Internet Trolls: Born That Way?


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(futuristic tones echo) – All right, it’s my
favorite time of the day. Time to respond to some
Above the Noise comments on YouTube, let’s see what
the people are talking about. This channel is BS! You suck. Lame! Good Lord, you’re boring, bro? Ouch. People are mean. (upbeat instrumental music)
Is that what they’re saying? If you’ve ever been on
the internet, like, ever, you’ve probably run
into an internet troll and they are the worst,
like worse than wet socks. (sad horn honking) Trolls are the people who
say crazy, nasty things just to get people all riled up and the internet
is their playground where they love
to taunt everyone. Like, I’m not the only
one trolls come after. Just ask my friend,
Physics Girl. Here’s some of the
comments she’s gotten. – Silly and fake. I thought all blondies are dumb, but I guess every universal
law has an exceptions. I think that they
misspelled their insult. – And I’m wondering, who
are these mean people? What makes someone
an internet troll? All right, so believe it or not, there are real researchers
at big name universities that actually study
online trolling behavior. I mean, it’s a big deal. Trolls can disrupt entire
online communities, so much so that some
news outlets have removed the comment sections from
their websites altogether. Trolling can also lead to some
serious emotional distress. And some groups like LGBTQ,
People of Color, and women seem to get targeted
more than others. For more details, check
out these two surveys from the Data & Society
Research Institute and the Pew Research Center. It’s kind of disturbing,
y’all, but as always, links in the description. OK, so in the academic
world, there’s a variety of different definitions
for trolling behavior. But basically, it’s
behavior that falls outside of acceptable bounds
defined by those, those meaning
online, communities. It can include things like
personal attacks, flaming, swearing, basically comments
meant to stir up trouble, but isn’t that cyber bullying? Sometimes, but not always. Trolling can be different
from cyber bullying in that trolls mainly say
stuff to get attention and amuse themselves at the
expense of online communities, while cyber bullies usually
aim to harm a specific person. So to clarify, trolling
is not just people getting in disagreements
with each other. I mean, it’s totally normal
to have different opinions than someone else and express
that in a respectable manner. I respectfully disagree
with you Lauren. I don’t think Sandlot’s
the greatest movie ever. I think Space Jam’s the
greatest movie ever. – All right, cool. – Perfect. You see how easy it is to
engage in a civil dialogue? OK, so what makes someone
an actual internet troll? Well, there’s been a few studies looking at personality
traits of people who troll. One paper title, and
I’m not making this up, Trolls Just want to
Have Fun, was published in the Journal of Personality
and Individual Differences. It found that trolls tended
to have personality traits associated with
sadism, psychopathy, and machiavellianism, with
sadism being the strongest. And to refresh everyone’s
memory on what these terms mean, sadism is the act of gaining
pleasure from hurting others. Psychopathy is a
personality disorder exhibiting egotistical traits, persistent antisocial behavior, and lack of empathy and remorse. Machiavellianism is
the personality type of master manipulators, people that manipulate
without remorse. And if you think about
it, this makes sense since trolls get a kick
out of upsetting people. And a brand new paper
published in the same journal in December, 2017,
showed similar results. Trolls are more
likely to be males with psychopathy
and sadism traits. So based on this
type of research, it would seem that maybe some
trolls are just born that way, but think about it, trolls
are all over the internet. It’s like you can’t go anywhere
without running into one. Surely they can’t all be
psychopaths and sadists, right? And this is exactly what
researchers out of Stanford and Cornell were curious about, so they designed an experiment
to see if just anybody could be provoked into trolling. Science! OK, so check this out. First they put people in either
a good mood or a bad mood and to do this they
gave them either crazy-hard logic
questions and puzzles and told them they were
doing a terrible job, or they gave them super
easy questions and puzzles and told them they
were doing a great job. I’ll let you guess which
one puts you in a bad mood. Then they divided the people up and asked them to make
comments in a comment section of a mock online news article. The article was
either pre-populated with mean trolling
contents, or it wasn’t. Not surprisingly, troll posts
were highest in the bad mood group whose thread already
had trolling comments. And after some fancy
statistical analysis the researchers found
that negative mood increases the odds
of trolling by 89% and the presence of
prior troll posts increases the odds by
68%, so this suggests that regular old
run-of-the-mill non-sadists can engage in trolling,
too, and that trolling might just be contagious. All of this wasn’t super
surprising to the scientists because, well, there’s
been other research that shows that bad mood and
exposure to antisocial behavior can actually set off
antisocial behavior in others. So maybe trolls
are born and made. Now I want you to think
about your online behavior. Has there ever been a
time where the conditions were just right where
you trolled someone? Think really hard
about this one. I think we’ve all
been there, you know, gotten a kick out of
intentionally annoying someone. Perhaps there’s a little
troll in all of us. Anyway, let us know about
it in the comments below and please, try to
refrain from trolling us. Might I suggest you
take a deep breath, listen to some chill music, maybe treat yourself
to something delicious, and then leave us a comment. Thanks for watching and
remember, stay above the trolls. (upbeat music) Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait,
and if you like this video be sure to check out our
video on online privacy. Thanks for watching guys.

