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(Music) (Applause) I’m Jon M. Chu. And I’m not a dancer, I’m not a choreographer — I’m actually a filmmaker, a storyteller. I directed a movie two years ago called “Step Up 2: The Streets.” Anybody? Anybody? Yeah! During that movie I got to meet a ton of hip-hop dancers — amazing, the best in the world — and they brought me into a society, the sort of underground street culture that blew my mind. I mean, this is literally human beings with super-human strength and abilities. They could fly in the air. They could bend their elbow all the way back. They could spin on their heads for 80 times in a row. I’d never seen anything like that. When I was growing up, my heroes were people like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson. I grew up in a musical family. (Laughter) And those guys, those were like, ultimate heroes. Being a shy, little, skinny Asian kid growing up in the Silicon Valley with low self-esteem, those guys made me believe in something bigger. Those guys made me want to, like, “I’m going to do that moonwalk at that bar mitzvah tonight for that girl.” (Applause) And it seems like those dance heroes have disappeared, sort of relegated to the background of pop stars and music videos. But after seeing what I’ve seen, the truth is, they have not disappeared at all. They’re here, getting better and better every day. And dance has progressed. It is insane what dance is right now. Dance has never had a better friend than technology. Online videos and social networking … dancers have created a whole global laboratory online for dance, where kids in Japan are taking moves from a YouTube video created in Detroit, building on it within days and releasing a new video, while teenagers in California are taking the Japanese video and remixing it with a Philly flair to create a whole new dance style in itself. And this is happening every day. And from these bedrooms and living rooms and garages, with cheap webcams, lies the world’s great dancers of tomorrow. Our Fred Astaires, our Gene Kellys our Michael Jacksons are right at our fingertips, and may not have that opportunity, except for us. So, we created the LXD, sort of a — the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, a justice league of dancers that believe that dance can have a transformative effect on the world. A living, breathing comic book series, but unlike Spiderman and Iron Man, these guys can actually do it. And we’re going to show you some today. So, let me introduce to you, some of our heroes right now. We got Madd Chadd, Lil’ C, Kid David and J Smooth. Please be excited, have fun, yell, scream. Ladies and gentlemen: The LXD. (Applause) (Video): Madd Chadd: When people first see me, I get a lot of different reactions actually. Sometimes you would think that maybe kids would enjoy it, but sometimes they get a little freaked out. And, I don’t know, I kind of get a kick out of that a little bit. (Music) (Applause) J Smooth: When I’m in the zone — I’m dancing and free styling it — I actually visually kind of picture lines, and moving them. I think of like, Transformers, like how panels open and then they fold, they fold in, and then you close that panel. And then another thing opens, you close that. (Music) (Applause) Kid David: It’s kind of like, honestly a lot of times I don’t really know what’s going on when I’m dancing. Because at that point it’s just really like, it’s my body and the music. It’s not really a conscious decision, “I’m going to do this next, I’m going to do this.” It’s kind of like this other level where you can’t make choices anymore, and it’s just your body reacting to certain sounds in the music. I got my name just because I was so young. I was young when I started. I was younger than a lot of the people I was dancing with. So, it was always like, they called me Kid David, because I was the kid. (Music) (Applause) L’il C: I tell them to create a ball, and then you just use that ball of energy. And instead of throwing it out, people would think that’s a krump move, that’s a krump move. That’s not a krump move. You’re going to throw it out, you throw it out, and you hold it. And you let it go, and then right when you see the tail, you grab it by the tail, then you bring it back in. And you just got this piece of energy and you just, you’re manipulating it. You know, you create power, then you tame it. (Music) (Applause) (Music) (Applause)

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  1. TheBoombox200 says:

    I hate it when they move the camera during robot dances – they're meant to be viewed straight on to better create the illusion of stiffness, fluidness, and detachment. Like when Madd Chadd was doing the thing where his head goes down, then his shoulders, then his head, etc, no one wants to see that from the side!!!

