Internet melts down over Pelosi photo


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  1. Ronald Stormy says:

    pelosi is a deplorable old whore. When obama pulled troops from Iraq she was quiet? Pelosi doesnt want to secure our southern border but wants US troops to secure Syrian border???

  2. Candy C. says:

    Hysterical woman stomps out. Men continue meeting! 🙄

  3. northsoutheastwest says:

    She looks like an exhumed corpse.
    Dems would be better off with a younger, prettier face.

  4. northsoutheastwest says:

    Pelosi is a joke. Crazy how 1/2 of the other half wants the country full of radical muslims, mountains of debt and illegal immigrants in the street. Just b/c you don't like D. T.

    You all have to know deep down that you are wrong. Different people from different regions of the world should never be subjected to one another. If i were president i would put a moratorium on all immigration and a travel ban to everywhere for 20 years and then see what happens. You are fucked in the head and misguided. We truly need a civil war.

  5. Catalina Villagrana says:

    Pelosi your always talking shit about trump so talking it like a lady stop being a fucken cunt Pelosi were are your square to define you just when you need them there not there see how those square just use you to get what they want so Pelosi your so old just retire now

  6. northsoutheastwest says:

    BTW all except USA are SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES.

  7. northsoutheastwest says:

    I thought it was One nation under God, not One nation under allah! I don't think so.

  8. burnbabyburn 2026 says:

    im so sick of this shit FUCK THAT BITCH AND ALL THE DEMS . GES OUR COMANDER AND CHIEF AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT DONT LIKE IT FUCK OFF . for years weve had to listen to there crying and winning , and the news omg im done with the news no one is held accountable except trump if they would wipe there tears and realy look at what trump has done they would see but thats not what there agenda is its taking our guns and our freedom and i for one am not done with mine so i will be hanging on to mine for a while longer you all can give youres up if you want not me . GO TRUMP and hes rite let them fight it out what are going to do be the middle east monaier for the rest of time , no they have to work it out it suck but the world is not a nice place and we have issues rite here at home our army can be dealing with before its to late .FU DEMS

  9. Marton Steve says:


  10. Rose Castro says:

    I.don.t like this lady she is evil.

  11. rolback says:

    I’d like to Red flag Pelosi. She should never be allowed to own a gun.

  12. Frank Chandler III says:

    how stupid r these people! lol

  13. Stephen Bove says:

    CNN is fake news

  14. Nitroracing71 Ho-Boa says:

    third rate PROSTITUTE, I mean POLITITION….. Sorry ass BITCH!!!

  15. Brian Greene says:


  16. Mark Eaton says:

    CNN is Proven Zucker Propaganda, by Project Veritas, last week. proving CNN IS PROPAGANDA.
    But you still eat all his BS this week. Along with Nancy and Schiff's.

  17. Alan Lusk says:

    Because while you were fawning over this moron. She decided to make a meaningless trip to Jordan with the rest of her minions on our dime to spite Trump. How many mouths could that selfish self serving bitch have fed with that money. She is a fraud a big joke a spending machine. Should have been her instead of Cummings. Hope that day isn't too far away.

  18. Casey Rahailach says:

    We agree he is not president so stop calling him president tRump. Cheeto without a brain ran for president to escape state charges. For fraud and tax evasion.

  19. DeadFish says:

    This is so fucking cringe

  20. Gilda Richardson says:

    I think if Pelosi was given a competency test, she would no longer have a job.
    So if you need a good laugh you can go to you tube and text in Saturday night live or Pelosi. Not much difference .

  21. William Buick says:

    America’s favourite grandmother with dementia is a disgusting stain on America ! Pure corruption !

  22. John Barney says:

    Finger pointing demonrat ran ! Bye. Pelosi !

  23. Betty Luckey says:

    Love that it's, Jeanne Moos the one doing this segment.. And, finally, someone, Nancy Pelosi, stood up to #45 & called him out for his obvious, continuing screw ups. Enough is ENOUGH !!!

  24. Dylan Lewis says:

    What is the drivel, CNN calls this reporting!! I've seen some damn fine and intelligent people sucked into gobbling up this garbage and swearing its "news."

    I only watch CNN for the comedy of it. The fact of the matter in this instance is that speaker Pelosi couldn't handle an opposing opinion and stormed out like a child. Then when asked about it could barely string two coherent statements together.