100 Replies to “Internet Trolls: Born That Way?”

  1. Hanatash says:

    It's like watching a Christian fundamentalist trying to explain to me what homosexual communities are all about. Social sciences are a joke.

  2. Anon Mason says:

    I troll some people. But I usually drive a point with it. Like with flat earthers.

  3. Kyle Kern says:

    I have a little guess as to why people would troll more in a bad mood. Maybe the barrier that is the computer screen gives us the idea that "Hey, I can say and do whatever I want without consequence." We are subjected to what I like to call the "Untouchable Affect." where if there is anything separating us from the rest of the world, be it the physical distance between 2 people online, the windshield of a car, or, in the case of world leaders, the many people there to prevent them from being killed, then we tend to subconsciously believe we are free from consequences. I may be wrong, though.

  4. Muath Nasser says:

    physics Girl ^_^

  5. Michael Streich says:

    Makaveli in this
    Kiluminati, All thru ur body
    That blows like a 12 gage shotty

  6. Thomas Boulet says:

    you know, sometimes, criticism isn't trolling.
    I too think it's a bit boring what you're doing. Instead of feeling like a victim of a perfectly fine critique, you should do something to be more interesting. Like, google "how to be more interesting" i dunno mate

  7. Thomas Boulet says:

    2:15 Not only boring, dishonest. Actual conversations, arguments and disagreements are heated. You've never had a conversation like that, nobody ever has. You're just a bit sensitive mate

  8. Claude Martin says:

    From what I've seen there are studies saying that men get trolled more.[1] Often because of their political views.[2]
    But in this video they claim that groups like women, LQBTQ and people of colour are targeted more.
    So which is it?


  9. Claude Martin says:

    Like most works on trolling this completely ignores the huge internet communities on social media that troll against other groups, such as racists and antiscience groups.
    Reports on trolls are nearly always negative. But what about the satirical trolls, who go into discussions and disrupt the bubble that others have built?
    Like conspiracy groups where many are 100% certain that their crazy stories are real and some trolls come to make fun of them?
    The trolls might bring up some new information about the conspiracy and then just show how it's all made up and how stupid it is.
    The racist/antiscience groups are usually filled with people who are only there to spread their racism or to make money with their quack products.
    Trolling can lead to the admins having to shut down the group. That's not really a solution to the problem but nobody else does anything against these groups.
    I only know of this because one time some trolls managed to take over some nazi group that was so big that some articles were actually written about it.
    I then found the actual troll group and they are obviously more intelligent than the average group on facebook.
    And there were other stories about "Die Partei" (satirical party in Germany – they basically troll the politics) who did something similar with AfD groups.

    However, I try not to troll and I left that group for lack of interest. I don't want my account to be suspended and I think trolling doesn't really achieve much (the groups just pop up again). Yet I often get called a troll when I discuss unpopular opinions. Some of these trolls don't actually identify as trolls. Some are just called trolls by ignorant people who can't see how wrong they are.

  10. Revelt says:


    It should be 69%

  11. Dan SW says:

    Can't see where the tolls are. Do you actively remove them?

  12. Hassan Hodge says:

    Wow i should stop trolling ima stop i aint joking i will stop thank you for telling me this i never realized this man

  13. Gert Minnie says:

    this is my favourite music video

  14. Nova Verse says:

    Appealing to civility and social norms is the argument of someone who doesn't have an argument

  15. Book Reader says:

    My local evening newspaper is heavily right-wing and it annoys me enormously, especially a regular column which is supposed to be a light-hearted take on news topics, but is always promoting anti-immigrant and pro-Brexit rhetoric. I continually trolled the comment section because I thought this was a disgusting exploitation of a public platform which should have respected journalistic independence.

