you face when you try to learn more about Marianas Web: Most of what
is known about it is based on rumors. Some of the rumors are scary, and some of
them are not. Here are some of the prevailing ones: Rumor 1: Marianas Web is deeper and darker
than the Dark Web. To understand this rumor, you have to understand
what the Dark Web is. The Dark Web is a small subsection of the
Deep Web, which is a part of the Internet that is hidden from public view. Websites on the Deep Web and the Dark Web
are part of an encrypted network, so they cannot be found with commercial search engines
such as Google or Bing. They also cannot be viewed with common browsers
like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You need a special browser such as Tor to
access websites on the Deep Web and the Dark Web, and Tor allows you to view them anonymously. Recently, the Dark Web has gained media attention
as the home of shady, nefarious websites such as the notorious Silk Road black market site
that was shut down by the FBI in 2013. The Dark Web’s bad reputation has led people
to jump to conclusions about Marianas Web. If the Dark Web attracts contract killers,
drug dealers, and worse, what horrors does Marianas Web contain if it is even deeper
than the Dark Web? Several possibilities appear in other rumors. Rumor 2: An artificial intelligence (AI) system
exists in Marianas Web. Move over Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey. There’s a new AI system in town, and she
lives in Marianas Web. There is even a possibility that Marianas
Web is the AI. She is bigger and more powerful than Hal and
supposedly monitors and controls information on the entire Internet. Just wait until she becomes sentient. Hello Skynet! Rumor 3: It contains some of humankind’s
darkest secrets. This rumor presents the possibility that Marianas
Web is a digital library of X-files. Are you a historian looking for some obscure
facts about the first Pope of Rome? The Vatican Secret Archives are supposedly
in there. Do you want to find out where Atlantis is? Its location is supposedly in there. Do you want to read up on that Russian spy
that lived next door to you ten years ago? An intelligence agency archive database is
supposedly in there. Getting in Marianas Web is not easy, however,
which we will discuss in the next rumor. Rumor 4: It is the most inaccessible part
of the Internet. You can’t use Tor to visit Marianas Web. Accessing Marianas Web is more complicated
than that. According to this rumor, you must calculate
a complex algorithm called the Polymeric Falcighol Derivation. There is some doubt that this algorithm is
actually real, and you may be stuck with the impossible task of computing something that
does not exist. In addition, you can’t make this calculation
on just any computer. You need a quantum computer, which is new
technology that is not widely available to the public. There is a good reason for this lack of public
availability. Currently, quantum computers need some extreme
conditions to function properly. For instance, the processor of a D-Wave 2000Q
quantum computer can run only in a high vacuum environment. The pressure of this vacuum must be “10
billion times lower than the Earth’s atmosphere” according to one source. Unless your home includes a climate-controlled
room that can maintain environmental conditions reminiscent of outer space, you are out of
luck. Because of their special requirements, quantum
computers are owned mainly by government entities. This means that a few select people working
for these government entities are probably the only ones who have access to Marianas
Web. They can access it, that is, if it actually
exists, which leads us to our next rumor. Rumor 5: Marianas Web is a purposely fabricated
invention. This rumor sounds like something from a techno-thriller
movie. Under the cover of anonymity, some hackers
claim that they invented Marianas Web because they were being blackmailed by the FBI. The FBI needed them to create a distraction
that would take attention away from its shutdowns of various black markets on the Dark Web. Since these claims are anecdotal information
from anonymous sources, we cannot say with certainty that they are true. What we can say with certainty is that Marianas
Web remains a strange unsolved Internet mystery. Much has been written about it, but few people
(or perhaps none) have actually seen it. There is no concrete evidence that clearly
proves or disproves its existence. And, depending on which rumors you believe,
it may be the most or least scary part of the Internet. Do you think Marianas Web is real? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our other video
called Illegal Things You Do Every Day. Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

100 Replies to “Marianas Web – The Scariest Part Of The Internet”

  1. The Infographics Show says:

    Seems like it could be a good plot for a movie – Da Vinci Code style…
    Which secret information would be the first one you'd want to open?

  2. nebulaCHRIS says:

    I am scared what is in the marianas web when the YouTube algorithm already gives me nightmares

  3. nebulaCHRIS says:

    Why is silkroad selling vegeta in a suit?

  4. ForskinMilkshake says:

    Mariana web is just a sandbox for hackers like me to test encrypted data and viruses

  5. Cyber Scout says:

    The deepest web is Uranus.

  6. The gamer X says:

    That's not the scariest part of internet it was the primarch system

  7. FBI OPEN UP says:

    Legends say Satan made the Mariana's web

  8. FBI OPEN UP says:

    What's next deeper then the Mariana's web and the Dark web?
    Meme web?
    Legend web?