    Two parting words TERM LIMITS

  25. Enduro Skills says:

    Your network is garbage

  26. Bo L says:

    Fake news as usual

  27. Bo L says:

    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Steve Fisher says:

    IMPEACH remove

  29. Brittany D says:

    none of what cnn is telling you is true . Nancy didn't stand up to Trump she just cried like a bitch and walked out.. pointing your finger at someone doesn't make you brave. you people are dumb af for believing this crap

  30. Brittany D says:

    even Democrats agreed she was the one who had the melt down

  31. Sasquatch Fishing says:

    Why did i get a CNN YouTube notification? I'm not subscribed? Maybe they just know I love Anderson Cooper ? 😀

  32. Yellow Menace says:

    Nancy Pelosi…
    Sooo many face lifts the leftover skin was used to make 12 football's given to her favorite team the San francisco 69'er, and 7 basketballs given to the warriors… Don't tell me she doesn't give back to the community. She sometimes drives through town and throws gold coins at the homeless just to amuse herself.  Her corruption and evil nature is legendary…  Once she killed a baby born alive bc the mother wanted an abortion earlier but couldn't afford it at the time.  Nancy should've been aborted… Is it too late???  We could classify her as a really really late abortion that her mother wanted but couldn't afford at tie time…  GREAT IDEA!!

    How to cure hill Billy Clinton and obummer ….
    Where Nancy Pelosi and Manchelle helps

    Take them to a strip club, but instead of pretty girls dancing and stripping in front of them… First handcuff each arm to the armrests, then tape his eyelids open… Then secure the head so they can't move it… Then get Madlen Not to brite, nancy Pelosi, pocahauntus, Angela Merkel, Shilla Jackson Lee, Maxine Walters, Hildabeast, Manchelle, and other disgusting women to strip and put their collective lady bits in their faces to rub making sure they gets a good taste of each…  All of these women will have unexplained discharges, yeasties, puss, and even mold in their lady holes this will freek out poor Billy, and obummer, it will cure them of their deviant perverted ways… They will never get a boner again.  Hahaha

    SLICK WILLY has come up with a great business idea selling 'WILLY SLICK', this is a great product for would be rapists errr friendly relations…  You guys know that sometimes while engaging in friendly relations, that sometimes things can be a little dry which can be uncomfortable, right?  So I invented WILLY SLICK, ok ok ok it's really leftover MONICA SLICK SCRAPED OFF MY OWN WILLY, concentrated and put into a convient 2 ounce squeeze tube for the low low price of $19.95 plus $500.00 SH… It's All tax deductible proceeds go into the Clinton Foundation so I don't have to pay taxes

    The Cigar
    Remember the photo of obummer and hillbilly Clinton while golfing?
    Here's what really happened….
    Billy Gave a cigar to obummer which he PROMPTLY shoved deep in his throat…  Billy watched the expression on obummers face and the confused look on his face was PRICELESS…. You see obummer was tasting something strange, something he has never tasted before….  This was a special private reserve cigar that was stored in the MONICA HUMIDOR…..  This had Billy reminissing of the time in the WH and all the fun he had

    The Donald should gather up all these corrupt as$holes in one room tell them first one to rat out the others will not be prosecuted, live record the event, let the public make bets on who rats out who first.. The vig goes to the build the wall fund

  33. David Castillo says:

    Nancy Pelosi is an idiot! And when she opens her mouth nothing but lies come out just like CNN!

  34. David Castillo says:

    Jeffrey Zucker owner of CNN and his wife are best friends with Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell the British socialite and the youngest child of publishing tycoon and fraudster Robert Maxwell a Mossad agent. Why isn't that on CNN?

  35. Kita P says:

    Madame Speaker a.k.a #3 to the Seat!!!

  36. sweety black says:

    SHE LOOKS LIKE THE WICKED WITCH IN WIZARD OF OZ,,,,,,, P O S ,,,peloci you will be hanging soon ,,you and your buddies for being TRAITORS

  37. sweety black says:

    stroke out bitch and need someone to wipe your ass for life

  38. Don Dickerson says:

    imagine that … cnn with more fake shit … FUCK that ragedy ass hanging titty drunk pill popping cunt … shes a fkn soros sellout

  39. Stacy Tucker says:

    Nancy Pelosi looks like she likes to molest little girls. I think she would totally go down on a 9 year old girl. I had to laugh when she went to Jordan against President Trump's wishes and her brother died. Karma is a motherfucker 🤣🤣🤣

    FUCK PELOSI!!!🖕🖕

  40. IllBeYour Huckleberry says:

    Interesting how I'm not subscribed nor asked for notification and CNN is sending me notification. and as examples. I'm thinking this might lead to why they are all fighting so hard to hide what they've all been up to…

  41. Greg Bystroff says:

    I love how the media rallies behind the democrats no matter what. Its so shameless and obvious. These are the petty moments they live for, and Trump knows how to play them better. They really hate that.

