Inmatriculare VS Inregistrare ATV


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Good morning everyone! Today is a special day Not because it’s raining, but because I’ll finally go with the ATV to the Romanian Automotive Register (R.A.R). Finished! It’s loaded onto the trailer,
and secured properly. I want to show you one more thing, which makes me a little nervous now, for the R.A.R. inspection. The VIN number is not very visible, It should be somewhere in this area, You can see some small little dots, they’re mostly affected by rust, So the VIN number is unreadable. This is the only thing that makes me a little nervous when it comes to the R.A.R. inspection. I’m very curious what happens next. Finally, I just began my trip with the ATV to R.A.R. Now, on the way there, I want to briefly explain WHY I have to go to the Romanian Automotive Register. Well, because the ATV I bought has German documents. Meaning that it has the Registration Certificate Part II
(german: Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II) And the Registration Certificate Part I
(german: Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I) Which are the equivalent of the Romanian Vehicle Identity Certificate and the Vehicle Registration Certificate I even have the papers from the last periodical technical inspection that was done in Germany and now, let’s see what happens next Will I be able to register it at the M.A.I. (like any other car from Romania), or just at my local city hall? Everything depends on what kind of documents will the R.A.R. give me. Ok, I arrived at the R.A.R. I’m going to stop recording no because I don’t know if I’m allowed to film in there or not. I’ll come back with more info as soon as I finish here. Finished! I finished the R.A.R. inspection As you can see, I’m kinda smiling now, which means that things went pretty well. I wasn’t able to obtain the Vehicle Identity Card from the R.A.R. Because in the German papers, the ATV was registered as a forrest vehicle or tractor, or something like this. and it has 52 kw power on those papers Which s why, the R.A.R. will only be able to give me a Technical Certificate, Which will allow me register the ATV at my local city hall, with a black number licence plate. Actualy it’s black letters and numbers on a yellow background Oh, and the problem that I had with the VIN number was resolved relatively simple, by repunching the VIN characters on this part of the ATV. After my visit to the R.A.R. another 4 days have passed until they gave my a Technical Certificate I went there, picked it up, and started to gather all the documents neccessary to register the ATV at my city hall. At the city hall I had to pay a total of 124 RON (~ 26 €) representing all the taxes so that the ATV can be registered. I hoped that everything is ok now. But after 1 week I got a call to bring another document to the city hall as a proof that I have a place where I can park the ATV because they forbid the ATV to be parked on public domain. So I had to bring a document which can proove that I have a proper place to park it. After I finished with this part, I was called again at the city hall to pay another tax about which I was not informed at first. Anyway, I went there, payed it and got rid of that problem. All these steps, from the first day that I filed my documents to the city hall until the registration documents were ready took about 2 weeks! and after 2 weeks, I’m here, and from this day, with the licence plate! From now on I can legally drive my ATV on public roads! What other taxes did I have to pay to register the ATV? Besides those that I already mentioned I had to pay for insurance which I paid for 1 month, and it cost me 14 RON (~ 3 € ) And at the R.A.R. all the taxes that I paid at the R.A.R., including the re-punching of the VIN number were about 800 RON (~ 168 €) That was kinda expensive, but well…that’s it And these are all the steps that I had to go through in order to register the ATV so that I can legaly drive it on public roads. It really wasn’t that hard. I had some ups and downs, But I got over them and from now on I have absolutely no worries anymore. That’s all for now, If yo have any questions feel free to write them in the comments section below. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time!

22 Replies to “Inmatriculare VS Inregistrare ATV”

  1. Daniel AtegoTrans says: si eu un say bay said maverickx3 a fost inmatriculat in anglia ca o masină normală si la RAR a zis ca nu il imatriculeaza ca nu are certificat de omologare european …oare se poate inregistra la primărie ca si atvul ..când ați facut RAR..acum decurand ??ca am inteles ca nu mai dau atestate nici pt primărie mersi

  2. A L E X A L E X A N D R U says:

    De unde esti mai exact din Hd??

  3. om viu venit la lumina says:

    Pai ASA iti trebuie, daCa nu esti suveran 😂 ….///nu exista taxa pt a te deplasa din punctul a in punctul b. Decat daca faci comert. Placuta pot sa IMI fac SI eu din carton.

  4. Mihai-Adrian Florescu says:

    Foarte util materialul ! 👍
    Totuși, dimensiunea tăbliței cu numărul, nu este mare ? Eu am suportul pentru tăbliță de 240×130. Și eu sunt în plin proces de înregistrare…

  5. om viu venit la lumina says:

    In baza carui contract si cu cine, circuli tu "legal"?

  6. Mihai-Adrian Florescu says:

    Și încă ceva…dacă in cazul meu am carte de identitate, factură, certificat de conformitate. Îmi mai trebuie atestat tehnic pentru a-l putea înregistra pe primărie ?
    Menționez că atv-ul meu este nou, marca Linhai, are omologare T3b. conform cărții de identitate.

  7. Pascu Laurentiu says:

    de unde ai cumparat atv ? a fost la un pret bun ?

  8. Catalin Boros says:

    Felicitări !!!

  9. Mihai-Adrian Florescu says:

    În cazul meu e noaptea minții, în sensul că deși atv-ul meu este nou , are carte, factură, primarul îmi refuză dreptul de al înregistra, cu toate că este obligat de legislație. Dar nu mă las 🙂
    Recent , am depus o cerere la comandamentul politiei Pitești în am solicitat că atv-ul cu pricina nu se supune îmatriculării ci doar îregistrării pe primărie. Acum aștept notificarea să-mi vină prin poștă. Cu ea o să mă duc la primar și o să-i dau cu ea peste nas.

  10. Ady Moisi says:

    Poti sa iesi cu el din Hunedoara sau doar pe zona? Frumos atv si tot respectu pentru munca depusă în el , sa il folositi sănătos!

  11. NORM'S ATV says:

    Very nice happy for you after all the hard work you put into it .

  12. Berzo & project says:

    like de la mine!
    ce frumos se vede cetatea de la Deva!

  13. Marius_F says:

    Cati km are mercedesul? il vinzi?

  14. XD says:

    Spunemi te rog, ce diferente sunt cand are 4×4 pleaca mai greu de pe loc ,la viteza zic ,si la urcare ce diferente e dintre 4×4 si 4×2 clar sunt diferente dar sami spui mai bine ca nu stiu n-am incercat

  15. Papagalul Poli says:

    Ce e cu atv-ul acela din spate 🤔 , proiect nou 🤔
    Edit: De la 3:33 pana la 5:50

  16. Cosmin VOINEA says:

    Am cuparat si eu un moped(tip bicicleta) ce imi trebuie pt acte ?

  17. Brawl Stars România says:

    De unde esti?

  18. Frumuseți ale naturii! says:

    Să îl folosești sanatos!!! Felicitări!

  19. Ionut Angheluta says:

    54 de kw???

  20. Izom says:

    !?? so registering an atv in romania is more difficult then in germany/austria !?? cant believe it !? ;- () in austria we have tractor registration with limited power- so its FAKE…BULLSHIT here in europe !

  21. alex barcelanu says:

    Salut, spune-mi și mie ce remorca este aceea și de unde o ai?

  22. Hudrea Tudor says:

    Si eu am facut ca si tine Rar 670 lei acelas atestat tehnic dar nu am avut nevoie de contract de comodat cum ca il tin undeva curte garaj si la primarie am platit fix 150 lei si in 4 zile am terminat cu totul.

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