  2. Lia Mandansari says:


  3. Amr Abdelkhalek says:

    i want the name of the first performance please

  4. Morgan James says:

    unfortunately mate i dont think so im a dancer . i know

  5. klonasnewby says:

    yes it's Nathan Lanier – Humanity in Motion

  6. klonasnewby says:

    Nathan Lanier – Humanity in Motion

  7. Metal Rules says:

    That movie sucked

  8. koya wheatz says:

    sorry but lil c its krumping

  9. Jez Nario says:

    this is so hypnotizing

  10. Javan Tott says:

    Crazy stuff

  11. BboyCrizp says:

    After years of searching, I have found that song by Nathan Lanier, "Humanity in Motion." SO HAPPY!

  12. Max Fokin says:

    Why classic music for popping, breakdancing and krumping?

  13. Legendary Frog says:

    this shit sucks, dont see no evolution

  14. carlos tzakun says:


  15. Karl Maasen says:

    Why did they choose Lil C to krump?!?!?! Why not Tight Eyez, creator and godfather of krump? Lil c will get his ass whooped by Tight Eyez, matter of fact, any krumper will. And Lil C is definetely not king of krump, Tight Eyez is.

  16. Wiz says:

    Where was TakeSomeCrime?

    Can't have an internet dancing video without that dude. He IS internet dancing.

  17. dan frank says:

    Wht song is this?

  18. chrisisafish says:

    thank you so much, i've been looking for this song for the longest time but no one seemed to know, much love goes out to you 🙂

  19. Verb Bhengu says:

    the music!!

  20. Jade Worth says:

    Awesome!! More than awesome I'm speechless !!!

  21. choclojuliao Nicolás says:


  22. Cha Cha Cha says:

    you're an idiot.

  23. Cha Cha Cha says:

    Because of the audience they are catering to, unfortunately.

  24. Cha Cha Cha says:

    All of dancing is an "expression" and all of it is used as a tool TO "impress".

    There was nothing more "expressive" about this performance than any other b-boy video you will find randomly on youtube.

    You, and others, simply liked this one more because it involved classical music– therefore you deemed it as "something else" better, more classy and more "tasteful" than something that would involve modern pop or hip hop associations.

  25. Cha Cha Cha says:

    Because Tight Eyez probably would not compromise and dance to the classical music seen here.

    Lil C is a much more articulate, presentable, affable and personable character to this –predominantly much much older white– audience than Tight Eyez would be.

    Tight Eyez is a very independent spirit that would comes off as very threatening and would not fit into such an institution

  26. omgstoptakingnames says:

    sorry bro but there was always two types of dancers for me and it has nothing to do with what music was playing in the background. there were those who danced to something (music or whatever it may be) and then there were those who were just good at doing the moves. it doesn't mean one is better than the other but there is a difference. i know you'll disagree but not all of dancing is art or expression to me, so i'll just leave it at that

  27. omgstoptakingnames says:

    and besides, if it were any other type of music playing i'm sure everyone would of still enjoyed it.

  28. Cha Cha Cha says:

    You are very incoherent in your explanation.

    Your initial statement disparaged bboys as "trying to impress" and failing to "express" much to the contrary of this performance in your opinion, which, ironically enough, was chock-FULL of .. bboying!

  29. Mikey says:


  30. Angeldust_xtc says:

    Anyone know the song that plays when they're dancing at the beginning? Thanks in advance.

  31. AguzSuiCaedere says:

    You're my hero.

  32. heyltherel98 says:


  33. heyltherel98 says:

    I like how Madd Chadd walks casually into the stage, not doing his robot walk. . .yet 🙂

  34. uche onyeanusi says:

    ron u have to watch this

  35. uche onyeanusi says:

    watch the whole thing

  36. Kendricks Sleeper says:

    cirque de solei type ish harry potter school attire.

  37. Joseph Lara says:

    straight chills from the art these guys always produce! frantic much love! mzk

  38. Timothy Choi says:

    I love the way the other dancers are studying the other dancers in awe. The look on their faces during each other's performances just shows you how much respect they have for each other

  39. Frank Vamos says:

    Who the hell says that? "Dancers are the athletes of God." The homeless guy on the corner?!

