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So you’ve decided to build your own website. Go you! In this video, we’ll introduce some tool
options for do-it-yourselfers, and how to determine which is right for you. GoDaddy offers three tools for folks who
want to build their own websites, but do not know how to code: Website Builder, Online Store, and Managed WordPress. Deciding which tool’s right for you, depends on how comfortable you are with the technology and the purpose of your website. First, let’s talk tech skills… If you’re a low-tech or no-tech person, then template-based, all-in-one site builder tools are your best option. These user-friendly tools, allow you to visually build your website in your browser using drag-and-drop tools. As you build your website, the tool writes the code for you in the background. All-in-one site builder tools are also ideal for small businesses, or individuals with limited budgets, because they’re typically bundled with an inexpensive or free hosting plan, offer free add-ons to create forms, or integrate social media channels, and most importantly, they come with support. GoDaddy’s Website Builder and Online Store are both template-based, all-in-one site builder tools that anyone can use to quickly and easily build their site and get it online. Deciding which of these tools to choose depends on the goal for your website. If you’re building an informational website to create awareness about your business, reach more customers, or just make it easier for customers to find you, then Website Builder is a good fit. However, if your goal is to sell something on your website you’ll need a tool that provides additional functionality like a shopping cart, product catalogs, and financial transaction processing. Online Store is the best fit for folks who want to sell online. Online Store is specifically designed for the creation of eCommerce sites and provides designs, features, and functionality that make setting up your store super simple. While the templates used in all-in-one site builders significantly reduce the amount of time and skill it takes to build a professional-looking website, they can be less flexible when it comes to website design and may not offer a more tech-savvy person the level of customization they’d like. Enter our third DIY option… Managed WordPress. WordPress is what you might call an advanced DIY tool. It offers a greater level of flexibility and functionality than a templated site builder, but you’ll also need a bit more technical know-how to create and manage a WordPress website. If you’re ready for WordPress, but you like a little help, GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress can make it easier by handling hosting setup, daily backups, and security updates, not to mention round-the-clock customer support. Think you’re ready to choose your DIY tool? Remember to weigh each tool’s ease-of-use, flexibility, and costs against your business goals and website needs.

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