Laravel Deploy on Forge Server | Getting Started with Forge ? #2


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so hello friends and welcome back to bit
fumes in this episode we are going to see how we can get started with the Forge
and with that I am your host Sarthak this is the channel where I talk about
laravel and the cool thing about laravel so if you are new to this channel don’t
forget to subscribe and like bitfumes on Facebook Twitter and Instagram so I
am on the and here I just click on this start trial button
so Forge give you five day trial just try it and I’m sure you are going to
love it and you will buy its subscription okay so start trial I will
go here and you can see the pricing are not too high it’s not too low and you
can start with $12 per one but if you want yearly basis then it will be one
$20 per year and you know I bet you this prize is worth to pay because you will
get lots and lots of things I think if you have watched my first video why you
won’t use forge and then you I think are convinced to use force because Forge
give you lots and lots of things so let’s now register now give the name
first so Sartor email is big fumes web no launches at and password I
am NOT going to tell you okay so we just have to click register and I want hobby
one because if I register my car details then it will automatically charge me for
this so I’m not going to fill up these things and click on register and what it
says there was some problem could not find payment information okay so now if
you occur this kind of problem you just have to click here just joining a circle
I’m not going to pay you I just want to join the circle
see if it is correct or not so that’s the simple thing so now again click on
this register button and now we can see we are successfully registered here and
what we have to do let’s just go to this my account part here and then you can
see we have this growth and hobby and the subscription part and then you have
this SSH key part where you will give the SSH key and then you can access your
server from your PC or Mac only no one else can SSH into your server from their
computer ok then comes a simple and very important
thing called source control ok so here comes three options the github kit lab
and B ok so I am going to connect to github so let’s click on connect to
github so click here and it will take you to get hub website and you just have
to log in there and then you have to authorize it ok then when you authorize
then Forge can grab your repository from github after your permission obviously
ok so we have successfully connected this github then authentication API we
don’t have to care about all these things for now and then here comes the
thing second thing my circle if you want to work in team then you have to buy a
pro version of the forge in that case you can give multiple dashboard or
forage to your teammates okay so we have registered on forge successfully and
connected our source control and then in the next episode we are going to create
a server on digital ocean and obviously we have to create an ID on digital ocean
also if you have any doubt feel free to message me and comment and don’t forget
to subscribe like but fumes on Facebook Twitter and Instagram we will meet in
the next episode till then good bye

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  1. Fouad Fawzi says:


  2. Job Crater says:

    very very informative

  3. David Osuna says:

    Hello! I really like your tuts! I star using Forge for a project and I want to ask you something:

    I have two domains "" and "" and I want to point both under the same Forge site. How can I do this?

    Thank you very much and great job!

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