How to Use HFS


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  1. Jack Smith says:

    someones gonna say "First!" watch….
    And for the video, thanks for showing me how to do this now i can explain this to my aunt

  2. Jack Smith says:

    @VotigauntAttack I fucking told you….

    No lifer VV

  3. Jack Smith says:

    @VotigauntAttack Eh triple post FTL but 2 down not 1 down XD

  4. Jack Smith says:

    @MrHispanic365 =P its better then having someone say first

  5. Ricky Wilson says:

    my hfs file server

  6. 5445252s says:

    @NickProductionzTV you have to know code. in the edit html code click that.

  7. 5445252s says:

    @NickProductionzTV a kind of as long as you know HTML you can basically do any thing.

  8. 5445252s says:

    @NickProductionzTV when you click menu it will be the second one down. It will say edit HTML templates……

  9. nicholas lowrey-Dufour says:

    do you have to do any port-fwarding for this? or when uinstal it and are done the link it gives you can be accesed from like a friend on a diffrent network and diffrent location?

  10. Chun Poh Keong says:

    How to use android phone which connect with mobile network and connect to hfs on window? Is it possible to be done?

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