Introducing a New Kind of Audio Recorder


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Woman: Remember that time when you took
notes during that meeting and then you couldn’t follow the meeting
’cause you were so busy taking notes? Or when your dad told you all 15
ingredients in his famous chili and then
you promptly forgot 12 of them? Or that time you recorded that two-hour
lecture and it turned into this? And then you couldn’t remember where to
find the part you needed to remember. It was at the beginning, right? Man: A model in which volatility is
inevitable– Woman: No, you know what, maybe it was at
the end of this long, nondescript bar. Man: The basic conceptual framework– Woman: Ugh. Everything would be so much
easier if recording got smarter. Like what if it could recognize and label
sounds as you record them? Wow, how about some applause? No, for real. Could it find applause? [music]

100 Replies to “Introducing a New Kind of Audio Recorder”

  1. LaBoiVille says:

    Just download the APK it works on my Oneplus 6

  2. Seamus Brown says:

    Avid MediaComposer has had phonetic transcription and search for over a decade now. It is called Script-sync. And with edit while capture, you can even do it in realtime.

  3. Carlos Eduardo Ruiz Carcache says:

    It's a shame it's only on English…

  4. Minakshi Shinde says:


  5. F says:

    Nobody talk about Empty by Kevin Abstract in the background L

  6. Goh says:

    you've already been secretly recording our speech, transcribing them for ads purpose since god knows when. So, nothing new or "New Kind" here.

  7. Tom V says:

    Yet another app that Google will abandon in a year or two.

  8. Shafi Khan says:

    I'm not using a pixel 4! So youtube recommends me this to feel pity of not having one???

  9. TheKing Initiate says:

    Pixel 4 = hangman 😢😢😢

  10. Laiqul says:

    I will buy pixel 4

  11. Isaac Olson says:


  12. liam says:


  13. Niki P Vaghela says:

  14. emory grove says:

    This is a good reason to get a pixel honestly.

  15. Ashish Maikhuri says:

    thats not fair. You should give this to all android. Or either make your pixel phone more good looking with high spec. #pixelisshit

  16. Ashish Maikhuri says:

    i will create this on my own..😌😌😌

  17. Breakdown Entertainment says:

    when will other languages be available?

  18. sibaar says:

    downvote vc "only on pixel 4" smh

  19. Kate Felizmenio says:

    A lot of good apps are available for iOS but not for Android, but why doesn't that have as much stigma?
    But hey it hurts way more when Google actually considers playing by Apple's rules. 😭😭😭

  20. Labham Jain says:

    Only on pixel 4 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  21. Can't think of a username says:

    Could it find sounds

    Me the word sounds is right there

  22. Ahmad Yousef says:

    I want this on my android 9 phone!

  23. Jordan Budisantoso says:

    I tried an extracted APK on my Pixel 2 and can verify that it works (at the time of this comment, there are three versions of the APK and the middle one worked for me). via

  24. Michele Zerbinato says:

    when this will be available on pixel 3a?

  25. Monark King says:

    Me in the beginning: ooh that sounds cool I'm going to get it
    Google:only on pixel 4.
    Also me: this is cheating 😭😭😭

  26. Habib Rohman says:

    "Only on Pixel 4"
    Non Pixel Experience user : ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
    Me, Pixel Experience user : (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  27. The Walk Around the World says:

    Wow! Amazing Google!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  28. Dario Fleita says:

    Only on pixel 4

  29. Yassine Hankaz says:

    Thank you GOOGLE

  30. Max Gonzales says:

    "only on Pixel 4"
    Is that one of those April fool's jokes, or…

  31. Afaq A. S. says:

    1:25 here is why u shouldn't have watched this video

  32. FrozenPink2 Music says:

    All Google’s Products


    Disliked because "Only In Pixel 4"

    It's RUINED My Happiness :'(

  34. Kushal Kalavida Records says:

    They had us in the last second " pixel 4 " 😒😒😒😒

  35. Shani says:

    Apk please

  36. Aidan Chaz says:

    Only on pixel 4 you say

    We will see google we will see

  37. νταν νταν says:

    a goverment wet dream

  38. sagar rawal says:

    Is it an April fool's day joke bymistakly uploaded too early or really anything like that just happened

  39. Emmanuel Mahove says:

    Jokes on you, its available on apkmirror

  40. Matthew2008 says:

    Right, let’s download this smart recorder!
    Google: its free real estate

  41. Benjamin Yap says:

    Do u have 5his app on playstore?

  42. Tech Guru413 says:

    I think almost 90% of the people here are being mad about the “only on Pixel 4” part.

  43. Guillaume Thibaudeau says:

    new kind of recorder to spy on us i guess

  44. Michele Zerbinato says:

    When this will be added to pixel 3a?

  45. Mohamed azaari bin Mohamed fahmy says:

    Segala nya ok komentar .

  46. CDI Official says:

    "Only on Pixel 4"
    Me running the APK on my Pixel 1.

