Introduction to Kotlin (Google I/O ’17)


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    There are a lot of stuff taken from Ruby like the 10.percent and that's Great becuase I love Ruby. This lenguaje seems to be very nice and fun! 🙂

  2. wu bing says:

    I came from Shenzhen, China, learned two months of Android development, I feel a bit difficult, and now have to learn kotlin, look after learning their own

  3. Spaci Tron says:

    He loves it when people crap?

  4. Il Fardo Lombardo says:

    It looks like Java and Python got married and they had a child called Kotlin.
    Sounds good to me

    Anyway, who'd be the male and female in that relationship?

  5. ALEEM TAHIR says:

    thanks GOD semicolon's gone

  6. firebase firebase says:

    If I will have to most likely sooner or later to learn another programming language just to do what I already can then it will be C#. It works on all platforms. So no for Kotlin only for Android and yes for C#.

  7. demonofthesword says:

    The "I know it's null, but I want to shoot myself in the foot" line was too much. I couldn't stop laughing.

  8. Nitish Kumar says:

    That's Scala and some Go 😀

  9. เพ็ชร แวงสุวรรณ์ says:


  10. IAm DEnZiL says:

    He's loves it when people crap

  11. Nick Mok says:

    Kotlin took away the semi-colon from a code line but add a colon to each function argument between the type and var name…
    wth are you doing Kotlin?

  12. Joking Limit Reached says:

    "Oh, yeah, I love it when people crap… er er.. clap"

  13. Rahi Prajapati says:

    Is kotlin easy to implement/powerful compared to java???

  14. K Francisco says:

    Why are people so scared of change these days, and unwilling to move out of their comfort zone.

  15. BrickleRex says:

    Sponsored by Mac OS(Apple)

  16. David Bauer says:

    Another language more, just what the world needed! I find a new language should go into the direction where also non programmers can read the statements, near to the natural language and not to a cryptic language func (:xyxcv:): when (xy) { 5 -> that's hieroglyphic. Each language write a function differently where mostly each has a name, input and output, why not an IDE where you write func then an inteligent on the fly wizard asks for name input and output, etc. done, I don't want to care how somebody thinks the function should be written.

  17. A Wildan Firmansyah says:


  18. 罗正 says:

    chinese translate thank!

  19. Kamil Bolka says:

    Basically Google found the best way to fuck Oracle

  20. Ben Friedman says:

    Um, as a java developer of 17 years, please f*ck me sideways. Holy sh*t. Why am I still using java?!

  21. HumanoidTyphoon91 says:

    22:11 haha, the faces, priceless

  22. Freaky Developers says:

    Can anyone tell me how to deal with multithreading and concurrency in kotin?Any tutorial or a little push of help would be enough.

  23. Abriel John Gabriel says:

    Javascipt now has a competitor 🙂

  24. Christopher Stamp says:

    Scala with better java interoperability . Interesting, it is very fluid

  25. Christopher Stamp says:

    The use of implicit conversion is fine like scala but it seems like too much magic with out explicit statement about it's intent

  26. Bhavesh Khemnani says:

    i want to ask something that i am beginner so can i start with kotlin language or not please help me .

  27. 1010kray1010 says:

    Go is rather nice too 😉

  28. Umberto says:

    is there a way to unwrap optional and creating a new variable at the same time a la Swift? For example
    if let thisUnWrappedVariable = thisWrappedVariable { print(thisUnWrappedVariable) }

  29. Radoslav Andonov says:

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY ? We need another language with weird syntax ?

  30. 王然 says:

    i love kotlin 😄

  31. xybersurfer says:

    yuck. i hate K&R style code. i hope this is not enforced by the compiler the same way as in the Go language

  32. Borislav Kamenov says:

    Kotlin takes best from Java, JavaScript, C#, Swift, Scala and Python, its like super programming language but with so many features together I don't know where this is gonna end.