  16. Brian Melendy says:

    What are the differences between tolling, ghosting and flaming?

  17. Sean Spicer says:

    they see me trollin', they hatin', patrollin' & tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty.

  18. Luper ionic says:

    I think anything that gives you an edge in survival will give you some kind of dopamine boost or some enjoyable sensation. The conflict comes when survivalistic behavior turns out to be anti-social (breaks bonds of trust between others) and an "error 404" occurs. The feeling of superiority is a drug in other words. An illusion that you can manufacture and feed off of through anonymity. In tribal times you could imagine trolling to provoke weakness in your enemies. In modern times with the mass connectivity of the world, the only enemy is yourself

  19. Collectivist Dog says:

    Dude, you’re talking about trolling but the avatar image you associate with it is clearly that of a goblin. Psh! Scoff Sigh
    How is anybody supposed to take you seriously now?

  20. TimeHorse says:

    I love trolling Barbara “Tax Hike” Comstock and her Vaginal Ultrasound bill!

  21. Danger Dan says:

    Nice video on a really hot topic on the net. Makes it a bit easier to understand, why some people troll – although I absolutely don't like this kind of destructivity. Cheers Bro! 🙂

  22. alkafrazin says:

    Funny thing, I posted this before the end of the video, but tbqh I was in quite a good mood.

    Trolling is entirely misunderstood, though. Not surprising, since anything from the early days of the internet generally is, especially by all you new kids.

  23. bigmassivebrid says:

    I've never got a kick out of annoying people, that just seems like a bizzare thing to do to me. I guess people can seek out negative comments and get caught up in the drama of it all though or for some kind of self destruction.

  24. DC R says:

    I came to troll the troll video. ☺jk

  25. Ditso Kar says:

    Wet socks that's it m out of here

  26. Ginny Jolly says:

    This makes sense.

    As far as trolling, I've tried to limit my trolling comments to what I know is true. However, I have found out that there are people who are actually paid to comment in a trolling fashion. And there are times I trolled a perceived troll with this comment: "How much were you paid to troll?"

    I haven't had one protest, yet, and maybe I alerted a person or 2 to this practice and maybe encouraged them to take trolling with a grain of salt. And maybe I caused a troll or 2 to stop.

  27. Aaron says:

    I miss when YouTube allowed for video replies. Ideally, there should have to be more investment in making a comment and require a return investment from someone else in the form of sitting through it.

    I see video replies as being something closer to the proper amount of investment in what's being said. And instead of "likes" and "views", graph people's level of caring by a ratio of number of unique viewers that have seen it to average watching time per viewer.

    Just an idea. Feel free to tear it apart.

  28. Brandon L says:

    FOR THOSE WHO CALL OTHER PEOPLE TROLLS: everyone is a troll! the fact that you call them that makes you a troll. you are just shaming people with real issues concerning the subject matter. and you are childish while you name call like a bully. keep thinking this BS! your apathy is apparent and your ability to debate is questionable!

  29. Joe Antonio says:

    Great video.

  30. Absurd Hero Rx says:

    Trolling white supremacysts is fun. I like trolling the cysts and other deserving people.

  31. Tutilio says:

    Nice try bro!

  32. StarSeed says:

    Stupid sheep. The reason news websites do not allow comments is because it is too easy to debunk Deep State/Liberal lies with comments.

  33. Rocky Cliff says:

    This looks like a good general science series. Although aimed at teens, very few adults will know this stuff. I'm adding it to our Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society blogsite on a regular basis as suitable for all ages.

  34. TmegaK says:

    Are bad channels who say obvious shit are born or made?

  35. Lil Pump says:

    Your channel is BS

  36. Lil Pump says:

    You SUK

  37. Lunatic Programmer says:

    I am a troll by some definitions. I take pleasure in swinging liberal biased Twitter polls and stuff. I don't do it to hurt others, I do it to spread a message.

  38. Potato Gamer says:


  39. Alejandro Zamora says:

    What's some chill music?

  40. infinitelyrude me says:

    I thought you can't get any dumber by my friend you are exceptional in doing crap…

    Just kidding, didn't find any troll in troll video so I had to do this I had to, but liked this video..

