Internet MANA official electoral opening statement


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[Smooth piano music.]
[Morning bird calls.] Kids!
[Zzzwhoosh.] I’ve told you numerous times, No futuristic holographic
swing-ball inside. But dad that’s not fair! You should count yourselves lucky. Things weren’t always this good. Are you gonna tell us
another boringgg political story? Oh, there is nothing boring about
a talking cat. Futuristictransition! [Electronic bleeping.] Oh, cool! Woah– this looks like
an awesome spy room! Now look, I wasn’t spying, it’s– I– I don’t recall! Doh– Ohh! Gotta run away! [Peeowww!]
[Uplifting exciting music.] This room tells the great story of how
an unlikely group of people got New Zealand back on track. It all began in September 2014. When the Internet Party, And the Mana Movement transformed into the mighty
Internet MANA Party! Hoh, like Transformers 12? Yes, but stronger, smarter,
and with far less explosions. The leaders Laila and Hone Made sure Kiwi kids like you
didn’t go hungry, Creating a new generation
of super kids! Kiwis everywhere learned what it was
really like to be a true New Zealander. Free university education meant that
students could begin their lives free of debt and burden.
[Parrrp!] They also stopped mass surveillance. Fourrr!
[Smack!] And to top it off,
they fixed the environment. [Splosh.]
Cheers mate! Gave us faster internet, Better computers, And awesome technology. [Smooth jazzy piano.]
Like these awesome hoverboards! Yes little girl,
awesomely radical hoverboards. Wow, did that all really happen? But of course, And it’s all thanks to those clever
people who gave their party vote To Internet MANA
all those years ago. Hey dad… How come you can talk
and walk on two legs? That’s weird. Because… futuristic reasons!
[Dinggg!] Ka pai everyone! [Music finishes with a flourish.]

14 Replies to “Internet MANA official electoral opening statement”

  1. antDigital100 says:

    What a load of crap, Sounds like something for little kids.

  2. mick mccrohon says:

    More choice is better than a two party system …thanks Internet Mana .

  3. Haylon Romeril says:

    100% chance you'll get into parliament 

  4. Paul Moss says:

    totally excellent… #aroha  for #inspiration  ..  #InternetMANA

  5. ProjectFlashlight612 says:

    It's too long.  Doesn't get to the point quickly enough, and is too Utopian in it's outlook.  Still, compared to Nazional's rowing team propaganda rubbish, it's almost brilliant.

  6. Qio says:

    Who will pay for all this?

  7. ruarua22 says:

    What is Harawira doing holding the bottle of milk and Weetbix…? Weetbix and milk in schools was a Nat initiative.

  8. Crispy Capsicum says:

    If only Mana Party didn't have some fucking dreadful Maori policies they're trying to mandate OML Look that shit up niggas.

  9. Aaron Kirk says:

    What a fucking joke.

  10. J Gray says:

    Omg I LOVE this!

  11. J Gray says:

    Are yous kidding me..?

    The national party systematically and professionally manipulates the public's perception

    using unethical PR techniques, propaganda devices borrowed from the horrible Republicans and Tea party..

    They play a similar deception game as the "forces of corruption" that falsely led the public into accepting an illegal invasion into Iraq and other places..

    Now thanks to Wikileaks, we have cold hard proof of these tactics and the National party is clearly employing them which we now know thanks to whalegate..

    The national party is deeply immersed in corruption and dirty politics..

    You never hear the nationals talking about actual policies, and the smear tactics and distractions are now evident..

    Its even said by many academics that the national party is a neoliberal US puppet

  12. tpwbfilms says:

    Ka pai everyone!

  13. mukpuddy says:

    Glad everyone is liking this. It was a heap of fun to make 🙂

  14. Zara Wolf says:

    yay internet mana <3   

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