  47. Алексей Прасол says:


  48. Cristian Martínez says:

    I have the recorder apk installed on my Motorola phone 😀

  49. Jay Salvacion says:

    "Who in the world would ever be able to make something like that?"

    Otter Voice Notes: "Allow me to introduce myself…"

  50. The Sparkling Sisters says:

    Many people are annoyed because the video said "Only for Pixel 4"

    While I'm happy as this wasn't posted on March 31st

  51. Macintosh Fan says:

    0:11 Reminds me of the flag of Japan

  52. Macintosh Fan says:

    0:11 Looks like the iOS record button

  53. QuikLight says:

    my phone has the feature where you can see the speech being said

  54. Ahmed Mokhtar says:

  55. J Caje says:

    Pixel 3 deserve it

  56. TrackLab says:

    "Only on Pixel 4"
    Well…im not intetested anymore

  57. A J says:

    Got it on my Nokia 6.1 Plus, so cool

  58. SM SHOE MUSIC says:

    Dang it only for Pixel 4 then f you Google

  59. Arcitek GD says:

    “Only on Pixel 4”

    I’m using Safari

  60. Will's Adventures says:

    "Only on Pixel 4" I just downloaded it from tht Play Store onto my Pixel 3 XL.

  61. Peter Lee says:

    It seems nobody has a pixel 4 and I do. The oh so orange. Am I your God?

  62. Raphael Rippinger says:

    ??? ONLY on Pixel 4 ???

    Hmm… will it soon be time to go back to MacOS?

  63. Peter Wolfe says:

    0:26 Whoever animated this severely messed up the progress bar.

  64. Useless!!! ! says:

    Now pixel 2 also can have it

  65. Afroz Gauhar says:

    Everybody gangsta till she say says "ONLY ON PIXEL 4"

  66. Isaias Gabriel F. de A. e Mendonça says:

    G, you better put this in other platforms -_-.

  67. Lu Stands in fire says:

    I guess I will need a Pixel 4 from now on

  68. Afro House Vocals says:

    I'm impressed

  69. James S says:

    Yay! It's on my Pixel 2 XL from the play store and the transcription works!

  70. mekymoney says:

    The best things ever! Pixel 4 rule 🙌🙌

  71. Martin Gonzalez says:

    It was about time!!..

    Google for the win

  72. Roger Ganga Sundararaj says:

    Google : Recordings are tagged and labelled…
    People : Yaay!!
    Google : By the FBI
    People: oofff

  73. Arjun says:


  74. Videoforum says:

    But u cant trim the voice memos. Fail.

  75. bobvolador | GamePlays & Stream says:

    Tyler1 seeing the ad:
    Only for Pixel 4:

  76. Vipex says:

    Why "Only On Pixel 4"

  77. Vipex says:

    Who accepts that google don't like other devices

  78. David Ziegler says:

    Its Out in the Play Store …
    Works on Pixel 3

  79. LegoEddy says:

    Ok, I get it. Next phone will be a pixel.

  80. Knowledge Class says:

    I am also thinking about this #knowledgeclass

  81. LightYagami H22 says:

    99% comments – Only on pixel 4
    1% comments – Others

  82. You Tube [audio Recrodder] Nocopy says:

    Woman:Remember that time when you​ took notes during that​ meeting

  83. Carmi Lu says:

    Please release it. My stupid phone has no built in recorder even

  84. Ludger Uri says:

    Bomboclaat, make it available for the rest of us mere mortals

  85. Tomi Koerniawan says:

    Actually google made this

    Who's say it's only for pixel 4 ?

  86. Ittiphat Ping says:

    "Only on pixel 4"
    But when am searching for that
    "This item does not available in your contry"

  87. Braylan Black says:

    "Only on Pixel 4"
    Laughs in APKMirror

  88. Nithilan Dhandapani says:

    Wat an awesome tech 😍 our life got way easier 😍 At 01.26 wait wat 🙄😒

  89. Emmett C. says:

    Now it's on my pixel 2 so yea…

  90. Iudex Gundyr says:

    "Only on pixel"
    Pure APK where you at?

  91. Mister Man says:

    This voiceover is annoying.

  92. Sumanth Sriramoju says:

    Yet it won't let you edit/trim recordings… Very smart recording app!

  93. Yaccoby says:

    Heyyy you're all forgetting that YouTube's auto generated captions is literally this Audio Recorder.

  94. Rafa Rodriguês says:

    Terá em português Brasil?

  95. Joe Maldonado says:

    Now your company will be able to sue you for bad language he he

  96. Angel Tirta says:

    "Only on pixel 4"

    Reality is often disappointing

  97. Nilanjan Dutta says:

    Live long APK

  98. Usuario de aspecto inusual xd says:

    bruh this already exists just search on g o o g l e audio to text and done and search up the words on notepad

  99. Akshay Jain says:

    Better luck next time😒

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