  41. Kirk Boone says:

    i love your vids

  42. Jonathan Duenas says:

    1:13 "Troll69"

  43. DespairNemesis says:

    You people don't understand. In the beginning, the Internet really didn't have rules and was used primarily by those that would be considered outcasts in real life. Either because of their niche computer hobby that was foreign to most people, or because they just were just "different." The "trolls" then basically insulted each other the same way the "trolls" do now, and in fact they continue to do so (nice *chan background at 2:34 btw). The lack of rules meant you could say or do whatever you wanted, especially what you weren't allowed to say or do in real life, without any real consequences. Unfortunately everyone else has muscled their way onto the net and has started declaring that there must be rules, just like real life, effectively turning what those same people would consider a "safe space" into a hostile environment. In short, the internet was always this way, and it's naive to think that the rules of real life must apply in a place where real life is irrelevant to how one acts online. Who you are in real life has nothing to do with who you are online, you can be anybody. "Trolls" demonstrate that succinctly. And short of announcing that you're an expert or specialist at something, there's really no reason to break the idea that you are just another nameless faceless person internet.

  44. colin croft says:

    How to not get trolled 101
    Step 1 dont get offended by anything
    Step 2 shut the fuck up

  45. Nikki Cedrone says:

    Your index finger is weird looking and your beard is fat.

  46. Ken Stevens says:

    its the jews.

  47. Yellow Asian says:

    Lauren’s my cousin

  48. Jon Dep says:

    Why is this such an interesting topic!? 🤔

  49. François Cauneau says:

    Now time for a double-Troll:
    -The best proof for the existence of ET is that they avoid us.
    – And Born Trolls are the best proof for the emergence of a self-made AI 😉

  50. animal0mother says:

    1:13 "…to the point that some news websites have removed their comments sections altogether."
    Let's be real, news sites removed comment sections because people call them on their bullshit. Think about what Robert Crichton's anecdote on this.

  51. Meathead615 says:

    There is no such things as good trolls. Were their bad or just uglies? All of the above. Yes, their uglies. Ban them out of this page, and show no mercy to them.

  52. dab tree says:

    this is fucking gay. lol

  53. terrifiedanimal says:

    The comment sections and discussion forums are being removed from web sites at an alarming rate. They claim they're merely trying to combat trolling, but in fact, it stifles dissent and enables a handful of media giants to maintain complete control of the narrative. I think most folks are capable of handling a few trolls here and there and don't need publishers to interpret the news and decide what is safe for the public to view. I don't mind having to endure some abrasive trolls so that I can exchange ideas and engage in dialogue with others over the events at hand. So now the town square has been co-opted by media giants and there is to be no talking amongst ourselves? Am I the only one who sees this? I think not.

  54. D Cabral says:

    When I encounter a troll, most of the time, all I have to do is to talk to the troll and tell him something like: "OK little troll, o you poor little troll. Go home little troll, since in here, you will no longer be fed." And most of the time, I think they do just that.

  55. Snake Eater says:

    If you're not allowed to face harsh criticism then you won't be able to have the thick skin to stand up for what you believe in against powerful odds. I.e. Stop being a pussy online. I was linked to this from an article about justifying shutting down comments because they were too negative and criticised an article's thesis

  56. John Peni El says:

    The thing is, half the internet is trolling for trolls 🙂

  57. PRIZM CMYK says:

    Person of color making a educational video, nice. Job well done 👍

  58. Valerie Herman says:

    Dear Above The Noise, My state allows people to write and submit ballot initiatives. I want to write one but dont know how or where to start. Any suggestions?

  59. AlbumNerd says:

    Fuck You!!!!!!!!

  60. Knowledge Magnet says:

    you got trolled

  61. Sebastian Radlmeier says:

    That's not trolling. That's hating. A internet troll is someone you might wanna hang out with at a party because he's funny. A hater's just miserable.

  62. Patricia Irwin says:

    I am a 30 year old woman who continually gets attacked by 15 year olds. Here is the TOS for Youtube. This is what you can be banned for. " Content that is deliberately posted in order to humiliate someone
    Content that makes hurtful and negative personal comments/videos about another person"

  63. Sarmatian Cat-a-phract says:

    Worse than wet socks? Like the kind you'll find in their bedroom? 🤢

  64. DeeRock says:

    Trolling is trying to get a reaction. People are so trigger by everything.

  65. kesch says:

    I experienced this scourge first-hand. 10-15 years ago, was a great place to post comments and read interesting ones, the vast majority coming from real tennis lovers. Nadal-fans and Fed-fans were enjoying civilised discussions. The 2008 Wimby final generated 1500+ comments! Then it slowly became a cesspool of stupid, hateful, partisan comments. Now this section is no more. How sad. It exemplifies how the social and political discourse has evolved over the past years towards radicalization.