  40. Francis Louie Merjudio says:

    Who are you again?

  41. Francis Louie Merjudio says:

    you're a smart-ass

  42. Francis Louie Merjudio says:

    must be some freaking weird place you go to if you think that attire could pass as something for school

  43. Frank Vamos says:

    Uh.. my name is right there. Next to the comment. Any other questions?

  44. Cha Cha Cha says:

    albert einstein

  45. Cha Cha Cha says:

    wow… you are stupid. "Dancing" couldn't be called "DANCE" unless it WERE being DONE to music! There isn't anything more "musical" about this dance performance than you would find in the "typical bboy videos" that you disparaged.

  46. Francis Louie Merjudio says:

    oh right. nothing important with you then.

  47. ignoremyinsanity says:

    I'm a die hard ballerina but this made me cry!

  48. ignoremyinsanity says:

    why am I a bitch?

  49. ignoremyinsanity says:

    Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that you found it necessary to call me a bitch for such a trivial matter, but I'm going to enjoy this however I please thanks for the story

  50. leovincent1997 says:


  51. strengthxcourage says:

    When I saw this, I automatically clicked "Open in a New Tab" -and then became super confused when the TED music started playing. When I clicked on the tab, I was like, YES! Two of some of my favorite Internet phenomenons, combined. =O

  52. Dragomir Maistru says:

    this is not hip-hop anymore… and i can hardly call it dance due to lack of synchronization between movement and music

  53. Comkijs says:

    This People the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers are one who can show what you don't understand. TNX Legion of Extraordinary Dancers for this. I feel you will be only one who can save this world with what are they doing.

  54. Marcus Cheng says:

    They have some really awesome tunes… Love the background music!

  55. carrion859 says:

    Dope love it very inspiring

  56. HopeEsleim1101 says:

    Humanity in Motion by Nathan Lanier. Man, that final choreography is just beautiful :')

  57. The Stammering Dunce says:

    The dancers are fantastic and so are the musicians!

  58. WTN says:

    the best of the present 

  59. Crows BAKAHHH says:

    im not a big fan of krump but damn lil c was amazing

  60. Emanuel Cangundo says:

    yep video cool angola ve com calma

  61. Simon Peters says:

    Scientists, engineers and physicians extend the boundaries of human knowledge, shape our world and dedicate themselves to the people. These clowns spend their time with moving awkwardly… They could at least do something productive like cleaning toilets or what not.

  62. Isa McClain says:

    LOVE it!

  63. Đức Anh Lê says:

    Best of TED , Incredible xD

  64. Kristijan Ignjatovski says:

    I can do dis cuz I am me extraordinarie!

  65. Digital Beat Music says:

    Fantastic dancers

  66. Pi Ttam Nunmul says:

    Legacy <3

  67. Koku Rou says:

    For those saying "this isnt hip-hop, these clowns arent dancing, they could be productive doing other things", let me tell you WHY we do THIS instead of doing other things. Some of us have ADHD, some have social problems, some TRIED to find work and KEPT being rejected. So, what we do, is take all that negative feeling, turn it into our bodies, transform our bodies to move how we feel, and we dance. Whether we wanted it or not, this GREAT THING called DANCE became our lives. This great thing people call DANCE can change lives, even if it is seen for all of 5 seconds. Some poor child who rummages through garbage cans to find food would see breakdancers for 5 seconds, thats enough to immediately turn his life around. Maybe he'll practice all day on the streets. One day he'll even enter a bboy jam and come out 1st place, and after that he'll be getting calls and letters about being part of movies that focus on hip-hop and dance! You cant say to us "go clean toilets and be productive". We ARE being productive, by keeping the lot of YOU HATERS entertained and changing lives, teaching kids keeping kids out of gangs and violence.

    Dance is Freedom.