  9. Enes Yildir says:

    You know nothing Jon Snow

  10. donut come for me says:

    Actually, the deep web are sites that are secured with passwords. Like, if you are logged in to your youtube account right now, you are using the deep web.

  11. Aardapeltje 460 says:

    Quantum computers eh? Jeez witcher 3 would run SOOOOO smoothly

  12. D.S. Wellhauser says:

    What of the Primarch System?

  13. R3MU5 says:

    This is where the first meme live in.

  14. Atanas Atanasov says:

    An error occurred. Please, try again later.

  15. Aidens Toy Room says:

    And I thought the dark web was scary

  16. jack keith says:

    Here’s what it has:

    Government secrets
    Really satanist stuff that’s very graphic

    That’s it

    Oh and the krabby patty formula

  17. Imie Nazwisko says:

    Is the cure for cancer there?

  18. Angel says:

    Legend says fortnite 2 is in marianas web

  19. Hemant kumar says:

    I grew up without internet , and it was a great time 👍

  20. mus mus says:

    there got to be roblox 2 in the mariana web

  21. what is a universal set? says:

    I thought it was ariana's web

  22. frozenpastel says:

    The offensive line says something along the lines of: Will be found when OP stops being a f****t.

  23. Edgy Assassin says:

    I love your channel. Whenever I’m assigned a history project for history I just look up a video from this channel about the topic, then start putting the facts into my own words..

  24. Maxwell Collins says:

    It was interesting that you said it could possibly just be an AI.

  25. Legendary Hound says:

    2:00 who seeing vegeta at right

  26. CREATIVE HKMEX says:


  27. codeWithMe says:

    it's real. I would know
    only scary if you want it to be

  28. blackneos940 says:

    Basically /b/ but more dark.

  29. cassie cat says:

    I'm watching this on the Mariana web.

  30. walterD1 Animations says:

    Infographics do you guys know what is happening at

    lvl 6 web
    lvl 7 web
    lvl 8 web

    I know but This lvl was don't have any names it's just called level.

  31. Mariana Otero says:

    It's my web!

  32. Random EditJobs says:

    Why is the AI a chick?

  33. Thomas says:

    1:46 You don't need TOR to access the Deep Web.

    The Deep Web is just anything not accessible via a search engine, such as your online email (like Gmail), online banking, online database, content behind paywalls such as newspapers or magazines, or subscription services (like Netflix).

    Only the Dark Web (a sub-set of the Deep Web) requires TOR.

  34. profit money says:

    Ariana what?

  35. Julie Gadia says:

    OH SOO YOUR MEASURING The iceberg?

  36. Master Ed says:

    what if you need code to get to the marianas web, maybe you cant have an OS to get to it, what if its the butter fly code thingy that appears which is very encripted

  37. OGX CLAN says:

    Everybody knows what the deep and dark web are you dont need to explain

  38. Cinnamon Rabbit says:

    The closest thing we have to Mariana's Web is probably those private military servers that are used for general operations of the miliary (payment, deployment, orders, personal information, etc. etc.). The servers you need that little scanner for ID cards for.

  39. bulgarian scrub says:

    everybody gangsta until web levels are like coruscant's

  40. Sans The Skeleton says:

    What about marijuana web

  41. Explosion Daddy says:

    legend has it that shrek 69 could be found there

  42. the the says:

    I have a quantum computer…

    It's Lenovo

  43. astererk says:

    The only thing scarier yhan this web is Burger King foot lettuce.

  44. Elijah Pelito says:

    Krusty Krab Secret Formula could be there.

  45. Tati R says:

    I misread Mariana as Marina, and that could be…….interesting.

  46. Geoff Moore says:

    Does not exist. Not how the internet works. Please troll elsewhere.

  47. killingSensei says:

    Marianas web has:


  48. VomitpiggyYT Gaming says:

    Article 13: No memes c:<

    Black Market Dealer: Uno Reverse Card

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  50. Je Nek says:

    If it was real they already shutted it down bc al of the rumours

  51. Dill Hussain says:

    Legend says Gavin from RDR2 is hiding there

  52. john cobb says:

    its real its just not what people think it is, 99% of rumors about it are wrong lol

  53. King Connor503 says:

    eternal atake must be on there

  54. Tumor Daddy says:

    ive been on the deep web with a normal browser

  55. Josh On Game says:

    No this is deep web

  56. Eli Weaver says:

    I talked to a guy through Facebook messenger and he told me that red rooms are real

  57. Cindy Vera says:

    Definitely seems real


    Deeper web than Mariana web is


  59. Thilak K02 says:

    Legend says How to access marianas web tutorial video is in there

  60. Maruti Nursing Home Mulund says:

    How does the public even know about the marianas web?