  66. J NYC says:

    Trolls come in different shapes and sizes. Some 'trolls' just blurt out a string of upper case rants and cut-and-pastes. Other trolls call people names who disagree. But there are many so-called 'trolls' who are just pointing out something that people don't like to hear or refuse to acknowledge. Often 'troll' is just a term that people like to broadly use for those who disagree with approved messaging. While some trolls might be rude or argumentative, I'll take trolls as a whole any day over liars and censorious types.

  67. Randy Salber says:

    I'd be very interested to see what role provocation plays as both a trolling behavior and as a causal factor.

  68. Truth Above All Never Fear says:

    Personal attacks are the #1 tool for liberals/leftists because they can't defend their delusional beliefs with logic.

  69. Truth Above All Never Fear says:

    Liberal/leftist definition of 'troll': someone making a comment that doesn't conform with liberal/leftist dogma and politically correct dictate.

  70. Truth Above All Never Fear says:

    There is NO valid reason to shut down comment sections. Let people talk, free speech only matters for speech that some others don't want to hear. Being offended is a choice, pu55ies look to be offended.

  71. handy1 arnwald says:

    Good content, thanks for sharing

  72. Andrew T. says:

    I troll 24/7

  73. Foe Dickson says:

    LOL,thanks 4 warning me!

  74. Scott Champagne says:

    This video was helpful.

  75. dent tech says:

    What if you just completely disagree or find flaws in the video you are commenting on? What if the video is intentionally misleading? Genuine criticism can sometimes be interpreted as trolling. This is where the line gets fuzzy.

  76. Glenn Hamblin says:

    Informative video thanks. My mother's sage advice was "If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all".
    Damn she was wise! 😊

  77. BAMvfx says:

    So, lame like Trolls all have green skin. Check your facts.

  78. Bjeh King says:

    Those I troll are themselves trolls. I AM JUSTICE! Hee-Hee-Hee!!!😁

  79. Dixie Cups says:

    This video fucking sucks lmao u really brought science into trolling it funny cuz ppl get so sensitive and it funny

  80. Rhys Basquez says:

    That was pure cancer and the devil was the only one who is the most powerful

  81. AdHocFuture says:

    I've never trolled anyone. However, I have made reasoned comments that was then trolled. You left out a group of trolls. If you make a verifiable statement that does not line up with a certain type of persons fossilized viewpoint, belief, or faith, then you will become a target. The comments can range from swearing to blanket statements that belittle or call into question your comments, without providing any actual verifiable information to substantiate the rebuttal. I ignore all such comments. I don't read them. Waste of time.

  82. nineball26 says:

    FUGG the NPR, bunch of traitorous lame assholes who need to be put to sleep… they are STOMPING all over our God given rights as human beings and more so the SECOND AMENDMENT!!!

    you say something that doesn't align with these MORONS agenda and suddenly you are a troll or some BULLSHIT, its NOT a big deal, you don't like what you read, PASS IT UP, ITS REAL SIMPLE you commie pukes

    nothing pisses me off worse than some fuckwad cunt commie puke pissing on me then teling me its raining, this TROLL shit is BULLSHITS!

    its all part of their control program, if the people cannot add opinion and or TRUTH then IDIOTS like these pukes here can say what they want as if its the gospell, FUCK THEM AND THEIR PONIES, dood, YOU'RE A TROLL, blah blah blah, rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric, bullshit bullshit bullshit, all your BS lack of empathy description? you just described the media and our political system..

    and whats anti social? not subscribing to YOUR commie ways and views? piss off maggot

    asshat GTFOH!

  83. AkayCat says:

    So trolls are basically trash who have nothing to offer to this society…

    Even being a sadist you can't be totally heartless!

    I'm actually a sadist too, in horror movies where you're supposed to get scared of every single person dying, I literally laugh my ass off seeing heads flying around covered in blood or random people dying, but it's just a movie, stuff is different when we talk about real world…

    Like every human being I have a heart and a soul, and I know what suffer is, I would never laugh to a REAL PERSON that is dieing or thing like that!

    If it is only hurt it is different, as a sadist it is obviouly that I laugh to someone falling from a chair let's say, I even laugh at myself when I get hurt when it happens, but that is actually masochism…

    But laugh to a person that let's say committed suicide, that is totally fucked up!