  42. Criss Mullen says:

    Exactly what did she think she was a accomplishing by shaking her finger like a crotch old spinster librarian and marching out like she had been told to take dictation or something. Guess she figured that why go about the business of working for the American people when she show disrespect for Mr Trump all the while showing unconcern for doing for her real job instead of playing to the media which is attacking the President Give me a break If she was in the private sector she would have been fired a long time ago.

  43. fah q says:

    Must be nice to be a Democrat and point your finger at the president and not get called racist.

  44. APPLE & HAPPY x-files says:

    All drumft supporters are butt hurt 😂😂… they forgot who posted that picture originally 😂😂😂 this is just 2 much , he is that stupid!

  45. Lucy Fer says:

    Hahaha that is perfect

  46. TDS is Real, Get Psychiatric Help Immediately says:

    Poor Nancy

  47. SuperiorWare says:

    ClickBait news network up to it again. Can't wait til 2020 to see what they post. What will be the new investigation in 2020.

  48. Tom Mathew says:

    Nancy Drew Pellosi. I am da boss

  49. Michael Ford says:

    , Nancy Pelosi is a joke the city of San Francisco's a joke anything she touches a joke people who commented good things about her you guys are a joke she's a joke she needs to go clean up that city of San Francisco every time you walk around up there I'm tripping over sleeping bags and needles and nervous Nancy that's a good one

  50. Charlene Stewart says:

    Oh when that chair came flying out that window, I almost melted!!!! Lol!!

  51. ReptilianAsh 537 says:

    7000 to 700 sounds about right

  52. Scottish Canal trash says:

    She looks like an arthritic old Praying Mantis. Yet another sad , bitter ,twisted , delusional left winger

  53. Jack Star says:

    CNN is the exact definition of goofy who reveres the goddess of Hillary. Can you even imagine if she would have won? Are these news people and their followers really the imbeciles they appear to be? I think so and they prove it everyday.

  54. donna bernick says:

    More lib dem lies.
    When is CNN going to tell the truth?
    Pelosi for AA

  55. Eric Leavitt says:

    Typical Democrats, spoiled baby she had to confirm her Russian roots

  56. mission man says:

    It's absurd and unconstitutional.

    First there was a "Whistleblower." Then we found out they didn't have any firsthand information. But there was a rush to judgment.

    This whole impeachment inquiry has been a farce. It doesn't follow the Constitution. It doesn't follow any process. It's been embroiled in lies.

  57. Louis Johnson says:

    Senility is a bitch.

  58. Alex Mellnik says:

    Nervous cnn loosing ratings by the thousands keep spewing fake news your day are #

  59. Basque Irishman says:

    Pelosi has gummed her way to the top.

  60. Smarter Black Bear says:

    Everyone hates on Trump . Everyone doubts him , everyone kicks him . He still walks tall. God is walking with him .
    God walks with you Trump . God put you on this position who are we to say God was wrong ?

  61. Perry Rivenburgh says:

    the only reason the is in our government is by breaking the law

  62. Perry Rivenburgh says:

    Nancy is a Mexican lovein chick with sick ducking can't get out of our government before you catch one in the fore head

  63. David Doran says:

    Trump should have had Nancy escorted out by the secret service, she's a bitch.

  64. micho rizzoo says:

    Women cannot lead a country. I would not let her decide, shit.
    Her clap reminds me of the joker's clap. On the dark night

  65. Alan Miell says:

    CNN Trump on the Brain Faulse CURRUPTABLES News lieing Network fore CURRUPTABLES Dems

  66. Lisa Lawrence says:

    How funny So many People fall for Crazy Nancys BS… Nancy & her sidekick Schumer absolutely planned this… As far as All the People shaking their heads and looking down at table thoughts were" Crap here we go Crazy Nancy Babbling her Incoherent BS again!" You all Who are Praising Her for How Great She is baffle me…, The Woman can very rarely complete a full Sentence! LMAO

  67. BigFatMan SoWhat says:

    yeahhhhh Trump!!!! 2020!

