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Ok Google Stream Stranger Things from Netflix to my TV Ok Stranger Things from Netflix playing on TV From the people that brought you Google Home comes the next evolution of the smart home. And it’s just outside your window, meet Google Gnome. Hi, how can I help? Ok Gnome, what’s the weather like outside? The weather outside is sunny and 76 degrees. He’s right. Ok Gnome turn on the hose I’m holding. Sure. Ok Gnome, can I eat this lemon tree leaf. Yes. What about this daisy? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Ok but I could eat it? Ok Gnome add milk to my shopping list. I’m sorry that sounds like an indoor request. I keep doing that sorry. You do keep doing that. Ok Gnome, is this compost? Really we’re all compost if you think about it. Pretty much everything is made up of organic matter and will return to organic matter. So just regular trash then? Off. On. Off. On. On. Ah. Ok Gnome which way is the wind blowing? The wind is blowing three miles an hour from the southwest. Now the wind is blowing two miles an hour from the south. From the Southwest, South, Southeast. Ha ha ha that tickles. …the wind is…ha ha ha. Ok Gnome play some cool music. Playing cool music [Heavy metal music Plays] Ah, play something else. Faster. Faster. Gnome.

100 Replies to “Introducing Google Gnome”

  1. ღ D1V3RS1TY_ ღ says:

    yOuVe beEn gNoMeD!!

  2. c o r p s e says:

    u gnom'd

  3. RageDasher says:

    I thought this was a meme

    Then I saw the channel

  4. Saleh Atat says:

    Published in March 31. April fools.

  5. Alexandre de Souza says:

    How is this not a parody? Also, I won't buy it even if I had a yard or if it had a Scottish or Irish accent, I wouldn't need a wizard to turn a hose on.

  6. Vampirekid Gacha says:

    Google gnome is gnoming you

  7. Drunk Spinel says:


  8. Taniachi says:

    The funniest thing is in description:
    " (Netflix membership required) "

  9. PlantShark 770 says:

    Ye it's real Google Channel I thought it was a meme

  10. Emphis says:

    We literally got gnomed by Google.

  11. Izzi, Isabell says:

    OMG, lol

  12. RyMations says:

    You just got google gnomed!

  13. Th3Di4mondFoxy says:

    Me: hey google
    Google: hey there chum
    you got gnomed intensifies

  14. Inna Ly says:

    It’s the only gnome I actually want

  15. Just an account says:

    It’s not Halloween google

  16. Jamie Dodger says:

    when the dog licked the gnome

  17. Lukeisepix - says:


  18. dingz says:

    when google is making memes

  19. Slayre says:


  20. BadCuber says:

    Your trolling

  21. Spider Bro says:

    Why is a little kid watching Stranger Things…WHY?!

  22. Nothing Studios says:

    Auto correct: do you mean g-nome

  23. RandomDudeThatLovesSCP says:

    Damn, this gnome surely knows how to roast

  24. rabdomk snfdkns says:

    Everybody gangsta till Gnome traumatize children

  25. fnaf fan78 says:

    I don't care what you bribe me to do I'm NOT saying ok gnome in my everyday life. Unless i live with keemstar.

  26. PineappleSeed says:

    we're all compost if you think about it.

  27. noobzilla5 says:

    I'm a google gnome and you've been gnomed

  28. paige_loser says:

    Wait is this Legit by google or am i stupid 😂

  29. Ren Amamiya says:

    It's funny how they posted this just before 1st April 😂😂

  30. Vers Garci says:

    When your lazy to plug it in

  31. layeandro says:

    Who read home?

  32. Withfor 09 says:

    Is this a joke? pls tell me

  33. emily whitson says:

    What is this a real thing

  34. Ahh slow down says:

    Wait this isn’t a joke?