    Internet trolls are not just sadists, they are the shit of this world, they have no feelings at all!!!

    I came here after watching a video about sad cats, I was actually searching for the "sad cat meme", as a cat-lover I obviously was having a good time watching that video,

    But then the shit-head enters the room, and this only one dude (followed by other two who only replied to him once) who was replying to every single comment by saying fucked up shit like "I like to tie my cat behind my car and then run around, then I lock him in the safe and let him eat shit" and stuff like this really ruin my mood

    I'm already depressed enough, I'm just chilling here trying to have a good day, but then a random fucker has to ruin my almost perfect day, thank you dumbass troll

    I encountered a few trolls during my experience on but this one is literally too exaggerated… I could understand if he said something like "cats stinks" or "cats are ugly", but here we are literally talking about animal abuse not just hating!

    Even if trolls don't mean what they say, so maybe that troll even if he said those thing, he in reality could be a cat-lover too? But still those words are too fucked up…

    You can be sadist or non-emphatic how much you want, but I would like to see you having a good day ruined by a psycho…

    Listen kids, joke as much as you want, but hurting someone's feelings is disrespectful, try to grow up, because society doesn't need shit that increase depression rate, you can all die then!

    To all the normal people, please report shit-heads when you see them, also don't mind replying to them, this is what I did, as the video says trolls like you to play their game, and the more you get angry and sad, the more they are satysfied…

    It is the moment to stand up and know these 2 simple steps

    1) Ignore
    Ignore the maniac, and he will have no toys to play with, so he will be the only one left sad in the end of the day!

    2) Report
    The more we report people that don't behave on the internet, the more they will learn to behave or they will just abandon this habit that they have… And you will have less people ruining you day on the internet!

    If everyone try to ignore and remember to report, we could stop having so many dick-heads ruining our day!

    Thank you for your cooperation!


  84. Clint James De Paz says:

    Probably there are trolls here in disguise in this comment section…

  85. will2see says:

    Can you see the difference between trolling and criticizing?

  86. Lauren says:

    Came from Say It Loud.

  87. KingJoe 1263 says:

    We’re not trolls, y’all j bitches 🤣

  88. Jane Blake says:

    Dude your channel sucks. H0RNY cow fvcker

  89. Chris Craft says:

    Ok, I get all that. However, I do see such mean spirited comments on some un-deserving story lines, that it makes me wonder if people who partake in trolling behavior aren't making themselves worse with each downvote. Like slowly sealing their own fate. Each time they downvote or attempt to hurt others their commitment to being ugly becomes slightly more ensconced within themselves. Like trolling is actually who they become. So is it something they are unable to control? Is this how they lead their lives away from the computer? Do these people have the power to recover themselves? Is this analogous to the lead pipe syndrome of Roman times? I mean it is pretty pervasive.

  90. David Austin says:

    I'm used to trolls, we should be, and we should just ignore them especially since this study demonstrated it's the same people doing it again and again. Closing comments sections because of trolls is like shutting down open spaces because a few might abuse them. It's like preventing all free speech at the outset in order to prevent hate speech. Imagine if youtube prevented all commenting? I'm guessing there'd be a lot more grief over that since more people feel like it's a medium that really needs community feedback.

  91. O stein says:

    trolling can also just be playing a joke on people

  92. Tunnel Nugget says:

    You made a video about trolls!?!? Didn't yo mama ever tell you not to feed them?

  93. Cyleste Farnsworth says:

    After years of studying trolls, I finally decided to try it to learn more. It was the only time I've done it and I failed massively. I waited until I was super stressed, created a new character on a mmorpg, got into a channel full of trolls, and gave it a try… got responded to… and cried.
    I guess not everyone can be turned into a troll.
    …Then again, it was a single data point. Perhaps some people need more than others? I don't know. My stress levels were DEFINITELY higher than some difficult math, though.

  94. omir moore says:

    This was a great video i like it thanks for the advice.

  95. Cavity Creep says:

    Sissified heathens always crying about something, people get pissed when you post truth, smmfh!

  96. Primal Mgtow says:

    It's a self correcting problem
    Thanks to low birth rates
    Marginalized groups
    Will decrease and 20 years
    So I guess still be less people to troll😌

  97. Jango Smith says:

    i just wanna be a troll cause he asked not to. but can i look like the gremlins after they were fed after midnight troll instead of the harry potter troll?

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