  68. David Stone says:

    ❌Pinocchio 🤥 award goes to lying dishonest democrat Adam Schiff of liberal California. Wow! “Under today’s witch-hunt commander and chief that lying democrat Adam Schiff now gets to make up the rules as he goes along. Behold the Lord & High Impeacher pathological liar Adam Schiff. Democrats like Schiff view control over the narrative as essential, having learned from their Russia-collusion failed escapade the perils of transparency,” Kimberly Strassel writes in WSJ. “Democrats’ barring of Republicans and the White House from this ‘fact finding’ stage ensures what is presented later will be a very bias one-sided narrative.” And democrats wonder why conservative democrats like me are voting for President Trump again in 2020. The sore loser democrats know they have nobody that can beat President Trump so they have wasted time and taxpayers money trying to impeach him. It won’t work. Hey democrats and career politician Nancy Pelosi pass the North American Trade bill on your desk and get a infrastructure bill pasted since we have over 4,000 bridges in the USA deficient. Now please go and do your dam jobs all you do nothing Democrat’s.

  69. Tony Harris says:

    I love Nancy

  70. John Ferry says:

    The wicked witch is a liar.

  71. Pat TheHombre says:

    Pelosi: One loony tunes deranged excuse for a woman.

  72. I dance and dance says:

    Trump. FINALLY PELOSI OUT!! Let's kill the ISIS NOW!

  73. I dance and dance says:

    World… HOW TRUP CAN BE PRESIDENT???? –showing Pelosi….Oh…Now we now.

  74. Christian Wagner says:

    She is dumb as a rock. No matter if you vote blue or red. She does not have the capacity or the energy to lead the party.

  75. Chelo Figueroa says:

    Pelosi = Queen Isabella

  76. JIM H. says:

    I never like Pelosi. Since she talked Trumps issues, she became my famous!😂

  77. Paul Oneill says:

    Pelosi is a female Trump, she made 100million dollars in government? How? Corruption! Two pigs fighting over trough.

  78. carol matthews says:

    Pelosi needs to be certified

  79. Lord Calcium says:


    This hurts

  80. Stelum Vict says:

    Lolollll still crying loser?

  81. Wahida Noorzad says:

    Women power

  82. mironyuk says:

    She has mental issues … TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  83. Laura Walker says:

    Look how ashamed Trump's own side look. Can you believe Trump actually declassified this photo because he thought it looked bad for Pelosi? The delusions are real people 🤣🤣

  84. Laura Walker says:

    If someone just happened to assassinate Trump and Pence. Or they both got into an accident and died or were incapable of governing (yes I know they are already). Pelosi would become President as she's 2nd in line after Pence.

  85. Ron Wright says:

    I like veto of nancy shaking her finger at trump across the table putting him in his place ! The bottom of food chain !

  86. Ron Wright says:

    Nancy look very presidential standing over trump putting him in his place ! Cant wait till hes impeached with his wig in his hand !!!!!!!🙄🤨😁😋😎🦇🐓🐀🐁🐭🌞☃️

  87. Douglas Baer says:

    Impeach Pelosi and deport anywhere!!!

  88. Larry Johnson says:

    She is a embarrassment for all women

  89. kingtorta says:

    Odd, these “doctored” photos are cool but trump sends out a meme and msm goes nuts.

  90. bax 60 says:

    She looks like a complete delusional idiot …..

  91. bax 60 says:

    I think Nancy Pelosi may well be the most annoying women to ever play like shes a representative in the house.She is absolutely going down as the worst speaker in us history.

  92. Eao Ryan says:

    Flailing hands tell the truth. Ask any Lawyer. She's a hate filed liar.

  93. Kim Nguyen says:

    Madam Pelosi you are American hero…

  94. kimmysaeedi91 says:

    Yes!!!!! NANCY PELOSI!!!!! 😎

  95. Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski says:

    I hope they start making Pelosi Urinal stickers like the Jane Fonda ones that they sell on Ebay!

  96. Adrienne Thrower says:

    Sit down Nancy…you're embarrassing yourself….voting was over yester-year…ALL of America has spoken. They want Trump. So be a gracious sport. Shut up and take it like a man. No whining aloud here…unprofessional!

  97. Twotofourfoot says:

    Cruz clap back

  98. philyhero33go says:

    hahashahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha she just roasted trump. dame MAKE HER PRESIDENT!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  99. J J says:

    Why did they let this woman in DC at all

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