  61. TrashBoi says:

    Cool, but who has Skype still on their computer?

  62. abhishek arya says:

    Nope just truth about this world that it's just a game

  63. G M says:

    Of course it exists.

  64. steve ford says:

    If marianas web is that secretive, how do you know about it ????????

  65. geno says:

    Marianas Web is just the deepest levels of encryption such as the Vatican and the Pentagon

  66. AaroN says:

    i think my dad is located in marianas web

  67. Wizard V2003X says:

    I love the people who give savage comments

  68. Jacopo Parenti says:

    The scariest part of the internet is not marianas web.

    The scariest is the Dank memeweb.

  69. Nigel Reeves says:

    Is this where Charlie the Unicorn 5 is hiding?

  70. Sinn0100 says:

    Okay, let's look at this with a bit of objectivity shall we. You say that you need a machine capable of quantum computing. Now, you also say that very few exist…so who would be adding the Vatican secrets, or the CIA's secrets for example? What would be the purpose for this? One of the rumors are a group of hackers…I guess they all had hidden quantum computers in their homes. If they had enough money to have access to these things then they would simply buy their way out of trouble.

    Consider this- the internet was created for a purpose by the US military. Bill Gates and company decided to market a version of it for civilian use…what in God's name would be the purpose of this thing? If you can hide successfully using onion why would you need this? The only way I can think of something like this existing is if it was strictly used for military encryption. For example- utilizing this hidden network to facilitate a strike on another advanced nation. Preventing a country like say….China from disrupting satellite connection between our soldiers on the field. I know that is a real concern as the Chinese do have missiles created for one thing….taking out satellites.

  71. Nick Fern says:

    #1 true

  72. Abhishek Saxena says:

    I Am Mariana Web🍻

  73. nabhan julians says:

    So mr krab hiding the krabby patty formula at mariana web right?

  74. The Outsider Studios says:

    What about the web above the regular web.

  75. Mads12 says:

    I cant find any information about the primarch system level 8

  76. Goat Lord says:

    Legends say the trilogy of Valve games exists there

  77. Thrill._ Steph_. says:

    So no one noticed vegeta at 2:05??

  78. damian mcintyre says:

    That video didn’t explain anything lol

  79. stealtbadge says:

    I heard it’s suppose to be the most dankest meme ever to exist

  80. Jarry says:

    3:02 I already know where Atlantis is.

  81. Mariana B says:

    Anybody else named Mariana🙋

  82. Daryll Smith says:

    Hello, I am the one you call Mariana……just kidding

  83. Wethepeople Arefedup!!! says:

    Marianas web is not real ! And if it was u would need a quantum computer to get too it

  84. Colin O'Connell says:

    This is where the truth about "Golf Rumors" is

  85. Jack Krauzers says:

    this all is fake as hell..I know because I am an IT expert, me once used Microsoft Paint

  86. Aurora 0310 says:


  87. paki pile says:

    there could exist "The Null Web" it is deeper you need a super special computer to access it

  88. GavinAnimates says:

    Oh my uncle was a professional hacker he once access Mariana Web and he told me something he told me that it's more worse than dark web like he saw like live streams of murders also a NASA worker

  89. zoeyelh says:

    you dont know what youre talking about. so many mistakes here.

  90. For Comment Purposes says:

    So pretty much its everything not listed in google search…..

  91. pradeep prasun says:

    There are uncountable secrets in the world which are hidden from normal public. We can jst thnk abt it but not know the truth.

  92. Tim Colmey says:

    Marianas Web wouldnt even have any content considering nobody knows for sure if quantum computers even exist which you would need to even access it if it did exist. Furthermore, it is supposedly controlled by sentient A.I. which also doesn't exist.

  93. Lolipxp says:

    I hear they're hiding Minecraft 2 in Marianas Web

  94. james pansini says:

    Why put it on the dark web when Hollywood is telling us everything they are or already doing…example: watch the kingsmen: secret service..!!
    That movie tells us what is in store for us with the implementation of 5 G…!!

  95. Lucas the Lemur says:

    what is the cryptic 1-line message?

  96. shells says:

    it's where all the cringy tik tok videos go…

  97. TalenTuber says:

    Plot twist: area 51 is the place where marianas servers are situated

  98. Yasuo says:

    Has anyone accessed level 8 of deep web ?

  99. Vanessa Goodwin says:

    A Switch port of Super Mario 3d World is in the Mariana web

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