  33. ankit singh says:

    which ide did he use?

  34. zahan safallwa says:

    language or shit ??

  35. Win this World says:

    @15:35 – What is meant by DSL that he talks about? What is infix notation? I'm 2 year old Java prog.

  36. Midosh Brown says:

    java >>> smart old woman from 1995
    kotlin>>> hot and smart girl from 2017
    the best thing is that they can live together in the same place
    and you can sleep with one only or you can sleep with both in the same time
    happy sleeping …
    i mean happy coding

  37. MortalZeus says:

    He was using Apple Mac to make Android app. Suspicious 🤔

  38. Mercede says:

    haha a complete copy of C#… non nullable, ?. , lambdas, async-wait , higher order functions, linq and what not.
    tells me that java is failing and Google has finalized its plan to kick its ass out!
    also they are kicking linux out too as Fuchsia OS is coming out in 2020. LINUX-Java will soon find their way to garbage drums!

  39. Assimil8 says:

    Amazing, thank you very much

  40. Damos Designs says:

    @9:20 "I LOVE it when people crap!" Top 3 moments of all Google I/O 17 lol

  41. rezik007 says:

    Kotlin is new Javascript.

  42. Alex Stone says:

    I love it when people crap xD

  43. Jafet Vargas says:

    Well this guy wants to make it look very simple lol but dude… It looks like a real mess I would have to start learning to see what this guy means lol

  44. Sahil Silare says:

    Which ide he's using?

  45. Oevatso says:

    Great! Any of you guys that wanna learn Kotlin, I got a new Kotlin for beginners series on my channel! Check it out!!

  46. ShaanBeen TV says:

    Android developers using Apple. rather than making hell lot of languages improve ur android studio

  47. Huke Skypotter says:

    Its kinda like JavaScript, *in a good way*, heh very well done!

  48. José RF Junior says:

    Dart Alice in Wonderland in the magical world of perfect language not used by the world.

  49. Tim Veldhuizen says:

    Stopped watching after 20 minz.. I see nothing new here. Interesting they combined stuff from other existing programming languages. But for me they might as well have called it YAPL: Yet Another Programming Language.

  50. Smart Products Review says:

    Can you Review My Article about Kotlin ? :

  51. MrJimmyDowd says:

    "I love it when people crap"

  52. Rafi Indrajati says:

    Mac os

  53. _ says:

    Some features show by Hadi must use Intellij IDE/Android studio?

  54. Martin müller says:

    😭 I can not stop crying. This language is so beautiful.

  55. Marcelo Cornejo says:

    phineas ya se lo que vamos a hacer hoy

  56. Muhammad JatAla says:

    Excuse my ignorance, I am newbie and goggled a lot for what to learn to develop android apps, and almost all results recommending learn java first, my question is how far java or to what java extent do I need to learn in order to learn kotlin. and why all books assuming reader has java knowledge? if any one has the time to clear it that would be much appreciated.

  57. BmxCalim BM says:

    apesta muy sucio el código

  58. crazieeez says:

    when replacing if/else and switch are my pet peeve. I thought if/else and switch are too complicated control logic syntax. when makes sense with lambda helps a lot.

    the primitive type double / float … there ought to be a 2^32, 2^64, and 2^128 primitive type in kotlin.

  59. Аааа says:

    9:24 I love it when people crap, oh clap* 😂

  60. Adityavikram Rajawat says:

    Best part at 9:21

  61. Rohan Singh says:

    does anybody know which font he is using in android studio?

  62. Sunil K says:

    Which one is useful atleast count 1 and 2
    1) Kotlin –> jvm,
    2) Dart –> native, Dart for Flutter(Android, IOS) native
    3) GoLang for Backend, Webapp,

  63. ørchid. says:

    No thank you. I'm happy with Java

  64. Ankur S says:

    looks like ugly.js butwith the philosophy of ruby

  65. RoiD says:

    To everyone whos undecided on wether to start with java or kotlin.