  68. Rikita Turner says:

    I really appreciate this video but I feel that this is mis-titled.  This WAS an evolution; I am seeing the same moves that have been around since the 80s and 90s.  This would have been better displayed if more styles of dance were executed (though the greats were mentioned in the speech).  I am not too fond of the LXD show because it is pigeon-holed into hip hop styles that are not of this generation but only becoming popular due to the surge of the internet.  I would call this "LXD: Recycled Hip Hop and Street styles forged by the Internet Revolution".

  69. xPa7r1cKx says:

    I never knew Oliver Queen is a robot.

  70. Angela Hana says:

    did Christopher Scott appear? i didnt see him at all. OMG

  71. Naiihrr Dryden-Mason says:

    dance goals

  72. thegeffanator says:

    Wow great moves TED, keep it up, proud of you

  73. acamsred 255 says:

    what's the song at the end? the last dance performance they did

  74. Santacrab says:

    11:05 My old internet connection.
    11:26 things get worst.

  75. Zion Lioness says:

    Maddy Chadd is hott! Hehehehe. They are dope and the music to back up is amazing.

  76. ybCrimson says:

    Who is watching in 2016?

  77. Michael Leonard says:

    in prison I saw these ironically now I'm out doin good it's good to come and watch this

  78. Mary Kali says:

    once Again.. .pull up your Pants. ..ugh

  79. LeeAnn Sutherland says:

    Unbelievable they are so good at what they do.

  80. Geordi La Forge says:

    Shame the stage is so badly lit.

  81. 山輝水落 says:

    The dance and music are so great!

  82. Debra DKT says:

    Thank You I Loved It….. Such great talent would love to see more of them in the future.

  83. Elvis 569 says:


  84. Shantanu Ganvir says:

    LXD Forever♥

  85. Jennifer Herrera says:

    damn this was emotional. I had no idea Frantic was part of this group as well….. They make it look so easy

  86. shootingstarpress says:

    what happened to this show i remember loving it and then the channel they used to upload it on youtube (DS2UDIO i believe) stop being used, does anyone know?

  87. EditDeath says:

    It's great seeing the passion in this. Honestly, I just wish LXD had worked out. There are episodes I'd happily go back to over and over, but the writing just wasn't there. The plot wasn't defined enough, and it always bothered me that despite the fact that these dancers had such unique styles, the powers granted to their characters were all nigh identical.

    I hope someone tries something like this again, because I do believe it's worth the effort. When they do, though, I sincerely hope they spend either more time on the writing.

  88. GalaxyLynx AJ says:

    I love the music so much, it adds intensity to the dance!

  89. GalaxyLynx AJ says:

    I love the music so much, it adds intensity to the dance!

  90. Saucyツ says:

    Whats the first song with Madd Chadd?

  91. Sauka Pedro Ali says:

    Still Watching This 2018 Man, Savage.

  92. 원정양 says:

    Do you know the song name that comes from about 11minutes? Anyone who knows please tell me:))

  93. Tokiko Takahani says:


  94. Elsie H Martinez says:

    This is a live performance of dance + music -i believe nathan is performing too. John Chu should create A broadway musical version of lxd much like once but so much better with live musicians (nathan must be there) + dancers (lxd of course). I will be the first one to buy front tickets here in la. I'm partial to PANTAGES of course😬.and obtw, dragon fireworks of ph has a must have pyrotechnics firework rendition of humanity in motion u folks can perform in synch with. They performed during 2015 Hannover world competition and won. IT WAS AWESOME and would be a sight to see u all perform. The best of all artist live – via dance, orchestra + fireworks 💥. HUMANITY IN MOTION 😍

  95. Popescu Calin says:


  96. DeoMor says:

    I was held captive from beginning to end. Thank you. This is social evolution in front of us.

  97. simon says:

    It's already 2019 but this is still amazing. I watched this in 2010 on our television.

  98. Princy Simon says:


  99. Mr Riderskip says:

    Dang! I've watched this in 2011 and again after 8 years!
    Anyone in 2019?

  100. Payton Anderson says:

    I had to watch this at my school for podcasting.

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