  35. Bioster Channel / PemexVision :u says:

    a random boi : ok gnome what's the weather like outside
    Gnome : hola there old chum

  36. Garlic Bread Clowd says:

    Bruh they let their 8 yr old or something child watch stranger things

  37. BluestarAnimates 07 says:

    I legit though this was a really well done meme

  38. Oscar Hines says:

    I thought it was a parody

  39. Kittycat 6762 says:

    Is this real? I can't tell it's not posted on April first

  40. Archetype RV says:


  41. Mini Mello says:

    The kid at 0:57 is just completely traumatized

  42. Booty4U GamesYT says:

    I thought this was a parody until I saw it was made by Google

  43. Yorangey says:

    We need google bone as a Halloween edition

  44. Animal videos says:

    Awesome ……. 🤩

  45. max millions says:

    I love how google has a sense of humor

  46. AtomicGames V says:


  47. Yolo X GT ツ says:

    Google santa

  48. ¿Imaginatiøn Statiøn? says:

    You've just been GNOMED

  49. can I get no subscribers please BrUh says:

    Your gonna get GnOmEd

  50. FatCatAshes says:

    Im gnot a gnelf

  51. Sawyer Ique says:

    Not even one person:

    Google Gnome: you do keep doing that.

  52. Uranus says:

    Your organic mattter but…

    The USSR that’s something called…..

    the opposite

  53. gamerboy0211 says:

    Wth google

  54. Greasy Gamer says:

    0:14 This activated Google assistant on my phone lol

  55. Anim MusicTM says:

    Wow??? This is really from the official yt channel?

  56. BluuM says:

    HAL Gnome-000

  57. eu says:

    i like the "cool music"

  58. Oscar says:

    I tried doing it to my google home mini and it didn’t work.
    I been gnomed once again.

  59. Is that A Supra says:

    Would’ve rather had this than stadia tbh

  60. LOLMaster Lee says:

    Thought this was a meme like Soviet Alexa. (Its uploadee by Google?)

  61. LOLMaster Lee says:

    Is Google hacked?

  62. Inedible Piece of Bread says:

    Hey guys can you tell me about the perpendicularity of the bisector that allows the photosynthesis to factor in synesthesia which directly affects the algorithm?

  63. Vinay Boinepally says:

    Even though I’m in 2019 I never knew this was a thing and I think it’s amazing

  64. HeyItsJoeyF says:


  65. TotoTie says:

    I thought it was a joke until I read the upload date.

  66. Maximilian Georgiev says:


  67. Danimaito .____. says:

    I can’t be the only one who actually wants this

    Too bad it’ll never happen

  68. JesusChrist Vevo says:

    I just realised all the weird videos Google uploads is uploaded on March 31

  69. KevinXM says:

    I see this after i see google BLYAT

  70. Kim Jazmin Babasa says:


  71. OYT999 Roblox says:

    Am I the only one who actually wants this?

  72. amazing world of art and more says:

    I literally thought this was a joke

  73. The Mandalorian says:

    The Irish version is better

  74. - Chloe Isobel - says:

    Uploaded one day too early. Please, this has to be a joke

  75. The King //A Dank Memer says:

    Ok Google is Out of controll

  76. Safeya Dawney says:


    Sounded like Cat from Sam and Cat lmao.

  77. Liam1708 says:

    Lol that kid is way too young to watch Stranger Things

  78. il postino delle cazzate says:

    Im a gnome, and you been Gnoohmd

  79. мандарины мишура says:

    Типо Яндекс Алиса?)))

  80. 이형모 says:

    Google Gnome runs linux

  81. iCowCool says:

    Google Assistant based on Gnome Distro…

  82. Just. So Many Cups says:

    Something I won’t get.

  83. Wooosh Bait says:

    This is from 2017.
    Can google fix its recommendations?

  84. Akshat Magoo says:

    I thought i was joke before i read the uploaders name

  85. FBI says:

    I'm sorry to inform that Google has gnomed the FBI.

  86. Naruxira says:

    Dec 1, why???

  87. Ryan the smart*** says:

    This was posted march 31st…

    …i don't think they were joking.

  88. Crau Crau 22 says:

    I'm a gnome And You have been gnomed

  89. Rara Lynn says:

    Google Blyat

  90. Alidis Bowie says:

    Me: a meme

    Looks at the uplouders name

    Google: you've been gnomed

  91. Otto Günsche says:


  92. brianbp4f says:

    Is it a gnome or HAL

  93. Dwight Fairfield says:

    Child casually watching stranger things

  94. clorox cat says:

    Is this a joke?

  95. Mason Hadley says:

    Okay gnome, show me asmongold highlights.

    Gnome: WOO

  96. The diamond flyer Word says:

    When they say hey Google my phones google goes off

  97. Arthur Morgan says:

    This guy is like the ok boomer of 2017

  98. Daeris Sauceda says:


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