    Learn java first. I know its old but it shows you the basic. Once youve gotten the basics down you around with kotlin

  66. Nate Schultz says:

    What's the squirrely font he uses with all the odd ligatures and stuff? Anybody know?

  67. NHLAmil says:

    wow if you are a Java fancy, this is like Java on Red_Bull

  68. 林小瓜 says:

    kotlin is cool

  69. Junn Kit Wong says:

    when the language getting too flexible, its an problem too, imagine you have many programmers in your team and each of them use their own style

  70. Daniel der Wertvolle says:

    i kinda feel like too much sugar can actually ruin the syntax…

  71. Chuk Prav says:

    It's sort of C# latest features

  72. umer farooq says:

    Sorry…Worst language.

  73. Vlad Gheorghe says:

    getters/toString/val : java + lombok
    still – type inference rules

  74. Chan Gaming -Tamil says:

    R.I.P java

  75. Md. Imamul Islam says:

    Does Kotlin remind anyone of C#?

  76. kokalti says:

    Oh God, like we don't have enough languages out there that practically do the same thing in a different way. Java is just fine.

  77. Jan Kowalski says:

    I cried

  78. david he says:

    good kotlin

  79. tolibelom says:

    stopped watching once I saw him type BigDecimal a dozen times 🙂

  80. Darshan Komu says:

    Here is my android app for learning kotlin with examples

    "Kotlin for Android : Examples"

  81. monit pakubuwono says:

    please provide kotlin to ALL documentation in !!!!!!

  82. Raghav Malhotra says:

    Everyone is using python.. why could theyuse python instead of kotlin.

  83. Strofi Kornego says:

    Unlike Scala or Clojure this "yet another JVM language" has no any cool unique features . Just mostly pointless sugar syntax..

  84. Jem says:

    Scala dev here. 6 mins in and wondering if it's 2005 all over again…
    Edit: watched the full thing now and yes, it's 95% the same language features as Scala. But there are some features to be excited about. Co-routines looks like they might have better performance than Scala's parallel collections. Native compilation will surely be more streamlined than Scala native. It's obviously a JetBrains strategy to copy Scala and make it mainstream, but who cares? I'd be happy to program in Kotlin.

  85. uk Dream says:

    it will come a day the programming in voice recognition not need to type is a waste of time, each time a new language is of anything computer system scam

  86. Ankush Banik says:

    sir i am facing problem, when i go for start a project after installation , its showing me error, that , sdk manager is missing, and later i started download sdk components , but it again showing me an another error some containts couldnot download , retry…………, sir /anyone plzz help me

  87. ade spade says:

    Having made programming languages unnecesarily complex over the past 20 years, the programming community is now slowly making it's way back to what we had in the beginning, the syntax of BASIC.

  88. Ben Watkins says:

    "Nothing is actually very nice in Kotlin" I don't think he thought that sentence through

  89. masoiaXL says:

    my head hurt at 5:50 lol, so used to Java, why would you guys change != into a structural equality instead of reference? Confusing

  90. Frank Zvovu says:

    Where is this arrow operator coming from? I'm pretty sure it's not on my keyboard!!!

  91. Frank Zvovu says:

    This appears to be the "php of Java" looking at its syntax. Only time will tell if that's a good thing…

  92. Jan Bludau says:

    it's a cool coding language 🙂

  93. Allan Ribas says:

    Congratulations for all

  94. stanley landrin says:

    So here we are with a bit of Python and Java? Or should I say Kotlin?

  95. vjkrshn ro2 says:

    I am Baptised to Kotlin now. Amen.

  96. Kiran B says:

    Kotlin Syntax is almost equal TypeScript

  97. Giandira Gumelar Maulana says:

    Damn. Define express function is like lamda expression. Damn go to kotlin this year

  98. Entertainment says:

    so much easy than java code

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